Backlinking Best Practices


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Evaluating, organizing and building relevant, value-added backlinks by leveraging gShift Labs in the shadow of Google's Penguin.

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  • This brings us to our SEO software system, Web Presence Optimizer. It really is our secret weapon for SEO data. One of our favourite sayings at gShift is that it takes great SEO data to make great SEO decisions and achieve great SEO outcomes. If you’re trying to improve your web presence for organic search but you’re basing your decisions on crappy data, then you’re likely going to be unsuccessful. gShift’s software gives you all your great SEO data and in one place. You can log in whenever you want and see your data and your competitors data. You can add keywords and competitors too. We provide daily, page-level rank data from any google index and also yahoo, bing, youtube and now yandex. We collect page-level and network level social signals, backlink data on you and your competitors, you have multiple keyword research options, lots of competitive intelligence, we pull in your Google Analytics data and overlay it with SEO data for better intelligence and insights, you can track the Activities that your Client Success Manager has planned as well as what they have completed, and we have a full Reporting Module that you have access to whenever you need it…Let’s jump into your demo…
  • Here’s why keyword research and closing the gap is an on-going process. This a model I created called the Five Forces of Keyword Competition. So we know that SEO is about Content but we can get even more granular than that… it is about a keyword and it is about competing for a keyword at the Google search box. People ask me how long I think it is going to take for them to out rank their competitor or how much content they have to write. My answer is “I have now idea”. Then I say, “If anyone ever gives you a specific timeframe or promises you a #1 rank, they’re lying because there are too many external factors and pressures on every keyword that you simply do not and cannot control”. The only way to address these threats is through an on-going Optimized Content Marketing strategy. Buyers…. Create social signals that impact rank.
  • Here are some examples that I’ve seen in the past of clients closing their gap. The only way to close the gap is through consistent keyword research to understand highly-converting keywords.
  • Backlinking Best Practices

    1. 1. London | 20–24 Feb, 2012 | #seslondonJeff RiddallClient Success ManagergShift Labs@Jriddall+JriddallBacklinking Best Practices
    2. 2. gShift Company Overview• SEO Software for Agencies• Founded 2009• Krista LaRiviere and Chris Adams– Third digital marketing software company– Previous two acquired by Lyris– 14+ years ‘doing’ SEO and ‘building’ software forSEO– Vision: “To change the way people think aboutand perform organic search optimization.”• 17 employees - 100s & 100s & 100s ofcustomers - 20 countriesgShift Company Overview
    3. 3. All your SEO Data in One PlaceAll your SEO Data in One Place
    4. 4. gShift in the WSI WorldProspect/ClientData in gShift#1: LeadGeneration(IC)#2: SalesConversation(IC)#3:Delivery(Supplier)#4: OngoingKeywordDiscovery (IC)#5: Reporting(Supplier &IC)
    5. 5. Let’s Talk About Backlinks1. What are backlinks?2. Do backlinks still matter? If so, why and how?3. Anchors Away4. Types of backlinks – Got em, Got em, Need em, Got em5. Beware the Deadly Penguin6. Cleaning out Your Closet7. Finding what You Need8. Good Content = Good Backlinks9. What should you link to?10. Backlink reporting?11. Questions?
    6. 6. What are backlinks?Backlinks or inbound links are any links to yourwebsite or your client’s website from third partydomains.Solicited or otherwise.Image courtesty
    7. 7. In a word…Yes.Backlinks help to validate a website’s existenceand establish its authority.But they admittedly may not matter as much asthey used to and you should certainly be carefulabout how you procure them.Do backlinks still matter?
    8. 8. Anchors AwayAnchor Text are the words through, whichbacklinks are directed. Google pays attention toanchor text in relation to the pages to, which thelinks are pointed.The same is true of anchor text used for internalwebsite links.Anchor text should be keyword rich and varied.e.g. Barrie condos, condos for sale in Barrie, Barriecondominiums
    9. 9. Got Em, Got Em, Need Em, Got EmBacklinks ya got.Backlinks ya need.Followed Backlinks – SEO and referral valueNon-Followed Backlinks – Referral value onlyTypes of Backlinks
    10. 10. Identifying your existing backlinks can be a tricky business and there isno definitive source:- gShift- Blekko- MOZ (formerly SEOMoz)- Google Analytics referral data- Download as a CSV file- Verified backlinks (coming soon)- Google Webmaster Tools- Bing Webmaster ToolsSeeing What Ya Got
    11. 11. Beware the Deadly PenguinPenguin 1.0 – April 24, 2012Penguin 2.0 – May 22, 2013Image courtesy of
    12. 12. London | 20–24 Feb, 2012 | #seslondonCleaning out Your Closet• Identify potentially damaging backlink sources• Make every effort to have the offending backlinks removed bycontacting the site owner directly• If no response is received or backlinks are not removed within areasonable amount of time consider using the Disavow Tool inGoogle Webmaster Tools• Request removal of single URLs or entire domains
    13. 13. Finding What You NeedOrganic backlink research• Look for relevance, reputation and authority• Start with the SERPs – gShift Top 50• Competitors backlinks in gShift• Industry sources• Local sources• Syndicated Press Releases (e.g.• Varied Domains and Anchor Text
    14. 14. Optimized Content Marketing = SEOCreate and distribute/socialize value-added contentpeople want to read, like, share & link to.Best Link Building for Local SEO: NoneInorganic versus Organic Backlinking Strategies: GettingBack to BasicsGood Content Leads to Good Backlinks
    15. 15. What Should You Link To?• The most relevant pages in relation to youranchor text / keywords.• Support pages with position / momentum.• Cross link between pages via anchor text.
    16. 16. • Record backlink creation as activities• Upload a CSV of backlinks from other dataproviders (Google, MOZ)• Validate backlinks as you create them (comingsoon)• Report monthly or quarterly backlink growthin Comparative SEO ReportBacklink Reporting in gShift
    17. 17. Thank