Accelerated Saa S Exec Briefing V2


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Unisys offering to ISVs to take advantage of Cloud Computing

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Accelerated Saa S Exec Briefing V2

  1. 1. Secured SaaS AcceleratorExecutive Briefing<br />name, <br />title, <br />Date<br />
  2. 2. Page 2<br />Cloud computingis an approach that enables organizations to leverage scalable, elastic and secure resources as services with the expected results of simplified operations, significant savings in cost and nearly instant provisioning.<br />The key attributes “usually” associated with Cloud Computing<br />Multi-tenant – the ability to process the needs of multiple users with shared resources in a dynamic and transparent fashion <br />Elastic and Scalable – resources can expand and contract as needed<br />Metered/Rented – some manner of “pay for only what you use”<br />Self-Provisioned – “self check-in” at least to some degree<br />Internet based – accessible using internet technology, usually over the public Internet <br />X as a Service – the details/concerns of implementation are abstracted for the customer<br />The seventh attribute sets Secure cloud computing apart<br />Secure– an overall decrease in risk due to greater security protocols and tools from the cloud provider for data in motion, data at rest and data in process.<br />Our Definition of Cloud Computing?<br />
  3. 3. Page 3<br />The Financial Benefits of Cloud Computing for your Customers<br />Source: Forrester Research, “Talking To Your CFO About Cloud Computing”, October 29, 2008<br />
  4. 4. Page 4<br />How Cloud is Typically Used Today<br />Cloud<br />Traditional<br />HIGH<br />DocumentManagement<br />Conventional business applications with:<br /><ul><li>Patient Data
  5. 5. Employee Information
  6. 6. Financial Information
  7. 7. Customer Information
  8. 8. Government </li></ul>Mail and Collaboration<br />Financials and Planning<br />Mission Critical/OLTP<br />Analytics and Reporting<br />DR<br />SecurityRequirements<br />Web<br />SoftwareDevelopment/Test<br />LOW<br />Routine Applications<br />Critical Applications<br />Business Applications<br />This is relative, not definitive positioning<br />
  9. 9. Page 5<br />© 2009 Unisys Corporation. All rights reserved.<br />What’s Driving The Growth of SaaS? <br />Market Forces<br /><ul><li>New Competitors w/o License Revenue
  10. 10. Broadband Access
  11. 11. Excess Capacity
  12. 12. Simplification
  13. 13. Windows OS
  14. 14. Adoption of Web</li></ul>Client Forces<br /><ul><li>Improved Cash Flow
  15. 15. Focus IT on Core Business
  16. 16. Desire to reduce costs
  17. 17. Reduce capital expenditures on IT
  18. 18. Simplification</li></ul>ISV Concerns of moving to SaaS Business Model<br /><ul><li>Disruption in revenue model (recognition, cash flow, increased risk)
  19. 19. Capital outlay to create a services infrastructure & timing of market adoption
  20. 20. Costs to modify applications and maintain two different software business models
  21. 21. Security of doing business on the Web – for ISV and their customers’</li></li></ul><li>Page 6<br />SaaS Revenue Distribution 2009* 22% growth over 2008<br />31% Content, Communication & Collaboration (CC&C)<br />27% Customer Relationship Management (CRM)<br />17% Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)<br />25% All Other Categories<br /> All Other<br />CC &C<br />ERP<br />CRM<br />SaaS revenue is forecasted to double by 2013 reaching $16 billion<br />*Source: Market Trends: Software as a Service, Worldwide, 2009-2013, Gartner, May 7, 2009, cited at<br />
  22. 22. Page 7<br />Securing your data outside your firewall? <br />Unauthorized visibility to your data when in a shared computing environment?<br />Unintentional cloud administration errors?<br />Providing unauthorized access/rights to others<br />Causing your data to go to other organizations, customers, or competitors<br />Potential breach of the virtualization hypervisor (i.e. virus)?<br />Data Protectionand Privacy<br /><ul><li>The cloud provider’s auditing procedures?
  23. 23. The cloud provider’s ability to help you meet your regulatory and compliance requirements?</li></ul>Compliance<br />Why Security is the Top ConcernDo you worry about…<br />What if these concerns were eliminated and your cloud was really secure?<br />
  24. 24. Page 8<br />Unisys Extreme Security Enables You to Confidently Operate in the Cloud<br />Patent-pending Stealth technology that instantiates private communities of interest based on FIPS 140-2, 256-bit AES* encryption and cloaks the data with proprietary “bit splitting”.<br />The Unisys Difference<br />Layered multi-vendor approach to security with Intrusion Detection and Prevention Services (IDPS), firewall management, 24x7 security monitoring, advanced correlation and analytics, auditable logs…<br />Security Best Practices<br />Secure Cloud services team operates ISO 20000-certified delivery processes that are ITIL V3-compliant.<br />Operational Maturity<br />Independently Certified Security Program <br />Secure Cloud services are provided from ISO 27001-certified delivery centers.<br />Independently Audited and Certified Services Centers<br />SAS-70 Type II-certified data centers.<br />*Advanced Encryption Standard<br />
  25. 25. Our Security Tools Gives You The Confidence to Operate SaaS<br />Cloud<br />Cloud<br />Traditional<br />Secure Cloud<br />Traditional<br />HIGH<br />HIGH<br />DocumentManagement<br />DocumentManagement<br />Conventional business applications with:<br /><ul><li>Patient Data
  26. 26. Employee Information
  27. 27. Financial Information
  28. 28. Customer Information
  29. 29. Government </li></ul>Conventional business applications with:<br /><ul><li>Patient Data
  30. 30. Employee Information
  31. 31. Financial Information
  32. 32. Customer Information
  33. 33. Government </li></ul>Financials and Planning<br />Mail and Collaboration<br />Mail and Collaboration<br />Financials and Planning<br />Mission Critical/OLTP<br />Mission Critical/OLTP<br />Analytics and Reporting<br />Analytics and Reporting<br />DR<br />DR<br />SecurityRequirements<br />SecurityRequirements<br />Web<br />Web<br />SoftwareDevelopment/Test<br />SoftwareDevelopment/Test<br />LOW<br />LOW<br />Routine Applications<br />Critical Applications<br />Routine Applications<br />Critical Applications<br />Business Applications<br />Business Applications<br />This is relative, not definitive positioning<br />
  34. 34. Page 10<br />Unisys Secure Cloud<br />Virtualization<br />Automation<br />Internal Cloud<br />Cloud Transformation Services <br />Secure Private Cloud<br />All the advantages of Cloud Computing – internally<br />1<br />2<br />Data Center Transformation<br />Unisys Secure Cloud Solution <br />Delivering profound business results through Data Center transformation<br />Extremely Secure Cloud Computing<br /><ul><li>Secure IaaS
  35. 35. Secure PaaS
  36. 36. Secure SaaS
  37. 37. My Secure AaaS</li></ul>External Cloud<br />Internal Cloud<br />4<br />Cloud security powered by Unisys Stealth<br />3<br />Optimized on + off premises<br />Hybrid Cloud<br />Combining the best of Internal and<br />External Cloud for maximum agility, elasticity and security, at minimum cost <br />2010<br />
  38. 38. Unisys Secure SaaS Accelerator Portfolio of Services<br />My Secure Application as a Service<br />Provisioning and de-provisioning of your existing multi-tiered application on our infrastructure (IaaS & PaaS) 24/7 managed services<br />Advisory Services<br /><ul><li>SaaS Value Assessment
  39. 39. Security Advisory (Application & Infrastructure)
  40. 40. Virtualization Assessment
  41. 41. Application Advisory for SaaS Deployment</li></ul>Secure Infrastructure as a Service<br /><ul><li>Virtual & Physical Servers
  42. 42. 24/7 availability
  43. 43. Simple setup utilizing templates
  44. 44. Flexible capacity – pay for what you use
  45. 45. Customer Portal
  46. 46. Secured by Stealth</li></ul>Development Services<br /><ul><li>Application Architecture
  47. 47. Application Optimization
  48. 48. Application Development & Testing
  49. 49. Workload Design
  50. 50. Workload Migration</li></ul>SecurePlatform as a Service (PaaS)<br /><ul><li>IaaS features plus
  51. 51. Remote Management
  52. 52. Image &Patch Management
  53. 53. Backup & Restore
  54. 54. C-Rim Monitoring
  55. 55. Application Availability
  56. 56. Event Notification</li></li></ul><li>Benefits of Unisys Secured SaaS Accelerator Services<br />Page 12<br />Knowledge on Demand<br />Global Operations<br />Proven Performance<br />Expand on Demand<br />Low Risk<br />No CapEx<br />Speed<br />SaaS Tools<br />Operate Today<br />Secure, trusted environment for experimentation<br />Pay as you go service – you control cash outflow<br />Quickly stand up proof of concepts<br />Use our tools to operate SaaS revenue models<br />Our neutral platform requires no re-writes<br />Use our experts to stand up your SaaS business<br />Leverage our scale, reach, and 24/7 availability<br />Long Heritage of operating mission critical apps.<br />As your business grows we scale to support you<br />
  57. 57. Where we go from here?<br />Page 13<br />