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Data and visualization handout

  1. 1. Exercise: How fast is your Internet? 1. In a web browser, visit 2. In the search box, run a search for: broadband download speed 3. Click on the search result. 4. Hover your mouse over the line in the graph to see the average Internet download speed in the world at a particular month/year. a. What was the average world download speed in April 2012? _____________ b. What was the average speed in April 2009? _______________ 5. Let’s see whether Canada or the United States has faster download speeds. a. On the left hand side column, there is a listing of countries.Uncheck the World box. b. Check the boxes for CanadaandUnited States c. According to the most recent data, which country has faster Internet currently? ______________________ d. When was the first time that Canada surpassed American download speeds? ______________________ 6. Let’s compare download speedsby states in the US. a. On the left hand side column, in the Compare bydrop-down menu, select Region. b. Afterwards, in the Country drop-down menu, select United States. c. Let’s look at the data through a bar chart. In the upper right hand corner, click on the bar chart icon( ).
  2. 2. d. In April 2012, which state had the slowest average download speed? ______________ e. In April 2012, which state had the fastest average download speed? _______________ f. Hover your mouse over the bar chart, and find the bar for California. Is California in the top half or bottom of half of states (in terms of average Internet download speed)? ______________________ 7. Reflecting on your experience with this data visualization, how do you think it could be improved? Think about features and functionalities that would improve the experience. We’ll discuss this as a class afterwards. Take notes of your discussionFree college texts and course materials
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  4. 4. Exercise answer key4a) 10,180.03 kbps4b) 5,703.45 kbps5c) Canada5d) December 20116d) Alaska6e) New Jersey6f) bottom half