Latinos for a Secure Retirement 2011 highlights


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Latinos for a Secure Retirement 2011 highlights

  1. 1. Latinos for a Secure Retirement:2011 Year in Review
  2. 2. January 19: LSR coalitionannounced9 members include: LULAC LCLAA Hispanic Federation National Hispanic Council on Aging SER- Jobs for Progress National Association of Hispanic Elderly MANA- A National Latina Organization Institute for the Puerto Rican/Hispanic Elderly The American GI Forum
  3. 3.  Roll out press call featured: ◦ Brent Wilkes (LULAC) ◦ Lillian Rodriguez (Hispanic Federation) ◦ Hector Sanchez (LCLAA) ◦ Jeff Cruz (LSR) Release of Social Security plan Protecting Social Security: A Blueprint for Strengthening Social Security for All Americans Generated dozens of press clips
  4. 4. February 17 – Hill briefing with Center forAmerican Progress (CAP) Hector Sanchez (LCLAA) Rep. Becerra Rep. Schakowsy Christian Weller (CAP) Jeff Cruz (LSR) • Nancy Altman (Social Security Works) • Bob Greenstein (Center on Budget and Policy Priorities)
  5. 5. March 27–National Latino Congreso passes LSR/Hispanic Federation‟s Social Security Resolution 15 resolution Security 01 - Supporting Social This Resolution was Approved By the National Latino Congreso on Day 3, Sunday, March 27, 2011 Author: Mr. Chris Espinosa Organization: Hispanic Federation WHEREAS, Social Security is critical to the well being and economic security of Latinos, providing benefits to nearly one out of every six Latino households; WHEREAS, Social Security is an essential social insurance program that protects Latinos and their families if they cannot work because of age or disability; WHEREAS, Social Security benefits compromise nearly all the income for almost half, 44.2 percent, of Latino elderly households and represent over 75 percent of the total income of Latino elderly households receiving benefits; WHEREAS, the average Social Security benefit in 2008 for Latino men over the age of 65 was only $12,213 and $9,536 for Latina women; WHEREAS, the elderly Latino poverty rate would increase from around 18 percent to over 50 percent without Social Security; WHEREAS, many members of the undocumented community pay into and support the Social Security Trust Fund and can only benefit from their investments when legalized and that these contributions are stabalizing Social Security for all United States citizens; and WHEREAS, Social Security has never contributed a single penny to the national deficit and currently has a trust fund of more than $2.5 trillion; WHEREAS, Social Security has always been “off-budget,” independent from the general U.S. budget with a dedicated revenue stream from payroll contributions; WHEREAS, there are numerous plans to make Social Security fully solvent for the next 75 years without any cuts to benefits or increase in the retirement age. THEREFORE, LET IT BE RESOLVED, that organizations represented by delegates of the 2011 National Latino Congreso oppose any reduction in Social Security benefits or increase in the retirement age; and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that organizations represented by delegates of the 2011 National Latino Congreso call on the President and the United States Congress to exclude Social Security from being a part of any legislation to reduce the federal deficit; and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that organizations represented by the delegates of the 2011 National Latino Congreso support efforts to protect and strengthen Social Security; and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that organizations represented by the delegates of the 2011 National Latino Congreo support efforts to ensure all deported persons that worked in this country and contributed their savings into the Social Security system receive payments whereever they may be
  6. 6. April 6: LSR joins Democratic SeniorsTask Force to highlight the impact of the2012 GOP Budget on American Seniors
  7. 7. “Latinos and Social Security:¡Tu Futuro Cuenta!”May 3: First townhall in Philadelphia, PA. Local co-sponsors: Democracia USA, Congreso de Latinos Unidos. Approximately 80 – 100 attendees. Speakers included representatives from LSR, NCLR, Philadelphia Mayor‟s Office, Sen. Casey‟s office, and the NCPSSM. Dozens of media clips, including TV, radio and newspaper
  8. 8. “Latinos and Social Security:¡Tu Futuro Cuenta!”May 3: Philadelphia, PA youthtownhall Aimed at teaching young Latinos about how Social Security works. Approximately 25 attendees.
  9. 9. Don‟t make us work til we dieLSR participates in national “Don‟t makeus work „til we die” campaign”
  10. 10. LULAC NationalConventionJuly 1: Panel organized by LSR forLULAC‟s National Convention inCincinnati, OhioSpeakers include representatives from:LULAC, LCLAA, LSR, NCLR, and NASI
  11. 11. July 13: LSR policy brief and quiz onproposed chained-CPI benefit cut Generated dozens of print media clips
  12. 12. LSR and LULAC cohost townhall withCalifornia Alliance for RetiredAmericans July 17: Billingual townhall in San Diego, CA.  Opening remarks by Benny Diaz, LULAC‟s CA State Director.
  13. 13. NCLR National ConventionJuly 24: LSR participates in panel onRetirement Security at NCLR‟s nationalconvention in Washington, DC.
  14. 14. LCLAA‟s National Conference August 5: Morning plenary session on Retirement Security in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
  15. 15. Medicare and Medicaid:¡Reduciendo El Costo Del CuidadoDe Salud Para Todos! September 20: New report showing increasing the Medicare age would cost Latinos $2.4 billion Rep. Raul Grijalva and CEPR co-director Dean Baker participate with LSR on national press call National Hispanic Medical Association joins LSR Picked up by La Opinion and featured in Spanish newspapers across the country. Generated multiple radio interviews
  16. 16. “Latinos and Social Security:¡Tu Futuro Cuenta!”September 21: Townhall in Miami, Florida. Sponsored by LSR, NCLR and AARP Approximately 200 attendees. Participants include Mayor Regalado and representatives from LCLAA/LSR, AARP, NCLR and the Social Security Administration. Dozens of media clips, including TV, radio and newspaper
  17. 17. Oct. 13: LSR participates in rally toprotect Medicare protect Medicare inBoston, MA. Releases new report showing the cost to Massachusetts of raising the Medicare age Picked up by several Boston area newspapers and blogs
  18. 18. “Latinos and Social Security:¡Tu Futuro Cuenta!”October 21: Townhall in Boston, Massachusetts. Sponsored by LSR, NCLR, AARP, LULAC-Massachusetts, the City of Boston Commission on Affairs of the Elderly, Action for Boston Community Development (ABCD), ¿Oiste?, La Alianza Hispana Approximately 200 attendees. Participants include Boston city council president Steve Murphy, Boston chief of human services Daphne Griffin, Massachusetts state representative Jeffrey Sanchez, city councilor Felix Arroyo, and representatives from LSR, LULAC, LCLAA, AARP, and NCLR. Generated dozens of media clips, including several TV spots.
  19. 19. LSR press calls to release statereports in Illinois and Florida Nov 8: Illinois release featured Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) and the Illinois Alliance for Retired Americans president Nov 10: Florida release featured Rep. Ted Deutch (D-FL) and the Illinois Alliance for Retired Americans president
  20. 20. LSR co-hosts and participates incoalitionSocial Security/Medicare Rally November 9th: Rally in Boston, Massachusetts.  LSR executive director Jeff Cruz speaks at event.  Over 1,000 attendees, after event march to Sen. Kerry and Sen. Brown‟s district offices.  Generated dozens of media clips.
  21. 21. Latinos for a Secure Retirement: 2011 Year in Review• Hosted 8 townhall events in strategic areas and a Washington DC briefing, directly reaching more than 1,000 people• Spoke at 4 national public conferences• Wrote and released 6 policy reports• Generated more than 100 earned media clips• Met with staff from more than a two dozen Congressional and Senate offices• Participated in public events with 12 Congressmen.
  22. 22. Latinos for a Secure Retirement