Creating More Space and Time In Your Life®


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How would you like to have more time for friends or for hobbies, or to get away for more weekend trips? Merely living today and participating in society guarantees that both your time and mental, physical, and emotional energy will be depleted if you lack the proper vantage point from which to approach each day, manage your to-do list, manage interruptions, and conduct your life. Learn the principles for creating the space and time you want to have, and add back the fun! (Presentation materials include slides, handout packets, and article reprints. Reinforcement resources include book and CD.)

Jeff Davidson is "The Work-Life Balance Expert®," a preeminent time management authority, the author of 56 mainstream books, and an electrifying professional speaker, making 778 presentations since 1985 to clients such as Kaiser Permanente, IBM, American Express, Lufthansa, Swissotel, America Online, Re/Max, USAA, Worthington Steel, and the World Bank.

He is the author of "Breathing Space," and "Simpler Living," and his 60 Second Series with Adams Media, including the 60-Second Organizer, 60-Second Self-Starter, and 60-Second Innovator, are popular titles in China, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Poland, Spain, France, and Brazil.

Jeff has been widely quoted in the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Christian Science Monitor, New York Times, and USA Today. Cited by Sharing Ideas Magazine as a "Consummate Speaker," Jeff believes that career professionals today in all industries have a responsibility to achieve their own sense of work-life balance, and he supports that quest through his websites and through 24 iPhone Apps:

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Creating More Space and Time In Your Life®

  1. 1. POPULATION DENSITYand Breathing Space, Per Square Mile1936: 381966: 591996: 1002026: 160?58 Million square miles of land areaJeff Davidson *“The Work-Life Balance Expert®"919-932-1996
  2. 2. Choosing Grace and EaseChoosing Grace and Ease* About Your Longevity* About Your Longevity* … Which Do You Choose?* … Which Do You Choose?* You Deserve Breathing Space* You Deserve Breathing SpaceJeff Davidson *“The Work-Life Balance Expert®"919-932-1996
  3. 3. You don’t haveYou don’t haveto race todayto race todayTake things at aTake things at acalm and even pacecalm and even paceJeff Davidson *“The Work-Life Balance Expert®"919-932-1996
  4. 4. Managing the Beforehand:“Handling identified tasks oractivities in advance of anidentified activity or event.”Jeff Davidson *“The Work-Life Balance Expert®"919-932-1996
  5. 5. Using Multiple Stations:“Storing frequently used items atthe much traversed outpostsof your life, freeing you ofhaving to carry such items.”Jeff Davidson *“The Work-Life Balance Expert®"919-932-1996
  6. 6. A clear work space isan invitation to createJeff Davidson *“The Work-Life Balance Expert®"919-932-1996
  7. 7. ““Creating Space”Creating Space”* Avoid IDIOS* Avoid IDIOS* Errands in Units* Errands in Units* Circular Route* Circular RouteJeff Davidson *“The Work-Life Balance Expert®"919-932-1996
  8. 8. When you control thespaces in your life...control of your timeand life tend to followJeff Davidson *“The Work-Life Balance Expert®"919-932-1996