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Jfh Resume 2011

  1. 1. Name:Jeffrey Halbstein-HarrisExpertise: Senior Clinical Informatics Specialist and Population Management ManagerAddress: 218 Peggy Ct. , Raleigh, NC<br />Mobile: 919 627-5038 CellHome: 919-779-7368 Officeemail: JeffHarris@untangledhealthcare.com<br />Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/untangledhealth<br />Blog: http://www.untangledhealth.com/<br />Website: http://www.untangledhealthcare.com/<br />Twitter: http://twitter.com/UntangledHealth<br />Slideshare: http://www.slideshare.net/jeffharris75<br />Professional Mission<br />Product Design, Implementation Management, Team Training, Sales Support, Stakeholder Motivation, Organizational and Personnel Readiness Assessment<br />My mission is to add three decades of experience in Health Information Systems; Clinical Program Management, Product Development, Adult Education, and Senior Management to facilitate the emerging complex reform to our healthcare system. The value I bring is based on my personal judgment that we are dealing with a paradigm shift which crosses the professional and lay environment and unless we quickly show value to each stakeholder our efforts could stall. When I say ‘value’ I mean lessoning the difficulty and magnitude of work to engage, monitor and motivate new users including professional and lay-consumers. I believe the methods we use must be not only culturally sensitive but also include an assessment of adult learning capacity. <br />I stand prepared to:<br />Facilitate strategic meetings on the adoption of Health Information Technology and achieve group consensus on goals and methodologies.<br />Create model tactical plans for community or organization specific adoption of Health Information Technology. <br />Create and deliver educational material in multimedia format for review and editing by the larger collective.<br />Research best practices in social education by cultural and educational variant.<br />Present sentinel information to the public, private and governance sectors that will improve stakeholder comfort and readiness to adopt new systems and workflows.<br />Participate in and wake up social networks to what is going on in Healthcare reform and carry a consistent and truthful message regarding system capabilities and projected timelines for product-service offerings.<br />Guide organizations in the selection of self-monitoring strategies including measures of process, clinical outcomes and financial solvency.<br />Implement comprehensive HIT solutions that combine practice management, electronic health records, personal health records, community interfaces to regional and national HIEs and demonstrate the value of interoperability including e-prescribing, secure messaging and procedure hub products<br />Accomplishments and Skills<br />Thirty two years of leadership experience as clinician, administrator and healthcare information technology visionary. Professional experience in hospital, provider, community program management, FQHC, Payer/Plan; Patient Advocacy and Software Engineering environments in managerial capacity.<br /><ul><li>Highly skilled educator regardless of audience professional status, education, vocation or age.
  2. 2. Stellar oral and written communication skills
  3. 3. Knowledgeable of all aspects of healthcare system in USA having worked as clinician, product designer, payer analyst, quality outcomes analyst and chronic disease program manager.
  4. 4. Leadership experience in both private and government sectors
  5. 5. Expert on health reform policy including PPACA and HITECH with frequent community engagements as lecturing host.
  6. 6. Member of National e-Health Consortium with recent national presentations on provider and patient centered use-cases.
  7. 7. Expert e-HR, e-MR, and PHR integration and simplification manager.
  8. 8. Fluent in ICD, CPT, SNOMED, CCR-CCD, RxNorm, LOINC Taxonomy.
  9. 9. Experience with HL-7 messaging, HIPAA transaction code sets
  10. 10. Experience with XML message structure
  11. 11. Experience with data mining and statistical analysis
  12. 12. Experience with process, economic outcomes and clinical outcomes design and reporting including Federal (HRSA UDS), Commercial (NCQA) and other performance oriented measurement models.</li></ul>Basic Skills <br /><ul><li>Team leadership
  13. 13. Product specification (hardware, software, health delivery system)
  14. 14. Project management
  15. 15. Educational program development for both professional and lay audiences.
  16. 16. Creation of Train the Trainer programs and distribution of process throughout all levels of organization</li></ul>.<br />WORK EXPERIENCE<br />Untangled Healthcare LLCRaleigh, NCOct. 2007-Present<br />Founder consulting proprietorship<br />CommWell Health FQHC Dunn, NCOct 2009-Feb. 2011<br />Health Information Technology Strategist: <br />Created HIT plan and implemented required infrastructure and services through the management of multi-disciplinary teams inclusive of external contractor. <br />Care Share Health AllianceRaleigh, NCJuly 2009-Jan 2010<br />Independent Consultant Clinical Informatics Strategy<br />Created corporate strategic plan for healthcare informatics and recommend go-forward strategy to Board.<br />NC High Risk Insurance PoolRaleigh, NCJuly 2009-Jan 2010<br />Independent Consultant <br />Performed SWOT analysis on the organizations case and disease management carve-out vendor. <br />Equity Health PartnersHartford CT Dec 2007--Jan 2009 <br />Consulting Director Clinical Programs <br />Lead Product design Initiative for Health Partners and The Connecticut Academy of Family Practice to implement a web-native statewide Patient-Centered Medical Home Initiative. <br />DocSite LLCRaleigh, NCJan 2006-Nov 2007<br />Population Management Implementation Consultant <br />Lead Design Team and deployed a population management product -Patient Planner tm- designed to integrate patient-provider and payer through Web based technology. <br />Community Care of NC Raleigh, NCJan 2002-Jan 2006<br />Director Clinical Informatics<br />Lead regional care management teams to develop interventional strategies designed to identify high risk Medicaid enrollees and engage them in health-risk management programs facilitated by the State of North Carolina’s primary care case management program (Community Care of NC). Lead Community Care of North Carolina health care informatics team, to develop systems to support over 800,000 Medicaid recipients enrolled in thirteen managed care networks throughout the State of North Carolina. Managed development of data-mart to support case finding and assignment, program evaluation and care coordination throughout the Community Care Networks. <br />CogniMed, Inc. Winchester, MA 1997- 2001<br />Product Manager <br />Provided marketing leadership and client relations, concluding in the deployment of a population management product -CareSystem tm – designed to integrate patient-provider and payer through Web based technology. CogniMed sold to Active Health Management in 2001.<br />Awarded a patent for a decision support-workflow routing application. <br />Whittier Health NetworkHaverhill, MA1989-1997<br />Director Clinical Services and Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation<br />Implemented statewide program across multiple acute rehabilitation, sub-acute, home-health agencies. Created treatment models based on head-injury format for bio-psycho-social well-being.<br />Published program outcomes internationally. Noted for transitional care approach reducing IP days.<br />Managed 55 FTEs with operating budget of $15M<br />Education <br />SchoolLocationDegreeDate of graduation<br />Franklin Pierce University Rindge, NH Bachelor of Science May 1994<br />General Business<br />LA Community College, Los Angeles, CA Diploma Respiratory June 1980<br />Science<br />Credentials<br />RPFTNational Board for Respiratory Credentialing<br />RCPTNational Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Technology<br />RCVTCardiovascular Credentialing International<br />RCPLicensed Respiratory Care Practitioner, State of Massachusetts #2474<br />Private PilotUS DOT<br />Patents <br />Co-applicant: System for Managing Applied Knowledge and Workflow in multiple dimensions and contexts. United States Patent 6282531 June 12, 1998<br />Presentations:<br />Title:LocationYear<br />Patient e-HR use case Duke HealthNational e-Health Collab.2011<br />Patient history data mining using public <br />Data Bases for Case ManagementNational e-Health Collab.2011<br />PPACA “Small Business Implications”Clayton Rotary Club2011<br />Community integration of health systemsBetsy Johnson Hospital2010<br />HIE and e-HR strategies in NCCare Share Health Board2010<br />Use of predictive modeling for high risk case IDNC High Risk INS Board2009<br />Foundations of Medical Home DesignAnthem BC/BS and CT.AFP2008<br />SVC Oriented Architecture as Basis for PCCMHealth e New York Leaders2008<br />References for Jeffrey Harris<br /><ul><li>Robert Bausmith MS</li></ul>Managing Partner at Net Soft USA<br />(860) 690-4988<br />bausmith@sbcglobal.net<br /><ul><li>Nancy Henley, MPH, MD</li></ul>Sprague’s and Associates<br />(919) 855-4104 <br />henleyn@gmail.com<br /><ul><li>Linda Kinney</li></ul>CareShare Health Alliance<br />(919) 800-8967<br />lkinney@CareShareHealth.org<br /><ul><li>Holt Anderson</li></ul>NCHICA<br />NC Health Information and Communication Alliance<br />(919)740-8697<br />holt@NCHICA.org<br /><ul><li>Antony Williams PhD</li></ul>Vice President Strategic Development, ChemSpider at RSC at Royal Society of Chemistry<br />tony27587@gmail.com<br />(919) 201-1516<br /><ul><li>Sharon Brown-Singleton</li></ul>Health Center Operations Specialist<br />NC Community Health Center Association<br />Brown-Singletons@ncchca.org<br />919-469-5701<br />Dave Kirby MS<br />Adjunct Professor Duke University<br />2819 Stuart Dr. <br />Durham, N.C. 27007<br />919-272-1157<br />Dave@KirbyIMC.com<br />Richard Scoville Ph.D.<br />Improvement Advisor <br />University of North Carolina <br />Public Health Department<br />Health Policy Management<br />919-929-0094<br />rscoville@bellsouth.net<br />