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SharePoint and SAP are Better Together.

SAP has a long track record as a System of Record. SharePoint is starting to be used more and more to achieve its ultimate destiny ... as THE PLACE to Surface Line of Business data.

With the rise of Big Data solutions SharePoint is ready to take its rightful place in the mix. Winshuttle has built a solution that extends the SharePoint platform and enables the connection to the Line of Business (LOB) data that lives in an SAP environment.

This short presentation was delivered at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) in Houston in July of 2013. The goal is to educate potential partners to the opportunity that awaits them by connecting and surfacing Line of Business data in SharePoint.

Winshuttle has been part of the Microsoft Business Critical SharePoint (BCSP) program since its inception. As one of the initial partners Winshuttle has had great success working with Microsoft teams and System Integrator teams to develop solutions that help customers maximize their investments in SharePoint and SAP.

Call to Action: If you are a System Integration (SI) partner or an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) working with SAP, or thinking about working with SAP and other ERP LOB systems, please contact Jeff Shuey (

Need More? Check out the REI case study on (link in the PPT). REI uses SharePoint every day to help reduce operating processes by 86%.

How much can you save by putting SharePoint to work in your ERP system?

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Microsoft WPC - Business Critical SharePoint presentation with Winshuttle

  1. 1. Winshuttle Transaction & Foundation A Business-Critical SharePoint Solution From Winshuttle Jeff Shuey, Director of Strategic Alliances Worldwide Partner Conference July 2013
  2. 2. • Winshuttle needs System Integrators ISV’s Training Partners • Don’t want to Resell? • No Problem • Referral Business is GREAT! • Click here to register a referral. You Do Not need to be a partner to Register a deal Yes Yes Yes Yes The overlays and sales people both get paid Yes Winshuttle is in the business plan Yes Several
  3. 3. Partnering with Winshuttle leads to higher service margins & longevity in SAP & SharePoint accounts.
  4. 4. 4 Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI) Solution – Increase SAP Usability: • Increased Accountability and Governance • Measured Time Savings • Initial User Base: 70 people • Spanning 130 locations Benefits Received • 86% reduction in order processing • From 2 hours to 17 minutes • Automation of complex, error prone, and time consuming processes. “We have created a business-critical solution for our order allocation process that … cuts down on process errors by 90%” Kentner Cottingham, Senior Business Analyst, REI Merchandising Division Click to see Case Study
  5. 5. Connected enterprise. Share relevant data across different functions and respond to market changes on-demand Connect business and industry apps through an organization-wide collaboration platform Connected systems. Improve your LOB ROI while reducing business risk without “rip and replace” Connected value. Learn more at the WPC sessions on how to join Microsoft’s BCSP partner program
  6. 6. Learn more at the WPC sessions on how to join Microsoft’s BCSP partner program
  7. 7. Jeff Shuey Director of Strategic Alliances Winshuttle M: +1 425 922 8056 Case Study: See how REI uses SharePoint and Winshuttle See how Coca-Cola uses SharePoint and Winshuttle (Link to SlideShare file) - Winshuttle Confidential 7