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Re-Commissioning Buildings

Re-Commissioning Buildings



John Kokko of MMM Group presents on recommissioning buildings for the Toronto Certified Sustainable Building Advisor Program

John Kokko of MMM Group presents on recommissioning buildings for the Toronto Certified Sustainable Building Advisor Program



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    Re-Commissioning Buildings Re-Commissioning Buildings Presentation Transcript

    • RECOMMISSIONING: The Low Cost Way to Improved Building Performance CaGBC Building Advisor Program October, 2012 John Kokko, P.Eng., CCP, LEED AP jkokko@enermodal.com 519-743-8777 x2424
    • RECOMMISSIONINGLearning Objectives ► Understand the RCx process ► Appreciate RCx costs and benefits ► Know how to prepare RCx goals and objectivers ► See how RCx fits within LEED EB: O&M
    • RECOMMISSIONINGWhat is Building RCx ► Taking existing building systems and getting them working as best they can ► A systematic process for review and implementation of mainly operational improvements ► Bring building performance in line with current requirements and expectations
    • RECOMMISSIONINGWhat Does RCx Do? ► Reviews all building energy related systems including: ► Controls, HVAC, Building Envelope, Electrical, Plumbing ► Improves the operation of existing systems and equipment ► Includes implementation of low cost / no cost measures ► Identifies capital cost improvements ► Provides both energy and non-energy benefits
    • RECOMMISSIONINGWhy RCx? ► Higher than acceptable energy costs ► Escalating maintenance costs ► Significant occupant complaints ► Building use has changed ► Building is > 5 years old with no RCx ► Retrofits have been made with no RCx ► Staff turnover with minimal training of new staff
    • RECOMMISSIONINGRCx vs. Energy Audit
    • RECOMMISSIONINGSample RCx Findings RCx opportunities found during walk-through: ► Outdoor air on rooftop at 80% when it should be 20% ► Heating coil and cooling coil operating simultaneously ► RTU constantly cycling between heating and cooling ► VFD pump with throttled discharge valve ► Lighting and ventilation on in the middle of the night ► Building doors blowing open due to over-pressurization ► Piping that was hot when it should be cold ► 3 compressors turning on and off simultaneously ► Water storage tanks set higher than boiler output ► Humidifier dumping water whenever setpoint reached
    • RECOMISSIONINGRCx Process in a Nutshell Planning Phase: ► Pre-Screening: Benchmarking, selecting building(s), defining goals & objectives ► MILESTONE: Approval to proceed to Scoping ► Scoping: Select RCx provider, preliminary investigation, RCx plan ► MILESTONE: Approval to proceed to Investigation Phase Investigation: ► Kick-off, in-depth investigation, document findings and present recommendations ► MILESTONE: Approval to proceed to Implementation Phase
    • RECOMISSIONINGRCx Process in a Nutshell Implementation: ► Implementation plan, implement measures, verify improvements ► MILESTONE: Owner accepts Implementation Report Hand-Off: ► Final RCx report, on-going / next RCx plan, staff training ► MILESTONE: Provider holds Hand-Off Meeting Finally: ► Persistence measures and long-term benchmarking
    • RECOMISSIONINGInformation and Materials Recomissioning Guide for Building Owners and Managers canmetenergy.nrcan.gc.ca/eng/rcs.html ► Recommissioning Guide ► Pre-Screening Tool ► Benchmarking Tool ► Case Studies Other Resources: ► Peci.org/resources/commissioning.html ► ASHRAE ► LEED EB: O&M
    • RECOMMISSIONINGIdentify Candidate Building
    • RECOMMISSIONINGSet RCx Goals and Objectives Energy Issues: ► Reduce energy consumption by 15% annually IEQ Issues: ► Reduce occupant comfort complaints by 50% Operational Issues: ► Update O&M documentation and provide staff training, needed to maintain performance
    • RECOMMISSIONINGBenchmarking – Energy Star
    • RECOMMISSIONINGUtility Bill Breakdown Base Case Energy End UseTwo years 1% 3% utility data Exterior Electric (1%) 6% Electric Hot Water (3%)Modeling used to identify load 35% 14% Fan Electric (6%) breakdown Lights (14%) Cooling Electric (19%) 19% Plug Loads (22%) Space Heat Electric (35%) 22%
    • RECOMMISSIONINGEnvelope Air Tightness and Thermal Bridging
    • RECOMMISSIONINGLighting ► Indoor lighting 2x4 T-12 Troffers at 2.4 W/ft2 with minimal zoning. Discoloured lenses , low light levels ► Outdoor lighting and signage remains on 24 hr/day due to malfunctioning timer
    • RECOMMISSIONINGHVAC ► Electric heaters in ceiling space above boardroom and other offices on 3rd floor running continuously ► Economizer not operational due faulty to sensor and broken damper linkage
    • RECOMMISSIONINGAir and Heat Delivery ► Non-powered diffusers, some inoperable, others mismatched masters and slaves ► Electric baseboard heaters operating at the same time as cooling due to excessively high t’stat control setting
    • RECOMMISSIONINGIncentives Electricity Retrofit Incentive Program (ERIP) – OPA ► For retrofit of existing facilities focuses on lighting, motors, HVAC and overall electricity savings ► Chiller Re-Commissioning Enbridge Gas Retrofit Incentives ► Provides up to $0.10 per m3 of natural gas saved for saving measures based on projected first year gas savings. Union Gas Run it Right ► Provides 100% of implementation costs up to $5,000 ► Plus up to $3,000 to provide monitoring showing savings 21
    • RECOMMISSIONINGNext Steps ► Review of recommendations, costs, and paybacks with owner ► Owner decides which options to accept and which to reject ► Has hired 3rd party PM firm to oversee installation ► Next steps will be retrofit of lighting, air handlers, and other capital cost items ► RCx will then include Cx of newly installed systems and remainder of RCx items
    • RECOMMISSIONINGApproximate RCx Costs► Planning ~$5,000 to $8,000► Investigation, Implementation, and Hand-off $1.40 to $10.84/m2 for the total RCx process depending on:  Building size  Project scope  Complexity of systems  Subcontractor requirements  Up-to-date  Implementation involvement Documentation  Owner involvement  BMS data availability► External consultant costs range from 35% to 71% of total costs
    • RECOMMISSIONING Issues Identified with RCxTop Cumulative Savings Measures and % of Savings Key Measure Mix % of Total Savings Revise control sequence 21% Reduce equipment runtime 15% Optimize airside economizer 12% Add / optimize SAT reset 8% Add VFD to pump 6% Reduce coil leakage 4% Reduce / reset DSP setpoint 4% Add / optimize optimum 3% start/stop Add / optimize CWST reset 2% A study on Energy Savings and Measure Cost Effectiveness of EBCx Portland Energy Conservation, Inc. Dec 15th, 2009
    • RECOMMISSIONING Applicability of RCx MeasuresComparison of key measure mix to building attributes Building Attribute Percent of savings achieved Sub-Category through key measure mix Building Type Large Office 72% Hotel/Motel 64% Building Size 0-200 73% 200-350 55% 350-550 69% >550 69% Building Age <1920 63% 1980-1989 72% 2000-Present 71% Climate Zone 3B 77% 3C 78%
    • RECOMMISSIONINGEnergy Savings and Payback
    • RECOMISSIONINGAdditional RCx Benefits Protect of enhance property value: ► Maintain high occupancy rates ► Reduce tenant turnover ► Gain marketplace competitive edge Protect against future liability: ► Reduce potential for sick building syndrome ► Identify and address indoor environmental issues Reduce repair and replacement costs: ► Increase equipment life ► Reduce maintenance requirements ► Reduce comfort complaints
    • RECOMMISSIONINGValue of Non-Energy Impacts Reported NEIs for 36 projects in existing buildings (USA) For typical 1% commercial 5% Liability (1%) buildings 5% Change Orders & Warranty Claims (5%) ≈ $1.61 to $3.23/m2 7% 33% Productivity/Safety (5%)Median value: 10% Ongoing Labour Cost (7%) $1.94/m2 Other First Cost (10%) Indoor Air Quality (17%)Range: 17% Thermal Comfort (21%) $1.08 - $4.84/m2 21% Equipment Life (33%) Source: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, “The Cost Effectiveness of Commercial-Buildings Commissioning,” December 2004.
    • RECOMMISSIONING Office Tower - WinnipegCourtesy NRCan: www.canmetenergy.nrcan.gc.ca/eng/rcx.html
    • RECOMMISSIONINGAdult Ed Centre, Sherbrooke, QCCourtesy NRCan: www.canmetenergy.nrcan.gc.ca/eng/rcx.html
    • RECOMMISSIONING 1 Savings verified 12 months after implementation of the RCxCase Studies measures and weather-normalized. 2 Monetary savings don’t include non-energy impacts (NEIs) such as equipment durability or reduction of tenant complaints. 3 Includes all 4 phases costs of project Savings Items Office Winnipeg Ed Center Sherbrooke Energy Savings1 (GJ/yr, %) 6,652 GJ (25%) 763 GJ (12%) % Natural Gas; % Electricity 75% NG; 25% E 84% NG; 16% E Financial Savings2 ($/yr) $59,000/yr $13,300/yr 363 t/yr 42 t/yr GHG Reduction (t CO2 e/yr) (66 cars) (8 cars) Simply Payback3 (yr) 3.3 yr 3.9 yr
    • RECOMMISSIONING Case StudiesAdult Ed Centre Office TowerSherbrooke, QC Winnipeg, MB: Courtesy NRCan: www.canmetenergy.nrcan.gc.ca/eng/rcx.html
    • RECOMMISSIONINGTop RCx Tasks ► 1. Turn off equipment that should be off ► Over-ridden schedules, systems set for 24/7 operation ► Broken or out of calibration timers ► Poor original sequence ► Optimum start/stop not working ► Equipment set to operate in HAND rather than Auto
    • RECOMMISSIONINGTop RCx Tasks ► 2. Improper ventilation / outdoor quantities ► not set to match current requirements
    • RECOMMISSIONINGTop RCx Tasks ► 3. Verify dampers and valves on central AHUs operating property ► Sticking due to long time non-use ► Broken or damaged linkages ► Improper repairs
    • RECOMMISSIONINGTop RCx Tasks ► 4. Verify terminal units operating properly ► Inoperative actuators / valves ► Defective receiver/controller ► Out of calibration sensors ► Deficient or excessive flow ► Dirty rads or coils not heating the space ► Malfunctioning secondary loop temperature control
    • RECOMMISSIONINGTop RCx Tasks► 5. Verify Supply Static Pressure Setpoint (Air and Water Systems)► 6. Verify Supply Air and Water Temperature Reset Schedule► 7. Eliminate Simultaneous Heating and Cooling
    • RECOMMISSIONINGTop RCx Tasks ► 8. Return VFD to Variable Speed Operation ► 9. Calibrate Sensors and Instrumentation ► 10. Interference with Room Controls
    • RECOMISSIONINGRCx and LEED EB:O&M EAp1: Energy Efficiency Best Practices Management : ► Planning, Documentation and Opportunity Assessment EAp2: Minimum Energy Efficiency Performance ► EAc2.1: Existing Building Commissioning: Investigation and Analysis (2 points) ► EAc2.2: Existing Building Commissioning: Implementation (2 points) ► EAc2.3: Existing Building Commissioning: Ongoing Commissioning (2 points)
    • RECOMMISSIONINGEAp1: Planning, Documentation, and Opportunity Assessment ► 1. Building Operating Plan ► 2. Systems Narrative ► 3. Sequence of Operations ► 4. Preventative Maintenance Plan ► 5. ASHRAE Level I Audit ► Utility Bills review ► Energy Utilization Index ► Low Cost/No Cost Improvements
    • RECOMISSIONINGEAp2: Minimum Energy Efficiency Performance Option A: ► Energy Star® : Energy Performance Rating min 69 Option B: ► 19% better efficiency than cohort average
    • RECOMISSIONINGEAc2.1: Investigation & Analysis Option A – Commissioning Process: ► Site Assessment ► Building Energy End-Use Breakdown ► Diagnostic Monitoring And Functional Testing ► Master List Of Findings Option B: ► ASHRAE Level II Audit ► Building Energy End-Use Breakdown ► Cost - Savings Analysis ► Listing of capital improvements
    • RECOMISSIONINGEAc2.2: Implementation 1. Implement low cost / no cost measures 2. Provide building staff training 3. Provide the following documentation: ► Listing of measures, operational improvements and/or repairs implemented ► Update or revise the Building Operating Plan ► Recommended capital plan for major retrofits or upgrades ► Summary of staff training program
    • RECOMMISSIONINGEAc2.3: Ongoing Commissioning1. Update the Systems Manual2. Produce an On-Going Commissioning Plan3. Implement Ongoing Commissioning
    • RECOMMISSIONINGConclusions ► RCx is a systematic process that optimize comfort and energy savings of existing buildings ► RCx can reduce whole-building energy uses by 5% to 30% ► Paybacks typically in the 0.5 to 5 yr range ► RCx helps the persistence of energy and non-energy benefits ► RCx can help obtain LEED EB:O&M Certification
    • MMM Group Limited100 Commerce Valley Drive WestThornhill, ON Canada L3T 0A1t: 905.882.1100 | f: 905.882.0055e: mmm@mmm.ca