Use Social Media to Transform Recruiting and Screening

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How to use social networks, audio and video to create a pool of great candidates for your sales, marketing, and services openings, and quickly narrow it down to a set of killer finalists. I’ll walk …

How to use social networks, audio and video to create a pool of great candidates for your sales, marketing, and services openings, and quickly narrow it down to a set of killer finalists. I’ll walk through a simple 4 step methodology for this called CandidateFlow, which was developed by the recruiting and social media experts at TalentReef.

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  • 1. CandidateFlow™ Use Social Media to Transform Recruiting and Hiring for Sales, Marketing, and Services Jobs Jeff Ernst Co-founder
  • 2. Frustrations with recruiting “ I’m not getting enough candidates who match my requirements.” “ I waste too much time reviewing resumes of people who are not a fit.” “ It’s taking too long to fill my open positions.”
  • 3. Paradigm shift in recruiting Requisitions, Descriptions, Job boards Hundreds of resumes Dozens of phone screens Rounds of interviews The paper-based, linear process is broken
  • 4. Paradigm shift in recruiting
    • Social networking sites have made it easy to source candidates with the right background
    • Audio/video let you quickly evaluate more dimensions of a candidate than a resume
    • Can be applied to talent acquisition the way they’re applied to customer acquisition
    Social Media & Web 2.0 technologies
  • 5. The new paradigm: CandidateFlow Recruiters Promotional Page Video/Audio Responses Live Interviews Referrals
  • 6. The new paradigm: CandidateFlow Create a promotional Web page that will entice the RIGHT candidates to pursue your position
    • Top candidates care about:
    • Can I make money here?
    • Is there strong leadership?
    • Is there market demand?
    Step 1
    • You know best what you’re looking for:
    • Baseline requirements
    • Key selection criteria
  • 7. Go from this…
  • 8. … to this
  • 9. The new paradigm: CandidateFlow Use social networks to find people who fit your profile and attract them to promotional page Step 2 Inbound: Get employees and fans to share with friends, post on blogs, post on Facebook profile, Tweet it, etc. Outbound: Search LinkedIn for baseline requirements, use direct marketing techniques to reach them
  • 10.
    • Baseline Requirements:
    • Employer names
    • Domain expertise
    • Functional titles
    • Geography
  • 11. The new paradigm: CandidateFlow Have interested candidates create video or audio responses to your key selection criteria Step 3 - CSO Insights 2009 Sales Performance Optimization Report
    • Focus on the 3 or 4 things that really matter:
    • Characteristics and competencies of best reps – higher quota attainment and lower involuntary turnover
    • Cultural fit – employees stay longer
  • 12. The new paradigm: CandidateFlow
    • Candidates will self-qualify:
    • Only those confident of their fit will submit responses
    • Far fewer non-qualified candidates in your pipeline
  • 13. The new paradigm: CandidateFlow Review the video responses and decide on a short list of candidates to interview live Step 4
    • Video gives you better and quicker insight into:
    • confidence
    • poise
    • presentation skills
    • energy-level
    • cultural fit
  • 14. How TalentReef can help TalentReef has developed the CandidateFlow methodology and a Web application to support it
    • Options:
    • We do it all for you, for half the cost of a traditional recruiter
    • Use your own recruiters, use TalentReef to screen
    • Do it yourself, using
    20 Minute Strategy Session Review your staffing plans and recruiting challenges, and strategize on how CandidateFlow can work in your organization. Email: [email_address]