How to Engage Target Executives with Social Media


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Presentation to the American Marketing Association on how to leverage social media to engage target executives.

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  • Personalize with an objective from Sandi. Make sure not to over-sell it.
  • I normally put this at the end, but want you have have ammunition.
  • Everyone wants to hear about the show.
  • Good intro into the changing world.
  • Life used to be easy. Call someone. They answered. Ask for a meeting. They took it.
  • For eons, the phone was the tool of sales.
  • More recently, email became the preferred tool of sales.
  • Then the tsunami hit.
  • We live in a very different world today. Case in point, there are more mobile phones in the world that TVs, televisions and desktop computers – combined!
  • The change means a higher cost of entry. More research and personalization is needed.
  • Here’s a post from the top rated blog – 10 ways to connect without email.
  • Here is a linkedin profile of a Medtronic person. Helpful but not a great profile.
  • Here we have a more robust profile, but still far from optimal. Look at how the description helps you frame a conversation.
  • Let’s break down one best practices example.
  • See the links and the blog updates.
  • The blog link takes you to the blog.
  • Also, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.
  • Share valuable content with them (Value is defined by them.) Think!
  • Summary points on connecting.
  • Optional section on Free PR using Newsjacking
  • Key points on social from my Keynote at the BMA NJ Social Media Symposium.
  • How to Engage Target Executives with Social Media

    1. 1. Engaging Target Executives with Content & Social Media Jeff Ogden, President ofFind New Customers & Host, Marketing Made Simple TV
    2. 2. “When we’re able to connect atthe right level in targetcompanies, we have a muchgreater chance of winning.” Sandi Edwards
    3. 3. About Jeff• Author of #1 rated b2b marketing blog in America (BuyerZone)• Creator and Host popular TV show – Marketing Made Simple TV• Winner SLMA “20 to Watch in Sales Lead Management”• Winner OpenView Labs Top Sales Expert
    4. 4. 1. Syndicated weekly marketing show3. TV on the Internet5. Awesome guests
    5. 5. “Technological shifts have been so profound,that today being trust-worthy is no longer goodenough. Companies must strive for ExtremeTrust.”Don Peppers and Martha Rogers.Don is an interview on Marketing MadeSimple TV
    6. 6. The World Changed
    7. 7. Then Everything Changed
    8. 8. The World of Today845 million users as of 2/2012
    9. 9. Keys for Engaging Today
    10. 10. 10 Ways to Engage – Beyond Email1. Send an SMS message to a smartphone2. Send an InMail via Linkedin (includes link to your profile)3. Comment on a blog post4. Send a DM in Twitter (arrives in email)5. Re-tweet something they posted6. Send a handwritten note via snail mail7. Connect with their company on Linkedin8. Offer them the opportunity to write a guest post for your blog9. Invite them to connect with you on Linkedin10. Post a photo of them on Pinterest
    11. 11. Profiling Prospects
    12. 12. Profiling Prospects
    13. 13. Let’s look at a really good oneROBUST EXAMPLE
    14. 14. Twitter Profile
    15. 15. Share Valuable Content• How to Write an optimal Linkedin Profile- photo, blog, Twitter.• How to create an awesome personal brand – Linkedin, blog, Twitter, YouTube, etc.• Share news about alma mater• Know people at former company• Attended the same college
    16. 16. Connecting with the right executivesSummary•Use multiple approaches•Be creative•Don’t give up too soon•Focus on how you can help THEM
    17. 17. Newsjacking Free PR
    18. 18. Key Points when Using Social Media• Don’t aim to be good at social media. Aim to be good at biz using social media• Before jumping in, ask why people are there?• Keep in mind some social platforms are highly mobile, esp Instagram and FourSquare• ALL social media must move the biz needle• Worst reason to do social? FOMO
    19. 19. Thank You!• Jeff Ogden, President of Find New Customers••• @fearlesscomp• Or just Google “Jeff Ogden”