Should You Hire Us? Six Questions for Marketers


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In response to our own blog post re: Six Questions Every Marketer Must Answer for Customers, we decided to ask the questions of ourselves to help you decide - should you hire us?

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Should You Hire Us? Six Questions for Marketers

  1. 1. Should You Hire Mythology? Three minutes, six questions and you’ll know.
  2. 2. Question #1 Do I need your category of services? A key question for you to help answer that: Are you delighted with the progress your current marketing is making in growing measurable brand, revenue and relationships results? YES – Awesome! No need to go further. But we’d like to include you as a case study in a book we’re writing (seriously) MAYBE – Take the deeper Ten Pillars of Meaningful Marketing assessment ; maybe you aren’t sure what’s possible? NO – May be worth a quick discussion and deeper assessment with us; try the next question
  3. 3. Question #2 Do I want what you offer? This question will help decide: Are you ambitious? Do you want to be the best organization you can be and a leader in your defined industry or region? YES – Great! We prefer working with ambitious companies who value strategy and excellent marketing execution. MAYBE - Maybe some of your team members are ready, and others need to catch the vision. Our workshops can help with that! NO – No worries, it’s OK to be content…until competitors or industry changes make things a little rocky.
  4. 4. So Far, So Good… OK, have you decided if you need or want the services we deliver? If you’re continuing, you clearly have some needs and/or desires to significantly improve marketing. So does it make sense to hire Mythology? Let’s find out!
  5. 5. Question #3 Why should I pick you? Here are four key reasons why we’re different and more valuable to work with than other options: #1 - We have a proven framework - Our unique marketing system approach is based on industry best practices and innovations called the Ten Pillars of Meaningful Marketing. #2 - Your team will improve – Working with us improves your team’s marketing insight and skills (that’s what we’ve been told, anyway!) #3 - We can add value to your team in narrow or broad areas - Our strategic Assess-Plan-Manage services can be used like a scalpel to improve an aspect of your marketing or as a complete marketing system reboot. #4 - It’s not about us – We aren’t interested in selling you specific marketing “stuff.” We’re not a creative agency or media company; we’re diagnostic and hands-on consultants. We let the answer unfold and help you build the ideal solution.
  6. 6. Question #4 Why shouldn’t I worry? We build confidence - We believe in testing and validation before any major investments or adjustments are made. It’s a confidence-building discipline we believe in and live out. Our approach works – We’ve delivered significant value in diverse organizations from Fortune 500 to startups, from non- profits to creative agencies. Our system has produced results in brand, revenue and relationship categories. Review case studies on “I would enthusiastically recommend Mythology for any marketing challenge that requires strategic vision and understanding of how people can be lead to embrace a new world of customer interaction.” Brian Boruff, former Global Vice President, Cloud Computing, CSC
  7. 7. Question #5 What is the cost/benefit equation? Is it worth it to you to carve out 5% of what you normally spend on marketing each year and invest it in a process that will increase marketing ROI by 5% 10%? 20% or more?* The simplest benefit claim is that your organization will generate a better return on your marketing investment and potentially reduce marketing costs by sharpening focus, increasing the "sticky" and eliminating wasted expenses. The payoff benefits include:  Measureable Results  Brand Growth  Revenue Growth  Relationship Growth  Fun and Satisfaction What does it cost you? • Your team’s time and commitment • Project Fees -Clearly laid out in a deliverables-based statement of work • Third-Party Costs - Completed marketing plan includes a detailed media and execution budget
  8. 8. Question #6 How do I get started? It’s easy! If you’re convinced this is worth a low-risk investment to explore the value we can add to your marketing, we strongly recommend a one-day Marketing Strategy Workshop. A full-day workshop delivers:  Knowledge - walk away with a greater understanding of critical marketing principles and opportunities  Understanding - Learn about our skills and process; we get to learn about your team’s skills, culture and history  Ideas - Breakthrough “a ha!” moments  Priorities - Stack-ranked problems and opportunities that form the basis for the strategic and tactical marketing plans
  9. 9. Let’s Get Started Contact us today to get the conversation started! To get the ball rolling, we'd like to offer your a free "Rapid Report" version of our Assessimize assessment and optimization service. Your free Assessimize Rapid Report includes:  Web marketing funnel analysis - Find out where there are holes in your web marketing presence  Search Engine Optimization Score - How are you ranking and how can you quickly improve?  Influence Score: How influential are you out there in social media world, anyway? It's FREE and no strings attached.
  10. 10. About Team Mythology Mythology is a marketing management consulting firm. We build marketing systems for ambitious organizations to grow brand, revenue and relationships using our unique Ten Pillars of Meaningful Marketing™ We marshal some of the best creative and technical forces available and manage the process towards measurable results to build belief in your business. • Jeff James, CEO, Chief Strategist • Julie Falvey, VP of Client Services • Deonta’ Landis – Marketing Services Manager • Courtney Forbes – Marketing Operations Manager
  11. 11. Mythology is about building belief. Who believes in you? Let’s build some believers. *Like any custom project, cost/benefit details will depend on several factors. Mythology provides a very comprehensive statement of work proposal only after we invest time with you to understand your organization’s needs, typically through a full- day strategy workshop.