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Egypt podcastchpt12



A visual component to be used with Episode 12 of Rob Monaco's Pocast History of the World.

A visual component to be used with Episode 12 of Rob Monaco's Pocast History of the World.



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  • Papyrus painting of Egyptian chariot archer (Note: Not in use yet!)
  • Dagger with name of king Apophis, Cairo Egyptian Museum
  • Mummy of Seqenenre Taa the Brave
  • Mummy of Seqenenre Taa the Brave
  • Sarcophagus of Kamose. Ooo spooky!

Egypt podcastchpt12 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Episode 12: The Hyksos J. Marshall 2013
  • 2. BCE/CE
  • 3. Hyksos invaders• Egypt got complacent (lazy)Hit Lower and Middle EgyptBRONZE weapons +Chariots Egyptians gave up; they didn’t die(like mobile artillery) fighting.
  • 4. Egyptian Chariot
  • 5. (Hutwaret)– Capital of Egypt under the Hyksos• SOME say it wasn’t a violent invasion• But really a combo of immigration and invasion
  • 6. • Town after town gave up – they moved to Thebes• The Hyksos created trade alliances with Kush – leaving the Egyptians at Thebes out (the Egyptians lost Nubian gold this way).
  • 7. Upper Egypt gets weak
  • 8. Apepi• Hyksos ruler of the lower Kingdom• Thebes revolts against Apepi, but their king, SeqenenreTaa the Brave, dies.
  • 9. Seqenenre
  • 10. Seqenenre
  • 11. KamoseStela• Kamose, takes over at Thebes• Hyksos used propaganda – pay a tax = get free land• Kamose attacks Kushites (gets Nubian support).
  • 12. Kush:thekingdom southNubia, south ofEgyptApepi wants the people of Kush to help him fight and destroy Kamose and the Egyptians at Thebes
  • 13. Kamose• Kush never sent its army down stream to help Apepi.• Kamose dies before he can give full defeat to Apepi.
  • 14. Ahmose • Just 10 years old • Encircled the Hyksos capital, captured it, then killed and looted all.
  • 15. Upper Nile Region Abu /
  • 16. Ahmose chased the Ahmose took theHyksos for 3 years. crown of Upper and LowerTeddy the Kingdom and theisHandsome rose begins the Newanew in Nubia. Kingdom.Ahmose went southand broke the This gives birth torebels. a new EMPIRE in Egypt.
  • 17. fin