The Data-Driven Approach to Social Media - Mocial Conference

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Presentation from #icscmocial in Austin, TX. …

Presentation from #icscmocial in Austin, TX.

The social landscape is changing every day. For marketers, knowing which networks warrant investment is no small feat. Simply Measured’s Director of Business Development, Jeff Gibb, will take a data driven perspective on how leading brands are using social media across major social channels. Jeff will use hard data to highlight trends and benchmarks for each network as well as the commonalities and differences relevant for marketers. This talk will also go a level deeper and show specific tactics and analytics behind some of the top brands winning with social media. If you love graphs and social media, this session is for you.

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  • 1. Financial Performance
    2. Influence on Customer Choice
    3. Strength against competition
  • As of Q4

    94% are active. Few stranglers in Financial Services or other regulated industries.

    FB, Twitter, YT, Linked – very high
    IG, G+, Pin, Tumblr – Next wave. Already have strong adoption and growing fast
  • Still relatively early days of this stuff.

    Forrester says there’s about 3B on social spend in 2013, growing to 5B in 2016. Along with mobile, the fastest growing category of digital marketing.
  • Well documented that visual content rules in social media…

    A lot of this is because it’s what consumers are doing and seeing… so as a brand you “Fit in” better… like at a cocktail party want to be dressed to fit in and speaking the right language.

    Growing very fast the % of internet users who post photos and videos.

    15.5% growth.
  • Source: Simply Measured
  • There are a lot of different things you can test even if not new.

    We found some correlation between brands who enable use wall posts and engagement levels.