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Negotiation Steve Young podcast Negotiation Steve Young podcast Presentation Transcript

  • Negotiation Podcast  by Steve Young   Summary by Jeff McNeill [email_address] 2008, 2009
  • Contents
      • Overview
      • Excuses
      • Soft Skills
      • Understanding Weakness
      • How to Deal with Others
      • Perspective
      • Goals, Perception
      • Getting to Yes
      • Summary
      • Reorganized
  • Overview
      • Negotiation is the great, everyday skill
        • Classic negotiation for contracts
        • Subtle negotiation among teammates
      • Some negotiation tactics
        • Endurance/stamina, wear people down
        • Overprepare, data-driven, facts, logic
      • Motivation
        • Find out what people need for energy
      • Human nature
        • We try to do most with least effort
        • Inspire by through self-sacrifice
  •   Excuses
      • Human nature to want to explain
        • People don’t respond to this
        • Never show sign of victimization
        • Don’t give excuses
        • People want accountability
      • People want to hear “I messed up”
        • But also, “I’m going to go fix it”
      • Must take accountability for actions
  •   Soft Skills
      • In leadership, soft skills are hard skills
        • Based on love, respect, knowing people
        • Can't do anything without a great team
      • Use soft skills to individually motivate
        • Individually, some are demand resistant
        • Some need to have it be their idea
      • Stepping in other persons’ shoes
        • Knowing what they need at that time
        • Know, motivate, anticipate individually
  •   Understanding Weakness
      • Self-analysis of strengths/weaknesses
        • What am I good at? What holes?
        • What gets me into trouble?
        • Some things can fix, others cannot
        • People control through others' weaknesses
      • Study strengths and weaknesses
        • Make changes, identify, hide "tells"
      • Study opponents weaknesses
        • Always allow people a way out
  •   How to Deal with Others
      • Understand people around you
        • Get to yes by working with strengths
        • Play coaches’ game, will get to play
      • Don’t engage if there is no win
        • Keep to happy
      • Look at where others’ are coming from
        • What is their situation, need?
        • What can you give them?
      • Appropriate attitude
        • We are in this together, let’s figure out ways to be more productive together
  •   Perspective
      • I screwed it up, but am going fix it
      • Most of life is managing relationships
        • Think “What is their experience?”
        • What is my hole? What to change?
      • “ You’re not that big a deal”
        • Hubris can be devastating
        • Don’t lose self in negotiation, winning
      • Keep to gratitude
        • Recognize the contributions of others
  •   Goals, Perception
      • Negative side to things we are good at
        • Get rid of the things bad at
        • Get better at things mediocre
        • Continually improve things good at
      • Main goal: See how good it can get
        • Be the dumbest guy in the room
      • Perception is 9/10ths of the law 
        • Use how perceived to your advantage
  •   Getting to Yes
      • Everyone has unique, individual needs
        • Get to comfort, so people share needs
        • Put air in process, time to discover
      • Some people just won’t like you
      • Relationships help but take time
      • Can be a good ploy to just do nothing
      • Am I a people skill person?
        • Learn by observation these skills
  •   Summary
      • Everyday skill, both classic and subtle
      • Tactics, endurance, preparation
      • Human nature
      • Soft skills, how to handle and motivate
      • Other people’s shoes
      • Strength and weakness analysis
      • Don’t engage if no win
      • Be accountable
      • Perspective
      • Perception
      • Unique, individual needs
  •   Reorganized Summary
      • Negotiation everywhere
        • Classic, subtle, everyday
      • Tactics
        • Take accountability
        • Endurance
        • Preparation
        • Others' unique needs
        • Others' strengths 
        • Others' weaknesses 
        • Don’t engage if no win
        • Understand perceptions
      • Strengths/weaknesses
        • How good can you be?
        • Do an analysis of self
        • Know weaknesses
        • Adapt, improve
        • Strengths can blind
        • Keep perspective
      • Be in others’ shoes
        • Understand/know others
        • What motivates them
        • Their unique needs, strengths, weaknesses