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Lorraine Gaulthier presents NOW HOUSE a CMHC EQuilibrium Net Zero Energy Home winner. A fascinating retrofit of a 50s wartime house.

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GBF2007 - NowHouse - Lorraine Gaultier

  1. 1. Lorraine Gauthier Work Worth Doing Creating social and environmental change
  2. 2. Sponsored by
  3. 3. Now House™ is one of 12 winning teams from across Canada in CMHC’s competition for the EQuilibrium Sustainable Housing Initiative.
  4. 4. Now House™ will turn a 60-year-old WWII house into a near zero energy home – one that produces almost as much energy as it uses.
  5. 5. Between 1941 and 1947, the Wartime Housing Corporation (later CMHC) built over 30,000 houses for munitions workers and returning veterans and their families.
  6. 6. We will start with one house, then a community of wartime houses, then a million houses across the country.
  7. 7. Why “green” a 60-year-old wartime house?
  8. 8. Our ambition was to show homeowners and contractors how to dramatically improve the energy efficiency of existing homes with a few relatively easy modifications.
  9. 9. Why? One of our biggest environmental challenges is improving houses that exist now.
  10. 10. Why? In big cities like Toronto, the residential sector is responsible for 25% of the GHG emissions.
  11. 11. Why? 66% of houses that will exist in 2050 are already standing.
  12. 12. Wartime Houses • Link us to our past • Built at a time of conservation and limited resources • Were standardized houses with a small footprint • Built for assembly and disassembly.
  13. 13. Wartime Houses • Iconic: Unique brand of Canadian housing • Scaleable: One million houses across Canada • Affordable: Make sustainable housing accessible to mid/lower income families.
  14. 14. Why? “New Ideas need old buildings.” – Jane Jacobs
  15. 15. Now House has had broad media exposure.
  16. 16. OTHER MEDIA: The National Post Ottawa Citizen The Globe and Mail East York’s Observer Toronto Star Canadian Architect CTV CNW Telbec GLOBE-Net Toronto Star Architecture for Humanity ReNew Canada Canadian Home Builders Ming Pao New Home Supplement Builder/Architect Magazine Natural Life Magazine
  17. 17. How? Will we retrofit a wartime house to achieve near zero energy use.
  18. 18. CMHC EQuilibrium Housing Competition invited developer-led teams to propose home designs that would achieve net zero energy use.
  19. 19. We were none of the above.
  20. 20. The Now House™ Team Lorraine Gauthier – team leader, partner Work Worth Doing David Fujiwara – architect John Godden – leading low-rise energy efficiency expert Malcolm Stephens – mechanical engineer Harry Mahler – professor of design at OCAD Todd Falkowsky – industrial designer Kirsten Greer – historical-cultural geographer and researcher Gonzalo Cardenas – industrial designer Kristina Reinders – urban designer Rafael Gomez – social economist
  21. 21. Criteria for NZEHH Competition THE HOUSE MUST BE... Healthy to live in Highly energy efficient Able to produce as much energy as it consumes on an annual basis The best use of natural resources Affordable.
  22. 22. Now House™ Integrated Design Charrette. 60 experts in the sustainable building business contributed their time and talent.
  23. 23. The first Now House™ is located at 12 Topham Rd.
  24. 24. The Community Topham Park, Toronto is a wartime housing community with street names such as ‘Warvet’ and ‘Valor’.
  25. 25. Now HouseTM Demonstration House
  26. 26. Now House™ Technical Summary
  27. 27. Small changes = Big results • Reduce emissions by 6 tonnes. • Achieve an annual energy cost of zero. • Reduce plug load by 59.8%. • Reduce heat loss to achieve EGH rating of 84. • Produce energy on site from renewable resources. • Use minimal new resources. • Produce minimal waste. • Improve indoor air quality. • Be affordable. • Be repeatable.
  28. 28. The House • 2 x 4 wood stud framing • 1 x 8 wood plank roof sheathing • asphalt building paper • paper faced cellulose batt insulation • poured concrete foundation.
  29. 29. First Floor Second Floor Basement
  30. 30. The Existing House • R32 Flat Ceiling • R12 Slope Ceiling • R8 Walls • R12 basement • Metal windows • New metal roof • Existing 92% efficient furnace.
  31. 31. ENERGY: Envelope Upgrades • Upgrade insulation on the flat roof to R50, sloped to R32 • Remove the siding and partial sheathing to spray and cross strap with rigid R33 • Enlarge south window space with low e squared; add light tubes and light shelves • Redo the basement: R13 rigid for walls, R11 underslab.
  32. 32. ENERGY: Plug Load Reductions • Change lighting to CFLs and LEDs • Change appliances to Energy Star • Add kill switches • Add day lighting through: light tubes and light shelf and a bigger south facing window • Add basement-drying room hooked into new HRV • Reduce plug load by 59.8%.
  33. 33. ENERGY: Changes To HVAC • Heating: Keep existing Energy Star high efficiency furnace, condensing 91% • Cooling: is no longer necessary • Hot water: Replace the hot water tank with high efficiency tankless gas system and use old tank for solar pre-heat • Ventilation: HRV 81% with ECM motor.
  34. 34. ENERGY: On-site Power Generation • Install solar photovoltaic panels • Used with standard offer to offset costs and get us to net zero cost.
  35. 35. ENERGY: Heat Recovery • Add a Power Pipe drain water heat recovery system • Add an 81% efficient HRV with ECM motor • Add a large south-facing window with shading for summer and operable windows.
  36. 36. Resources • New resources for insulation and solar PV will be locally sourced • Siding will be removed and reused • No demolition of interior walls • Waste materials will be recycled or ground up for compost • Low water use washing machine and dishwasher • Low flow shower heads and sink faucets • Dual flush toilet (existing).
  37. 37. Environment • Envelope upgrades will reduce heat loss and plug loads will be reduced by almost 60% • Green House Gas emissions will be reduced by 6 tonnes • Trees and vines will be planted for shade and air quality.
  38. 38. Affordability • Simple changes at an affordable price achieve net zero energy cost • On-site solar power generation at Ontario Standard offer offsets the cost of gas Existing Retrofit Savings Natural Gas Consumption per Year (cubic meters) 2541.8 555.3 1986.5 Natural Gas Cost per Year $1,266.58 $276.71 $989.87
  39. 39. Health IMPROVED INDOOR AIR QUALITY • HRV 81% with ECM motor • Tox Box filtration with hepa quality filter • Low VOC finishes • Operating windows IMPROVED INDOOR ENVIRONMENT • More day lighting from new windows and light tubes and shelves • Warmer insulated basement.
  40. 40. Project Timeline: • Retrofit Begins: October • Completion: January • Tours: January to June • Monitoring: 12 months post tours.
  41. 41. Now House™ evolves this uniquely Canadian brand of hearth and home by updating these post war houses to new standards of healthy living, energy efficiency and resource management.
  42. 42. Now HouseTM Demonstration House
  43. 43. One Community
  44. 44. Do you live in a wartime house?
  45. 45.