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ALA Emerging Leaders 2012 (Team G) poster presentation for Librarians Build Communities


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ALA Emerging Leaders 2012 (Team G) poster presentation for Librarians Build Communities

  1. 1. I truly believe these experiences bring librarians closer and we gain a sense of pride in what we do. The Libraries Build Communities experience exemplifies what we value as librarians: cooperation, volunteerism, and professionalism. – Barbara, Volunteer Day at ALA’s Annual Conference – a must try experience! Processing donated books, New Orleans, ALA 2006 Habitat for Humanity volunteers, New Orleans, ALA 2006The Libraries Build Communities program was a way that I could help rebuild the city in a small, personal way and be [W]e gave support to residents who neededpart of something good […] Each experience has helped me to know we still care about them andgrow as a professional […] This form of outreach helps both someday they may be using our libraries. participant and host library. LBC Volunteers, Washington, DC, ALA 2010 – Marsha Arrighi, Louisiana State University – Karen H. Canary, Westfield State University, MA – Kareen Turner, University of ArkansasWhy volunteer? Librarians Build Communities Book Busters Team, New Orleans, ALA 2006 http://www.librariansbuildcommunities.org/ A national volunteer program connecting librarians Career and library staff interested in volunteering with exploration community organizations in need of their specialized skills. Librarians Build Communities (LBC) means giving back Personal development Benefits Social outlet to our communities, community organizations, and supporting partner organizations. of Volunteering And through volunteer efforts, we connect with our (in addition to community outside of traditional library settings – giving back to our community!) attracting new patrons, building advocates, and increasing the awareness of library services. Health Organizational promotion advantage “To connect librarians with libraries and community organizations in need of skilled volunteers in order Details at Details at to form meaningful volunteer opportunities and to http://goo.gl/nQ43u http://goo.gl/AmxN6 DC Habitat for Humanity, ALA 2007 improve awareness of the expertise librarians possess.” – LBC Mission StatementBegin volunteering Go BIG, hold your own LBC Day!Try a single-shot volunteer experience with a few Through your local ALA state chaptercolleagues or by yourself or professional organization, organize a Librarians Build CommunitiesNot enough spare time? volunteer day in conjunction with • Volunteer virtually and work online and from home your library conference. Attendees • Add a public service element to one of your existing work spare a few hours to give back to the projects local community. Cataloging volunteers, Anaheim, ALA 2008Find volunteer opportunities at: • Your local community • Rotary Check out our primer for getting LBC started service organization • Lions Club at your state or locality at • United We Serve • AARP http://www.librariansbuildcommunities.org/primer/ • United Way Find tips and templates on:Try opportunities that leverage library skills like: • Forming an LBC Committee • Teaching • Organizing materials • Getting buy-in • Program development • Processing/preservation • Reaching out to community organizations • Technology work • and more … • Creating a website • Cataloging • Promoting your efforts • Organizing and conducting the volunteer day • Celebrating your success, building momentum, Habitat for Humanity volunteers New Orleans, ALA 2006 and sharing your experiences nationwide ALA Emerging Leaders 2012 Team G: Ingrid Abrams, Erin Davis, Eboni Dickerson, Jeffery Loo, and Coral Sheldon-Hess – librariansbuildcommunities@googlegroups.com Member Guides: Easter DiGangi and Gina Persichini | ALA Staff Liaison: Don Wood