The Data Geek's Guide to Social Media Management - #SMMW14


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Presentation on Social Media Analytics for Social Media Marketing World 2014 in San Diego, CA.

With the massive amount of social data available, how can brands and agencies use insights to their advantage? Detail Social Analytics can uncover trends and best practices across major Social Networks like:
- Facebook
- Twitter
- Instagram
- Tumblr
- Vine

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  • 1. Financial Performance
    2. Influence on Customer Choice
    3. Strength against competition
  • As of Q4
    94% are active. Few stranglers in Financial Services or other regulated industries.
    FB, Twitter, YT, Linked – very high
    IG, G+, Pin, Tumblr – Next wave. Already have strong adoption and growing fast
  • Still relatively early days of this stuff.
    Forrester says there’s about 3B on social spend in 2013, growing to 5B in 2016. Along with mobile, the fastest growing category of digital marketing.
  • Breadth of data coverage
  • As there are more channels…. More ways to use those channels … and becoming more important.
  • 2 years ago nobody asked about your Pinterest strategy and Snapchat definitely didn’t exist.
    As there are more channels…. More ways to use those channels … and becoming more important.
  • So as a marketer… this is getting tougher to navigate.
    I want to surface a few trends across these networks that we’ve found in the data.
  • No surprise… becoming media companies.
  • Well documented that visual content rules in social media…
    A lot of this is because it’s what consumers are doing and seeing… so as a brand you “Fit in” better… like at a cocktail party want to be dressed to fit in and speaking the right language.
    Growing very fast the % of internet users who post photos and videos.
    15.5% growth.
  • So not surprisingly we’ve found it performs way better.
    It doesn’t me thou shall ONLY post photos, but it sure does mean that the best brands have a visual component to their content and often it’s the centerpiece.
    Video 25% more engagement per post than Status
    Photos almost 5x better performing
    You can measure this stuff for your brand or category…. Might be some differences….
  • On Tumblr it’s just all photos….
    This gets down to a later point as well about knowing the network, but it’s just another data point… in a network that supports all kinds of content creation, Photos just dominate.
    Each network has it’s own dynamics. Twitter isn’t quite as much this way.
  • So you have brands building programs to address this. With dedicated CS handles. 2/3 of those are sending 10+ tweets daily.
    Dedicating resources and really committing.
  • Source: Simply Measured
  • One of our studies is on customer service on Twitter…
    30% of those brands have a dedicated program.
    How much “demand” is there… people tweeting questions and problems directly at the brand. Doesn’t include the general conversation.
    3x more during daylight, but still large volume.
  • Any golfers? Ben Hogan! Very consistent golf swing. Much
    Bleak time of year for golf in the northwest.
  • Not about have some 1x year campaign and then disappearing…
    Steady content strategy, engagement.
  • With all these networks it’s obviously easiest to post the same content across all channels.
    Re-use assets – FOR SURE!
    But repacking the way content is shared. Timing, etc.
    SBUX. Has this morning post last week about Pike Roast. Beautiful photo with the market in the background.
    Twitter – shorter. Punchy. Hashtags.
    Facebook – More elebaorate, different tone. No hashtags.
  • As it gets more complex, this gets harder and arguably more important
  • 9 months ago, Facebook released Hashtags – Brands jumped on board
  • Lululemon … Instagram video…
    Same story… we saw leaders flock to IG Video and Vine. Now of course measuring this over-time is key to see if it drives results, but that’s the point of experimental… being nimble each to jump on the trends and then decide how to bring into that consistency.
  • There are a lot of different things you can test even if not new.
    We found some correlation between brands who enable use wall posts and engagement levels.
  • NEW Starbucks program….. Tweet a Coffee.
    Can buy your friend a cup of coffee via Twitter once you register.
    Deeply integrating social media with their business. Making it easier to buy their product via social.
  • Same story.
    As an Amex cardholder you get benefits from engaging in Social. Redeem offers via Tweeting hashtags.
    Drivers more usage of the card and ideally more people wanting to be Amex members.
  • The Data Geek's Guide to Social Media Management - #SMMW14

    1. 1. March 27, 2014Design ©2014 Social Media Examiner, Content Copyright Presenter • Do not distribute The Data Geek’s Guide to Social Media Marketing Presented by @jeffgibb
    2. 2. Simply Measured at a Glance Trusted by 700 Customers, including 200 Digital Agencies and 35 of the Top 100 Global Brands
    3. 3. Simply Measured at a Glance
    4. 4. Simply Measured at a Glance
    5. 5. Today’s Primary Data Source
    6. 6. Interbrand 100 – Best Global Brands
    7. 7. Do we really need data in social?
    8. 8. We All Know that Social Media is Big Source: Search Engine Journal
    9. 9. Brands Have Clearly Arrived
    10. 10. But, It’s Still Relatively Early For Marketers
    11. 11. Social is Becoming Increasingly Complex There are at Least 8-10 ‘Major’ Social Networks
    12. 12. Social is Becoming Increasingly Complex Networks Change Every Month
    13. 13. Social is Becoming Increasingly Complex New Networks are Constantly Emerging
    14. 14. What Works For Leading Brands in Social Media?
    15. 15. We’ve Seen Common Threads in The Data… Visual Consistent Dedicated Experimental
    16. 16. Visual
    17. 17. Consumers Creating Visual Content
    18. 18. Visual Content on Facebook
    19. 19. Visual Content on Tumblr
    20. 20. Dedicated and Around the Clock Dedicated / Around The Clock
    21. 21. Leading Brands Build Programs To Respond
    22. 22. 91% YoY Growth Activity of CS Handles has Increased
    23. 23. The Best of Both Worlds Top CS Brands Respond Quickly and at a High Rate
    24. 24. Consumers Are There Around The Clock @AskAmex Aligns with Customer Demand
    25. 25. Consistency
    26. 26. Audi On Instagram
    27. 27. Cross-Channel Assets
    28. 28. Experimental
    29. 29. Experimenting with New Features Brands Adopt Facebook Hashtags
    30. 30. Experimenting with New Content Types Lululemon Adopts Instagram Video
    31. 31. Experimenting With Community
    32. 32. Coordinated & Integrated: Starbucks
    33. 33. Coordinated & Integrated: Amex As Transactions Emerge on Twitter, Amex will be Ahead of the Curve
    34. 34. Brands Begin Talking to Each Other on Twitter
    35. 35. Brands Begin Talking to Each Other on Twitter
    36. 36. 3 Weeks Later…..
    37. 37. Data Driven Strategy by Network
    38. 38. Data Driven Strategy by Network
    39. 39. Facebook’s Usage Total is Staggaring “Facebook currently has more users than the entire internet had in 2004.” – Internet World Stats
    40. 40. Facebook has 3x Penetration of Online Adults
    41. 41. Facebook – Highest Frequency of Use
    42. 42. Facebook - Organic Reach is Declining
    43. 43. As of Last Week…
    44. 44. Data Driven Strategy by Network
    45. 45. Twitter – Images Have Become a Game Changer
    46. 46. The Expanded Image has +2x the Engagement Twitter – Images Have Become a Game Changer
    47. 47. Twitter – Expanded Image Views Expanded Previews have doubled the Engagement per Tweet on Photos for Top 100 Brands.
    48. 48. Twitter – The Domination of pic.twitter
    49. 49. Data Driven Strategy by Network
    50. 50. Instagram Boasts Highest Engagement Rate Mercedes-Benz has over 400% Engagement as a % of Audience Brands are Lucky to Grab 15-20% on Facebook or Twitter
    51. 51. Instagram Emerges as the Fastest Growing Audience Instagram Consistently has the Highest Growth Rate for Top Brands
    52. 52. Top Performing Post – Mercedes-Benz 83% of Instagram Posts by Top 100 Brands includes at least 1 hashtag
    53. 53. Instagram - #instacars vs. #mercedesbenz
    54. 54. Data Driven Strategy by Network
    55. 55. Tumblr – Longest Shelf-life
    56. 56. Tumblr – MTV’s Visual Network Several Content Types, but all Roads Point to Visual
    57. 57. Tumblr – Breaking down MTV’s Photos 2/3 of MTV Tumblr Photos are GIFs Most Engaging Post in March is an Image of a Tweet
    58. 58. Data Driven Strategy by Network
    59. 59. Vine – Impact on the Super Bowl 2 Winners on Super Bowl Sunday
    60. 60. Vine – Emerging as a Key Advertising Tool Arnold & Ian Starred on YouTube, Vine and Network T.V.
    61. 61. Vine – Leveraging Twitter to Broadcast Engagement on Vines Posted on Twitter Tell the Story Performance Within Vine is a Secondary Success Metric
    62. 62. Vine – Piggy Backed on Super Bowl Ads
    63. 63. Vine – Tide’s Creative Impact 23 Vines Timed with Super Bowl Ads and Mentioned Other Advertisers by Name
    64. 64. Let the Data Guide You!
    65. 65. Have a Question About Anything? Let us know! - Ask now - Come see us at the Simply Measured booth Our team will follow up We will do our best to get you an answer about a brand, an industry or a trend you’ve noticed. The team will do some research and follow up with you (and likely write a blog post about it).
    66. 66. Let’s Stay In Touch @jeffgibb @simplymeasured