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What does Cloud Computing mean for ECM and SharePoint by Jeff Shuey
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What does Cloud Computing mean for ECM and SharePoint by Jeff Shuey


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What happens in an internet minute? See slide 4. Where does that data go? Who is responsible for it? What if the content is objectionable? Who is liable? …

What happens in an internet minute? See slide 4. Where does that data go? Who is responsible for it? What if the content is objectionable? Who is liable?

Cloud Computing is not new, but it's ubiquitous nature should be on everyone's radar. Know what, when, how, where and perhaps why content is shared and where it is shared is critical for every business.

What does SharePoint have to do with this? Well, the simple answer is ... every records manager that has SharePoint skills can have a job for life. Knowing how a company keeps track of content is typically the domain of the legal department and often falls on the Records Management professionals to define, implement and govern the policies related to content management.

With the rise of SharePoint deployments around the globe ... the smart Records Managers are learning SharePoint. Those that do will have jobs for life.

On a broader scale people from both business and technical teams that understand the intersection of Cloud, Mobile and Social Computing will also have jobs for life. This presentation covers some of the high level elements of each category. Many of which can be starting points for deeper dives into the nuances related to legal as well as business and technical requirements and challenges.

Please let me know if you have any questions and contact me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or more directly at

Feel free to use any of the content you find in this presentation. The only thing I ask is that you provide attribution back to me. It is licensed under the Creative Commons 3.0 model.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. What Does Cloud Computing Mean for ECM? For SharePoint? Jeff Shuey Director of Strategic Alliances Winshuttle M: +1 425 922 8056
  • 2. Information FlowInternal External- Legal Content - Web Sites- Sales - Social- Marketing Comes Media- Executives From - Customers- Finance Everywhere - Partners- Customer - Regulating Service Agencies Employees - USB Drives Jeff Shuey Twitter: @jshuey - Web Mail
  • 3. Content Creation in SharePoint  Traditional  Word  PowerPoint  Excel  Outlook  Increasingly Common  Video  Audio / Podcast  Blogs  Social Bookmarks  Social Computing  Notes (2010)  Tags (2010)Jeff Shuey Twitter: @jshuey
  • 4. What are CIO’s asking for?Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 20101. Cloud Computing2. Advanced Analytics3. Client Computing4. IT for Green5. Reshaping the Data Center6. Social Computing7. Security – Activity Monitoring8. Flash Memory9. Virtualization for Availability10. Mobile ApplicationsSource: Gartner IT Symposium – Oct 2010
  • 5. why. Microsoft tools are familiar
  • 6. What is Cloud Computing? SaaS, PaaS, IaaS Private Cloud Public Cloud Hybrid Cloud Utility Computing All of the Above?Jeff Shuey Twitter: @jshuey
  • 7. Does Cloud Computing involve?  Mobile  Desktop  Television & Game Consoles  Your Car  Your Refrigerator All of the Above?Jeff Shuey Twitter: @jshuey
  • 8. Steve BallmerMicrosoft CEOSeattle Times – June 30 2011
  • 9. What Can YOU do with a Cloud?What Can’t YOU do with a Cloud?  Can Clouds Compute?  Can you Plug into a Cloud?  Should there be a CLOUD button?Jeff Shuey Twitter: @jshuey
  • 10. How do you explain Cloud Computing? The Cloud Jeff Shuey Twitter: @jshuey *Picture used under Creative Common license
  • 11. Where do you do Cloud Computing? Your Place or Mine? Private Your Place or Mine? Public HybridJeff Shuey Twitter: @jshuey
  • 12. Jeff Shuey Twitter: @jshuey
  • 13. Who’s Who in the Zoo? 3 Big Buckets Services • Microsoft Hotmail Technology Platforms • Microsoft Skydrive  Amazon • WebEx  Microsoft • Citrix Online  Google • AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile • Paypal  Oracle • Ebay  • iTunes  SAP • Pandora  Internal IT? • Dropbox  Yes … IT can host • Yammer clouds.  They’ve probably been doing it for years Traditional (& Non-Traditional) Hosters • RackSpace • FP.web • CloudShareJeff Shuey Twitter: @jshuey
  • 14. (Some of) The PlayersJeff Shuey Twitter: @jshuey
  • 15. The Three Things See  Authentication  Storage  Processing Function Description (simple) Authentication Login / Logout Storage Remote & Always On Processing Remote & FlexibleJeff Shuey Twitter: @jshuey
  • 16. What does this mean for you? What is the impact of Cloud Computing on:  ECM / KM Professionals  Records Managers  Document Managers  Digital Asset ManagersJeff Shuey Twitter: @jshuey
  • 17. What do you need to know?  Technology  OnPrem --- Hybrid --- Hosted  Dedicated --- Multi-Tenancy  Legal Implications  Who Goes To Jail?  Education  IT Pro, Developer, LOBPro  Costs  Isn’t it Free?  Why you need to adopt Cloud Computing  Hint: Cost, Access, Scale & Digital NativesJeff Shuey Twitter: @jshuey
  • 18. What do you need to do? Technology  Plan for downtime  Determine if a hot swappable On-Premise system is needed  Determine the technical and financial impacts Legal Implications  Service Level Agreements for:  Your Business  Your Customers Education  Have a plan in place to alert customers, partners, employees  Have a plan in place to alert the executive team  Have a plan to alert and (keep) informing the media Costs  Remember I said … It Isn’t it Free? Why you need to adopt Cloud Computing  Hint: Cost, Access,Jeff Shuey Twitter: @jshuey Scale & Digital Natives
  • 19. What is Cloud Computing? Cloud computing means computing can be used as a service rather than a product $41 billion in 2011 to $241 billion in 2020 - ForresterJeff Shuey Twitter: @jshuey
  • 20. Is Cloud Computing Good Enough? In a true "Innovators Dilemma" fashion … though online apps are inferior, they have crucial advantages such as being free and ubiquitous, and are getting better every day.Jeff Shuey Twitter: @jshuey
  • 21. If the Government can trust a cloud …
  • 22. The Litmus Test Insert Vendor Name HereJeff Shuey Twitter: @jshuey
  • 23. Manage Expectations --- Be Prepared to Discuss  Security  3rd Parties will “touch” your data  Geographic Considerations  Reliability  There is NO SUCH THING as 100% uptime  Cost Spikes  Yes … You Will Pay as you go  1999 $150,000 per month. Today: $1500 per month Cloud Computing is: The worlds "first global utility.“Jeff Shuey Twitter: @jshuey ~ The Economist
  • 24. $6 per user $24per month
  • 25. MoreConfused than ever?
  • 26. Call to Action› Take the time to learn › Online & In-Person› Use What You’ve Got › But … Consider Options› Try Stuff› Ask your peers› Share what you know
  • 27. QuestionsJeff Shuey Twitter: @jshuey
  • 28. Contact Information Jeff Shuey Director, Strategic Alliances – Winshuttle Work: Personal: Mobile: +1 425 922 8056 Twitter: @jshuey SlideShare: Web: Find my Blog Posts Here: AIIM Capture Community - My personal blog - Shuey Twitter: @jshuey