The mythology marketing strategy workshop   overview
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The mythology marketing strategy workshop overview






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    The mythology marketing strategy workshop   overview The mythology marketing strategy workshop overview Presentation Transcript

    • Jump Start Your Company’s Marketing Impact The Ten Pillars of Meaningful Marketing™ Strategy Workshop
    • How many of these questions can your marketing team answer?
      • If we could only win one kind of customer, what would they look like?
      • What emotional role does your brand play in the lives of customers?
      • What do current customers, prospects, partners and employees currently believe about our brand?
      • If we had to describe how our company is different and superior in < 30 seconds, what would we say?
    • What about these?
      • What specifically motivates our customers to share positive word-of-mouth about us (and are any of them doing it)?
      • Which parts of our company are misaligned and prohibiting us from “living the brand”?
      • What are the marketing engagement tactics that are most effective (and cost effective) in generating revenue?
    • If you’re like most companies… … you probably couldn’t answer most of those questions very easily. We assert that marketing is still the most undisciplined line item in any company’s budget. In today’s economy and competitive environment, that’s not good.
    • What if… … your company began to seriously consider those questions, and others that are crucial to effective marketing and revenue growth? What if you planned to make a plan? How could you get started?
    • We help ambitious organizations like yours
    • We have a marketing system that makes it easier and more likely to succeed…
    • … based on the Ten Pillars of Meaningful Marketing™ Learn about them : (If you make it to the bottom of the web page, there is a really cool story about where the West African that inspired our symbols.)
    • We’ve developed a really effective workshop that gets you started… “ The team from Mythology understand content, conversations, accountability through measurement, and the cultural change it requires to pull it all off. “ I would enthusiastically recommend them for any marketing challenge that requires not only technical and creative skills, but strategic vision and understanding of how people can be lead to embrace a new world of customer interaction.” Brian Boruff, Global Vice President, Cloud Computing, CSC
    • Here’s how it works
      • We interview your team members to gather background information, key questions that need answered and priority deliverables
      • We customize our Ten Pillars workshop with exercises and examples that fit your situation
      • We collaborate with you during a full-day workshop that spawns many “a ha!” moments that are useful for building your strategic marketing plan
        • The workshop can be divided into two half-days if needed
      • We edit the workshop notes, develop summary recommendations and walk you through key next steps for building your plan
      The result? You take away critical answers (and more strategic questions) along with breakthrough ideas that you can build into your plan!
    • A typical agenda might include… Morning Session Today’s Consumer or B2B Marketspace 1 hr Overview of how media and how consumers/business decision-makers make decisions has changed dramatically over the last 5-10 years with the advent of the Internet. What implications does this have for your business model and how you communicate with prospects and customers? Customer Segmentation Analysis and Prioritization   2 hrs Identify distinct customer segments and develop a list of known emotional/functional needs, demographic and psychographic profiles, decision processes, influencing points, affinities/interests, and current beliefs about your organization.   Stack rank in order of importance based on agreed-upon criteria (historic revenue, potential future revenue, etc.) Competitive Analysis   1 hr What are the options that your target customer segments can choose other than you to meet their needs? What are their strengths/weaknesses and how could you leverage to your advantage? Differentiation   1 hr Develop specific, powerful ways in which your organization can communicate and deliver differentiated value (emotional and/or functional) vs. competitors. What will you be the absolute best at in your market segment?   Includes development of specific value propositions by customer segment and related product lines.
    • A typical agenda might include… Afternoon Session “ Mythology guided us through a comprehensive strategy to benchmark community perception, set measurable goals and evaluate our progress.” Elizabeth McKay, Marketing Director Davis Health System Brand Mythology   1.5 hr How can your organization develop simple, powerful, “sticky” brand imagery and messaging that connects directly with your customer segments and embeds the differentiation and value proposition into their minds cost-effectively? What stories are available to build on that lend credibility and emotion to the brand? Engagement Strategy   1.5 hr Based on the priority customer segments and their needs/preferences, affinities/interests and media habits, how can your organization engage prospects and customers in a powerful conversation that leads to revenue and profitability growth? How can new media such as search engines, social networking, blogs, etc. be utilized to build a “word of web” approach that complements traditional marketing programs?
    • Optional Agenda Items Internal Alignment and Readiness   1 hr Who are the employee and partner segments who need engaged to ensure that the organization is “living the brand?” How aware and bought into the brand are employees? What skills are lacking that are required to deliver the brand experience? What training and incentive programs should be developed?   Surprise: Over-Delivering on Customer Value   1 hr Customers have high expectations in today’s competitive, global marketplace. However, they are still blown away when their expectations are exceeded. How can your organization set the appropriate expectations to win business, then over-deliver to build loyal advocates in the marketplace? What little surprises, both emotional and functional, can be included in the customer experience?   Developing Dialogue: Using Conversations to Influence Customers   1 hr In-depth planning on how to build two-way dialogue with customers and leverage advocates in the marketplace to spread credible influence via social networks, blogs and other channels of communication. Building Advocates: Empowering Your Customers to Sell for You 1 hr How to identify and develop customer advocates, place them front and center and reward them for their work on your behalf in influencing the marketplace.
    • Who Helps You Build the System? Mythology’s Executive Facilitators Jeff James, Founder and CEO Crystal Good, Director of Brand Experience and Chief Mythologist
      • 14 years of senior marketing management at Microsoft Corp
      • Thought leader in marketing strategy and planning, relationship marketing, partnerships/channels, and Internet communities
      • Applies the power of poetry and activism to animate brands at grass roots levels
      • Deep insights in consumer, retail, non-profit, multicultural and cause marketing
    • Let’s Get Started [email_address] 601 Morris Street, Suite 200 Charleston, WV 25301 304.346.2230