Websites And Hosting Options


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Brief overview of web presence and website options
* Four basic web presence options
* Five parts of a full web presence
* Three steps from free web to fully hosted

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Websites And Hosting Options

  1. 1. Websites and Hosting Options Overview of web presence and website options Four basic web presence options Five parts of a full web presence Three steps from free web to fully hosted Copyright (C) Jeff McNeill, 2008 Licensed under (CC-BY) Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Last updated 2008-10-05
  2. 2. Contents Questions to ask Various web components Registrar and DNS services Four options Free web services Google Apps for Domains Own or departmental server Web hosting services Recommended steps Exceptions
  3. 3. Questions to Ask Who will manage the site and its content? Which people need what kind of access? How much web expertise do they have? What does the content look like? How often does it change? How much content is there? Will need or can have own domain name? What sort of legacy integration? Required to use certain web servers? Interoperability with other sites? How much money and time is there for this?
  4. 4. Various Web Components Domain name registrar Lease on domain name Nameserver entries in root DNS servers $10/year for .com - DNS services Resolves domain names to ip addresses Free - Email server Web server (usually with database, ftp, etc.) Jabber (chat) server
  5. 5. Registrar and DNS Services Domain Name Registrar Leases a domain name on a yearly basis, and manages the Nameserver entries on the root DNS servers on the Internet DNS Service Provider Operates DNS servers which resolve domain names into IP addresses so that web services work between computers In most cases, hosts provide DNS as well as web, email, and application services There is advantage to managing independently
  6. 6. Four Options Free web services Without (free) / with domain name $10/year Domain redirection on Wordpress / Ning Google apps With domain name $10/year Own server or departmental server Usually for political, brand, security reasons Web host With domain name $100-$500/year For content or web applications needing customization scalability and reliability
  7. 7. Free Web Services Advantages Free Least amount of time and effort Disadvantages Limited customization, especially websites Limited domain branding opportunity Domain redirection Wordpress / Ning ($) Bottom line Must have presence on many of these web services anyway Try to create same username on all sites
  8. 8. Google Apps for Domains Advantages Offers domain registrar and dns service Free Easy to use interfaces Gmail, gcal, gdocs, gchat, google sites Disadvantages Sites tool is rudimentary No ability to configure DNS entries Bottom line Free branded email, calendar, docs, chat
  9. 9. Own or Departmental Server Advantages Best level of customization Except when run by IT department May be required based on political, branding, or security issues Disadvantages Most expensive approach Most time consuming to manage Bottom line Only take this route if required
  10. 10. Web Hosting Services Advantages Can scale if choosing the right host Excellent customization and control Best branding option Disadvantages Some costs involved $100-500/year Host may have poor customer service Requires technical understanding Bottom line Essentially required for customized blogs, wikis, and application development
  11. 11. Recommended Steps Free Web Step 1 Services Step 2 Domain DNS Google Registrar Services Apps Step 3 Web Hosting
  12. 12. Recommended Steps Create brand around username on various sites including gmail, myspace, youtube, flickr, delicious, twitter, linkedin Create brand around own domain name (preferably identical to username on sites) Godaddy for registrar - $10/year for .com Zoneedit for free dns services Google apps for email, calendar, docs, chat Domain name redirection - Wordpress/Ning Use Web Host to install/configure own content management or application services
  13. 13. Exceptions If only need an ecommerce site may want to use specialty hosts such as Shopify, Yahoo business, Amazon web storefronts, and Ebay