How to do great marketing w/o much money


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How to implement B2B demand generation - work but not a lot of money.

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How to do great marketing w/o much money

  1. 1. How to Do Great Marketing Without spending a lot
  2. 2. How to Do Great Marketing• How to Get Started – Laying the foundation• Cranking up marketing – Think Like a Publisher• Ongoing marketing efforts – The heartbeat of the business
  3. 3. Other keys• Contact to Close• Devise offers• Think of the entire buying process• Be patient – 6 months
  5. 5. Attraction Strategies• Top of Find• Humor• Personality• Thought Leadership• Seed Nurturing
  6. 6. Setting the Foundation – base questions• Who are you?• What problems do we solve?• Who needs solutions?• What drives decisions?• Where do they look?• Whom do they trust?• What are our goals?
  7. 7. Buyer PersonasThe Single Most Valuable Thing You Can Do• Job description• Priority Initiatives• Perceived Barriers• Why We Win/Buyer Success• Why We Lose• Buying Triggers
  8. 8. Action ItemDownload the free ebook“The Buyer Persona Manifesto”Watch Mistakes in Buyer Personas
  9. 9. Other Base Activities• Keyword definition What do people type into Google?• Agreed lead definitions What does a good lead look like?• Buying process identification How do people procure our offerings?
  10. 10. Attraction Strategies• Top of Find• Humor• Personality• Thought LeadershipRelevant X Distinctive = Effective
  11. 11. Action ItemWatch Mad Marketing TV – Leaping from theContent Ocean with Doug
  12. 12. Phase 2 – Putting it in motion
  13. 13. Content Engine• Continually collect and curate content• Map content to buying process• Use all media – print, audio, video
  14. 14. Think Like a Publisher• Daily/Weekly – a blog post for example• Monthly – newsletter or video• Bi-Monthly – press release• Quarterly – in person event, ebook and webinar• Half year – white paper and webinar• Yearly – direct mail, in person event, white paper, video release
  15. 15. Action ItemWatch Mad Marketing TV with contentmarketing experts Joe Pulizzi and Jim
  16. 16. Lead Nurturing• 9 out of 10 visitors are not ready to buy• Stay in touch and earn their trust• Tell a story – Problem to Solution
  17. 17. Action ItemTo Learn More about Lead Nurturing, please visit
  18. 18. Lead Scoring• We may have earned their trust, but how do we know when they’re ready.• Lead Scoring• Map the behaviors that mean they are ready. – Demographics – Behaviors (digital body language)
  19. 19. Action ItemDownload and Read the Grande Guide to Lead Scorin
  20. 20. Lead Handoff• Process of giving a warm lead to sales• Best to have tele call first• Include history of prospect• Need service level agreement• Claw back un-followed up leads
  21. 21. Deployment and Measurement Phase 3
  22. 22. Marketing Automation• Now that everything is in place, buy software to automate it all.• Good vendors, but we plug our sponsor, Act- On Software (inexpensive)
  23. 23. Lead Nurturing Deployment• Set up the steps for story• Branch off based on behaviors• Test and refine
  24. 24. TEST, TEST, TEST
  25. 25. Metrics and Measures• Develop metrics to measure performance• Focus on things that drive results• Don’t worry about getting it right at first
  26. 26. Action Item• Check out the content and free
  27. 27. Action Items
  28. 28. Landing pages• Landing page is web page for a single purpose• Call to action to share content• Goal is to drive action or result
  29. 29. Action ItemWatch Landing Page Optimization with Tim
  30. 30. QUESTIONS?
  31. 31. Thank You!• Jeff Ogden, President of Find New Customers••• @fearlesscomp• Or just Google “Jeff Ogden”