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jeffrey's Baden=Powell Multi Media Presentation

jeffrey's Baden=Powell Multi Media Presentation

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  • 1. Baden-Powell
  • 2. General Info
    • Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell was born in Paddington, London on February 22nd 1857.
    • Baden-Powell was a hero to many because of his military experiences and his founding of the Boy Scouts organization.
  • 3. Military Career
    • In 1899 came Mafeking, the most notable episode in his outstanding military career, by which he became a Major-General at the age of only 43.
  • 4. Introduction to Scouting
    • His first introduction to scouting skills was stalking and cooking animals in the nearby woods of his school Charterhouse.
    • In 1876 he went to India as a young army officer and specialized in scouting, map-making and reconnaissance .
  • 5. Founding of Scouting
    • In 1907 he held an experimental scout camp on Brownsea Island, Poole, Dorset, to try out his ideas. He brought together 22 boys, and put them into camp under his leadership. The whole world now knows the results of that camp(Baden-Powell of Gilwell, Chief Scout of the World).
  • 6. Spread of scouting
    • After he told an audience of Chilean educators and boys about scouting on his visit in 1909, Chile had become the first foreign country to take up the scouting program. Within one year scouting had spread into neighboring Argentina and Brazil.
    • The scouting movement took hold in the United States in 1910.
  • 7. Books
    • Baden-Powell wrote many books. His first was Scouting for Boys ’ ; it was published in 1908. Sales of the book were tremendous. Spurred by Baden-Powell’s enthusiasm and personal magnetism, Boy Scout Patrols had started to appear in each of the communities in which the General had stopped in on his country-wide tour to describe his Boy Scout scheme.
  • 8. Boy Scout Handbook
    • What had been intended as a training aid for existing organizations became the handbook of a new and, ultimately, worldwide movement. Baden-Powell’s great understanding of boys obviously touched something fundamental in the youth of the United States and other countries