Digital Trends That Are Changing Everything - revised
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Digital Trends That Are Changing Everything - revised



This is an ever-changing presentation that attempts to capture at a point in time the digital trends that are shaping marketing.

This is an ever-changing presentation that attempts to capture at a point in time the digital trends that are shaping marketing.



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Digital Trends That Are Changing Everything - revised Presentation Transcript

  • 1. The Digital Trends That Are Changing Everything Presented by: Jeff Hilimire, Chief Digital Officer Blog: - Twitter: @jeffhilimire -
  • 2. Today’s Agenda #1: Facebook #2: Lifestreaming #3: Checking-in #4: Social gaming #5: Sh&t you’re probably not ready for
  • 3. Jeff Hilimire Blog: Chief Digital Officer @jeffhilimire Engauge
  • 4. Are you smarter than a 5-year old?
  • 5. Digital Innovation Group ...or just DIG ;)
  • 6. DIG follows 2 principles
  • 7. If we’re not doing something that makes our clients a little uncomfortable, we’re probably missing something.
  • 8. Don’t look at the finger. Look at where it’s pointing.
  • 9. 400+ Million Users
  • 10. 100 Million Mobile Users
  • 11. 1. China 2. India 3. facebook If Facebook were a country 4. United States it would be the world’s 5. Indonesia 3rd largest 6. Brazil 7. Pakistan 8. Bangladesh
  • 12. Half of Denmark has an active Facebook profile (2.4 million our of 5.4 million total). 70% of Facebook users live outside the U.S. and the site is available in more than 70 different languages
  • 13. Facebook Overtakes Yahoo
  • 14. Facebook tops Google for weekly traffic in the U.S.
  • 15. per month - sends 8 friend requests per day - clicks the Like button 9 times spends >55 minutes - writes 25 comments on Facebook - becomes a fan of 2 Pages - is invited to 3 events - is a member of 12 groups has 130 friends The average Facebook user
  • 16. Women aged 55 and up are the fastest growing Facebook demographic in the U.S.
  • 17. Facebook has become so popular, psychologists have identified a new mental health disorder: Facebook Addiction Disorder
  • 18. In Australia, Facebook has infiltrated the court system: •Court notices can be served through Facebook •A Facebook summons is considered legally binding
  • 19. Word Trends of 2009 (words that increased in frequency the most between 2008 and 2009) 1. Facebook Applications 3. Swine Flu 12. Lady Gaga
  • 20. What’s on the page: Menu, Store Locator, Downloads, Photos, Videos, Specials Chick-fil-A was the first restaurant page on Facebook to hit 1 million fans! No. of fans: 1,508,260
  • 21. Countdown to Spicy! • Limited-release trial locations, reservations thru Facebook • Built an app for the Spicy launch • Shared with other Operator Facebook Pages • Change content before, during, & after the campaign
  • 22. Chicago Premiere Event • Facebook Fans in Chicago were invited to a Premiere Event in downtown Chicago • The event was to kick-off Chick-fil-A opening locations in the Chicagoland area
  • 23. Ustream • Fans on Facebook could watch the Chicago event live via Facebook-Ustream • Chat w/ other fans across the country • Viral component - fans comments seen by their friends
  • 24. What’s new in ?
  • 25. “We are building a web where the default is social.” - Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO
  • 26. Mapping all the complex interactions existing between you, your friends & the content you all like. The Open Graph
  • 27. Facebook has developed social plugins that websites can add to make it easy for users to... • see info from or about their Facebook friends • share things with their friends without leaving a site or going through a time-consuming login process
  • 28. The Activity Feed plugin shows users what their friends are doing on your site through likes and comments.
  • 29. The Recommend / Like plugins let users share any content they like back to their Facebook profile.
  • 30. What does Facebook mean for you? • Brands that aren’t on Facebook are missing out on opportunities to connect with their customers and future customers • Facebook allows you to get thousands of fans and turn them into marketers - sharing your content / message • Facebook presence is becoming more important than your website • Facebook content displaying in real-time search
  • 31. Lifestreaming
  • 32. wordpress plugins aggregater My Lifestream
  • 33. What does Lifestreaming mean for you? • Today, people have their own brands. You have to find a way to be relevant to them within their brand. Think of it as co-marketing with fans of your brand. • Think of the many ways that your brand creates content and find ways to spread the word, outside of Facebook and Twitter. • Real-time content. And portable content.
  • 34. Checking-in
  • 35. What does “checking in” mean for you? • Location-based marketing is the next big thing, start figuring it out • Is there a way for your business to take advantage of check-ins? Rewards, promotions, data mining, etc.? • Is this going to be the year for Mobile?
  • 36. Social Games
  • 37. Profile of Social Game Players - Gender
  • 38. Profile of Social Game Players - Age
  • 39. How many hours per week do you play online social games?
  • 40. A few facts about FarmVille... • FarmVille is the most popular app in the history of Facebook • FarmVille players outnumber real farmers in the U.S. by a ratio of 60 to 1 • On an average day, FarmVille players purchase 500,000 virtual tractors. John Deere, the biggest U.S. manufacturer of real tractors sell around 5,000 a year. • FarmVille was able to raise over $1 million for Haiti relief efforts
  • 41. What does Social Gaming mean for you? • Marketing opportunities - bing example • In many cases, apps / games within social networks represent one of the best ways to reach new customers. • Consider researching whether or not your customers are playing social games. Is there a place for your brand within that game?
  • 42. Sh$t you’re probably not ready for
  • 43. Questions? Let’s continue the conversation at - Twitter: @jeffhilimire