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The Last 1000 Days of Google and Web Presence Optimization (WPO) Today
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The Last 1000 Days of Google and Web Presence Optimization (WPO) Today


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Reviewing what Google wants, how it goes about delivering the "right" results to the "right" people at the "right" time and how companies should give Google what it wants - relevant, authoritative …

Reviewing what Google wants, how it goes about delivering the "right" results to the "right" people at the "right" time and how companies should give Google what it wants - relevant, authoritative content.

Published in: Marketing, Technology, Business

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  • Good day and thank you for your interest in gShift Labs and our SEO 3.0 Web Presence Optimization presentation.
    My name is Jeff Riddall and I am the Client Success Manager at gShift Labs. gShift is an SEO software technology company with a different approach to SEO or search engine optimization called WPO or web presence optimization.
    Our vision it so change the way people think about and perform organic search optimization. We’re doing this by making it possible for marketers and agencies to understand, track, manage and measure their digital footprint, all with the objective to optimize for organic search.
    The gShift team believes that people should have control over their SEO campaigns just like they have control over email marketing and paid search. The gShift SEO Software helps achieve this by providing daily insight into an entire web presence and SEO efforts over time.
    My goal for you today is to understand why SEO is important to a business, the shift that is taking place in SEO, and how you can apply SEO 3.0 to your business.
  • I thank you for your time today and we would love to hear from you. You can follow us on Twitter or fill out a form on our web site and we will promptly get in touch with you.
  • Transcript

    • 1. The State of SEO Web Presence Optimization  What does Google do?  What does Google want?  The Last1000 days at Google and the WPO Approach  Where are we Today?  WPO = Optimized Content Marketing + Social Media  Ski-Specific Examples  Tying It Altogether
    • 2. What does Google do? Google’s basic premise has never changed. Deliver the right content to the right people at the right time. However their means to identifying that content (The Dreaded Google Algorithm) is changing constantly.
    • 3. Why Do We Care? Whether we like it or not, Google is the de facto lens through which all businesses are viewed. 97% of searchers do not go beyond Page One and 80% of searchers do not click on ads. Google Organic listings are #1.
    • 4. What Does Google Want? Current, relevant, authoritative content. Organizations need to prove to Google they are the definitive source of whatever keywords (products, services, content) they want to be found for.
    • 5. Google over the last 1000 days  What it means to business.  How does business deal with how Google “sees” and “positions” organizations.  The WPO Approach is all about the content.
    • 6. 1000 Days Ago – Local Focus  Brought local results to the top of many results pages  Google Place pages mattered more than ever  Online reviews mattered  SEO still very much mattered WPO Approach – Include local keywords in your website , build local backlinks and seek out user generated content / reviews.
    • 7. 900 Days Ago - Panda Updates  Root out low quality, spammy sites with “thin”, irrelevant content  Directories, content farms and ad heavy sites are targeted  25+ updates since the initial roll out WPO Approach – Make sure your site is technically sound and content rich.
    • 8. 800 Days Ago - Social Signals  8% to 10% of Google organic search algorithm.  “Social networking and social media are about relationships and relationships prove relevance. Relevance is at the core of organic search.” WPO Approach – Socialize your optimized content in Facebook, Google +, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, etc. Determine which social networks work best for you.
    • 9. 700 Days Ago – Google +  Google launches its answer to Facebook.  Content shared via Google + will most certainly be favoured by Google. WPO Approach – Establish and leverage a presence on Google + and find relevant people to follow.
    • 10. 650 Days Ago – Freshness Update  Google announces that it will give priority to fresh, relevant content.  Press releases, blogs, events, case studies. WPO Approach – Give Google what it wants – fresh, relevant, keyword rich content. Perhaps the biggest challenge for SMBs.
    • 11. 600 Days Ago – Google + for Business  Branded Google + pages for Business similar to Facebook Fan Pages  Another channel to post and share relevant content. WPO Approach – Generate optimized content where Google wants it. Build a following. Follow other relevant pages.
    • 12. 550 Days Ago - Search plus Your World  Full out assault on Facebook & Twitter  Personalized results based on what people you follow have liked (+1ed) and recommend  Further confirmation that content posted in Google + will be given priority in search WPO Approach – Continue to build Google + following and encourage +1ing and sharing. Add Google + button to website pages.
    • 13. 500 Days Ago – Knowledge Graph  Additional contextual info provided in a box to the right of the primary search results  Designed to provide more contextual content and encourage additional searching WPO Approach – Generate rich content which relates and may be displayed within the knowledge graph for specific searches
    • 14. 450 Days Ago – Penguin  Google’s next major algorithm update focused primarily on the quality of backlinks (inbound links)  Aimed at Directories and Link Farms built solely to generate backlinks, but with little in terms of valuable content  5 updates since initial launch WPO Approach – Generate backlinks from relevant, high authority sources – industry sites, legitimate local directories, blogs, forums, partner sites , reputable review sites, high ranking websites.
    • 15. 400 Days Ago – Google + Local  Google Places pages (Your Business’ Spot on the Google Map now reside in Google +  Google + Local to become a more interactive platform for Local Businesses and their customers to follow them WPO Approach – Take ownership of/verify Google + Local page, optimize content, continue to encourage and respond to reviews.
    • 16. 350 Days Ago – Authorship  Ability to tag website content and associate it with an individual’s Google + profile  Search results include the author’s pic and this content is given more weight by Google WPO Approach – Leverage authorship on any new or existing web content
    • 17. The Last Year – More Animal Updates  Several Panda and Penguin updates designed to penalize low quality sites and content pages  Those with low quality backlinks even warned in Google Webmaster Tools and Disavow Tool created so site owners can have them removed WPO Approach – Create good content, clean up questionable backlinks and create high quality new ones
    • 18. 90 Days Ago – Not Provided on Steroids  Google decides to no longer reveal search terms used by anyone. This will only be available to advertisers. WPO Approach – Pay even more attention to and optimize pages which are positioned well for keywords you want to be found for
    • 19. 60 Days Ago – Hummingbird  Semantic Search – A significant rebuild of Google’s algorithm focused on question based searches and highly contextual results – addresses mobile search  Rewards higher quality content WPO Approach – Focus on creating rich, relevant, quality content and responsive design for a multi-device experience.
    • 20. 21
    • 21. Today – Socially Speaking… Facebook is over1 billion users. YouTube has 600 million. Google + has over 500 million. Twitter has 230 million and growing. Tumblr (acquired by Yahoo in June) has 130 million. Pinterest has 70 million+ users, but has grown very quickly and has the most active users behind only FB and Tumblr.
    • 22. Today… SEO/WPO is simply the outcome of a strong, optimized content strategy. Social Media is about distribution of Content. Create, optimize and publish content your audience will want to consume and share. Tell great stories and answer questions! Convince Google You Are the Authority!
    • 23. Content Schedule (example) When What Keywords Where Outcome Q1 1 Press Release 3 Blog Posts 2 Videos Personalized Product A Service B PRWeb Blog site X Blog Site Y Facebook Google + Twitter Tumblr Pinterest YouTube 30 tweets 45 retweets 20 backlinks 45 views 55 new fans 25 RePins 25 Likes 25 +1 Measure Content Campaign against Goals Tweak, Repeat
    • 24. Engage Encourage your audience to create and share their own content about you. Your customers have far more and more compelling stories to tell than you are able to generate on your own.
    • 25. Social networks worth noting…  YouTube  2nd largest search engine – optimize videos  Follow relevant users and create relevant feeds  Pinterest  Image and video based  Higher percentage of referrals and backlinks  Tumblr  Blogging and specialized social network  High authority backlinks
    • 26. Ski-Specific Social Examples
    • 27. Questions?
    • 28. @gShiftLabs +gShiftLabs @Jriddall +Jeff Riddall