Assessment Forum 2013 - Columbia University Libraries - 13_0620
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Assessment Forum 2013 - Columbia University Libraries - 13_0620



This is a series of presentations for the CUL/IS Assessment Forum 2013 detailing work and tips on: an observational study, Lenel entry data analysis, KeyServer data analysis, and a skills assessment ...

This is a series of presentations for the CUL/IS Assessment Forum 2013 detailing work and tips on: an observational study, Lenel entry data analysis, KeyServer data analysis, and a skills assessment and training program.



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  • Add note about using illustrator, and the coding system used (from Nisa)
  • Add note about using excel, what types of graphs, etc.

Assessment Forum 2013 - Columbia University Libraries - 13_0620 Assessment Forum 2013 - Columbia University Libraries - 13_0620 Presentation Transcript

  • Science & EngineeringLibrariesObservationalStudy0/4Jeffrey Lancaster, Emerging at:
  • Observational Study 1/4Goals• Better understand how patronsoccupy Science & EngineeringDivision spaces• Gather information aboutpatrons who bring their owntechnology• How can we prepare forimpending space crunches?
  • Observational StudyGeology LibraryMathematics LibraryEngineering Library2/4InstrumentScience & Engineering Library
  • Observational Study 3/4Execution• Maps of libraries drawn inAdobe Illustrator• Seats• Soft seating• Printers & photocopiers• Coding from Nisa + additions:• LAs, supervisors, subjectA: Reading/working on an academicassignmentAL: Using own productivity device foracademic workAC: Using library computer as part ofacademic workALC: Using both a library computer andown device for academic workA(s): Doing academic work in a groupRC: Using library computer for non-academic activityRL: Using own device for non-academicactivityR: Socializing, resting, relaxingR(s): Socializing, resting, relaxing in agroupX: Not engaged (getting ready to leave orsettling in)Z: SleepingC: Camping (e.g. books, coat, etc., butnobody in sight)
  • Observational Study 4/4Outcome• Still working on it…• With the closing of theEngineering Library in Summer2014, we anticipate extendedhours in the Science &Engineering Division libraries• In new spaces, we will betteraccommodate patrons who
  • Science & EngineeringLibrariesLenel EntryData0/5Jeffrey Lancaster, Emerging at:
  • Lenel Entry Data 1/5How and Why?• Several libraries use student„swipe‟ access• Business• Butler• Starr East Asian• Law• Lehman• Science & Engineering• Social Work• Who are your patrons?
  • Lenel Entry Data 2/5This is Lenel DataL: Drive -/LIO/LIO_For_All_CU_Library_Staff/LibraryUse Data/
  • • It‟s a PivotTable, so first open iton a PC• We use DIV_MO worksheet• Information organized by division at monthlyintervals• Best to group users by school,association• SEAS• CUMC• General Studies Lenel Entry Data 3/5Tips
  • Lenel Entry Data 4/5Data Visualization
  • Lenel Entry Data 5/5Outcome• Preparing to close theEngineering Library• Can develop new space options for students• Can justify asking for apercentage of studenttechnology fees• Can refute claims that certainpopulations „only use certain
  • Science & EngineeringLibrariesKeyServer Data0/5Jeffrey Lancaster, Emerging at:
  • KeyServer Data 1/5What is KeyServer?• Sassafras KeyServer tracks thelicenses for the Libraries‟software• Information gathered byKeyServer includes:• Total and average number of times a programis opened• Total and average duration of use• Longest use
  • KeyServer Data 2/5KeyServer Data
  • Unique Users by AffiliationTotal Use(scale is logarithmic) 3/5Data Visualization
  • KeyServer Data 4/5Tips• Be aware of time conversions• Times reported as hours : minutes : seconds• Excel can do funny things with times – will tryto convert to date• Need to deliberately calculatetotal minutes• = CONCATENATE(cell) will transform time todays• Mac and PC software isrecorded separately
  • KeyServer Data 5/5Outcome• Can optimize the number andtypes of licenses we purchase• Can develop training for high-and/or low-use software• Currently no way to match auser‟s identity (affiliation) to theirsoftware usage in a center• Too „Big Brother‟?
  • Science & EngineeringLibrariesSkillsAssessment0/5Jeffrey Lancaster, Emerging at:
  • Skills Assessment 1/5Goals• What is the base level ofknowledge subject specialistsought to possess aboutsoftware?• Develop a training programaround software and newtechnologies• Include software and new
  • Skills Assessment 2/5InstrumentGoogle Docs survey asking: prior knowledge, expertise,desire to learn
  • Skills Assessment 3/5Data Visualization
  • Skills Assessment 4/5Outcome• A staff training program thatincluded:• Software overview• Homework assignments• Software-specific presentations• Seminar-style tutorials• We are continuing to developnew „modules‟• Google apps• 3D printing
  • Skills Assessment 5/5Outcome“Overall, they were a great helpto me in getting me toovercome my reluctance (andanxiety) about trying newsoftware tools.”“A side effect to thisassignment was the knowledgethat with not a lot of effort I canfamiliarize myself pretty quicklywith these applications enoughso that I can suggest them topatrons who are looking forspecific tools, or answergeneral questions about theiruse.”“I realized how far my interests,skills, etc. are away from theever-changing role oftechnology in libraries.”“This effort had a lot to do withhow much people trusted andliked you…”“I learned from it what softwareto pick while helping patrons.”“However I‟m finding itchallenging to keep up with theskills I have gained since I‟mnot using all of them on aregular basis.”“We still lack the technicalskills.”