King Saul
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King Saul



Book of Samuel

Book of Samuel



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King Saul Presentation Transcript

  • 1. KING SAUL Hebrew name <Shaw-ool> (Asked)
  • 2. People demanded a king
    • Drawbacks of monarchy:
    • Taxation
    • Conscription of arm forces
    • Potential for tyrrany
    Monarchy is a state ruled by a monarch
  • 3. Saul First King of the Hebrews He was a Benjamite His father asked him to look for the missing donkey Saul appears before Samuel Samuel pours oil over Saul’s head He is tall Pouring of oil: Anointing
  • 4. Assurances given to Saul
    • Samuel told Saul that the donkey had been found.
    • Prophesy that the Lord will change Saul into a different person, and he would do things uncharacteristic of him.
  • 5. Saul’s kingship was established when…
    • Upon his victory against the Ammonites in Jabesh-Gilead.
    • Won in the Lottery (with the manipulation of Samuel)
  • 6. We was proclaimed king in Gilgal
  • 7. Following initial successes, Saul soon began making blunders
    • Offering Sacrifices, which was to be performed by the priests.
    • He violated God’s command-by keeping booty from the battle.
    • Saul consulted a witch of Endor.
    Tsk Tsk
  • 8. Saul’s behavior then further degenerated from unwise to outright insane.
    • Ordering his army to go without food until they had defeated the enemy.
    • And attempting to have his own son victorious son, JONATHAN executed for disregarding the foolish order.
    • His bizarre behavior and disobedience to God resulted his downfall.
  • 9. Saul remained king for the time needed for the youthful David to mature
    • Saul jealousy over David
    Triumph of David over Goliath Becoming good friend of Jonathan
  • 10. Saul tried to kill David but did not succeed.
    • David won in the battle and Saul offered his daughter Michal for David.
  • 11. David spared the Saul 1. When Saul was urinating in the hill. When Saul was sleeping.
  • 12. Saul died during the battle with the Phillistine How did he die? Did Saul actually die from the battle or did he commit suicide after being wounded?
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