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  • 1. =char(32) Rubric Made Using: RubiStar ( ) HyperStudio/Powerpoint Appearance and Content : Hydrogen Fuel Cell Teacher Name: Mr. Hartman Student Name: ________________________________________ CATEGORY 4 3 2 1 Content - All content Most of the The content is Content is Accuracy throughout the content is generally typically presentation is accurate but there accurate, but one confusing or accurate. There is one piece of piece of contains more are no factual information that information is than one factual errors. might be clearly flawed or error. inaccurate. inaccurate. Graphics Sources Graphics are A combination of Some graphics Some graphics hand-drawn. The hand-drawn and are from sources are borrowed illustrator(s) are stock graphics are that clearly state from sites that do given credit used. Sources are that non- not have somewhere in the documented in commercial use copyright presentation. the presentation is allowed statements or do for all images. without written not state that permission. non-commercial Sources are use is allowed, documented in OR sources are the presentation not documented for all for all images. "borrowed" images. Spelling and Presentation has Presentation has Presentation has Presentation has Grammar no misspellings 1-2 misspellings, 1-2 grammatical more than 2 or grammatical but no errors but no grammatical and/ errors. grammatical misspellings. or spelling errors. errors.
  • 2. Sequencing of Information is Most information Some There is no clear Information organized in a is organized in a information is plan for the clear, logical clear, logical logically organization of way. It is easy to way. One card or sequenced. An information. anticipate the item of occasional card type of material information or item of that might be on seems out of information the next card. place. seems out of place. Effectiveness Project includes Project includes Project is missing Project is lacking all material most material more than two several key needed to gain a needed to gain a key elements. It elements and has comfortable comfortable would make an inaccuracies that understanding of understanding of incomplete study make it a poor the topic. It is a the material but is guide. study guide. highly effective lacking one or study guide. two key elements. It is an adequate study guide. Use of Graphics All graphics are A few graphics All graphics are Several graphics attractive (size are not attractive attractive but a are unattractive and colors) and but all support the few do not seem AND detract support the theme/content of to support the from the content theme/content of the presentation. theme/content of of the the presentation. the presentation. presentation. Date Created: April 28, 2010