Service Gear Nov 17, 2009


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Newsletter for Rotary Club of Newton, Massachusetts

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Service Gear Nov 17, 2009

  1. 1. 2009-2010 District No. 7910 ROTARY CLUB OF NEWTON Club No. 6580 719 WASHINGTON STREET BOX MS295 NEWTONVILLE, MASSACHUSETTS 02460 MEETS TUESDAYS; 12:15 P.M. BRAE BURN COUNTRY CLUB, 326 FULLER STREET, NEWTON, MA President Vice President Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms Director Director Marie Presti Laurisa Neuwirth Peter Mahler Bill Garr Dick Bowen Justin Sallaway 617-620-6948 617-291-0572 617-630-5289 617-969-5906 x116 617-969-9134 617-244-0065 President-Elect Past President Recording Secretary Newsletter Editor Director Director Jeff Tucker Marc Epstein John Hurney Scott Lewis Jeff Chin Tony Bibbo 617-340-1263 617-244-1212 617-332-7412 617-293-6371 617-965-1988 781-237-1144 THE SERVICE GEAR Volume LXXXVI No. 19 November 17, 2009 “P resident Marie Presti hit thegivenwith a bit more authority today, having been bell a newly minted wood gavel, fresh from the workshop of John Hurney. Marie then asked Paula Kirrane to lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance, with Paula’s mother and grandmother at her side. Dennis Prefontaine offered an invocation; Susanne McInerney led the Club in a chorus of America the Beautiful. SERGEANT-AT-ARMS Sergeant-at-Arms Bill Garr reported that “If I had a hammer”... Well, now she does! President 25 Rotarians were present, plus a few guests. Marie calls the Club to order with a brand new gavel Paula Kirrane’s guests were her mother, Ann made by our own John Hurney, who noticed Marie hitting Kirrane, and grandmother Madeline Field, the bell with spoons, knuckles, and anything else at hand lately. today’s speaker. John Hurney was joined by his wife, Beverly Hurney. Soon-to-be-inducted Lauren Hyken was present as well. NEXT WEEK: ANNUAL FOOTBALL LUNCHEON See details on Page 3 President Marie thanked today’s Greeters, Dennis Prefontaine and Paul Kerrissey. CONTENTS Page Building on recent tradition, our greeter handed ANNOUNCEMENTS 2 out flashlights and, in honor of our speaker, lapel SERGEANT-at-ARMS 1 pins commemorating the 50th anniversary of THIS WEEK’S JOKE 2 Alaska’s statehood. HAPPY DOLLARS 4 SPEAKER/PROGRAM 5 RAFFLE 5 MEETING GREETERS NEXT MEETING: Dec. 1: Jim Means and Dick Hardaway c 2009 Rotary Club of Newton Page 1
  2. 2. ANNOUNCED FROM THE PODIUM Holy Molars! Birthdays: Noting Bert Martinson’s pres- A 4 yr old would accompany her mother ence today, the club sang a chorus of Happy as she delivered meals to the elderly. Canes, Birthday! Many more, Bert! walkers, wheelchairs-all intrigued her. One day her mother found her staring at Membership: Laurisa Neuwirth reported a pair of false teeth soaking in a glass. Ready hosting a Fireside Chat fearlier in the day for for a barrage of questions, imagine her some prospective and pending new members. surprise when the 4 yr old whispered to her Any member with a guest to suggest or invite for her, “The tooth fairy is never gonna believe an upcoming Fireside Chat (next: December 15, this!” 2009 at 11:00 AM) should contact Laurisa, who would also like help conducting these events. Nominations: Paul Kerrissey, chairman, and his Nominations Committee, are tasked with preparing a slate of officers and directors for 2010-11 in a few weeks. It will be necessary to fill at least a couple of seats. Volunteers are preferred, but draftees will be considered. Are you ready to lead? Contact Paul, please. Musical Instrument Drive: Bill Garr reported that everything is go (pending School Committee final approval) to conduct the Used Instruments Drive December 7-12. See flyer at end of this newsletter. Death by Chocolate: Paula Kirrane reminded us that silent auction items are needed, and can be dropped off at her store, Icing on the Cake, or at Signal Graphics, or at an upcoming Rotary meeting. Sponsors ($250 and up) are still needed as well. Next planning meeting Thursday, Dec. 3 at 5:00 PM at the Crown Plaza Hotel. PAUL M. KERRISSEY Attorney at Law 277 Auburn Street Suite B Auburndale, MA 02466 Office: (617) 964-5800 Fax: (617) 969-9850 c 2009 Rotary Club of Newton Page 2
  3. 3. ANNOUNCED FROM THE PODIUM ...continued from Page 2 District 7910 Public Relations: Tony Annual Bibbo reported that the District PR Committee FOOTBALL will be conducting a contest to select a new LUNCHEON slogan for use on signage. Prize will be six bottles of wine. Any ideas? November 24, 2009 UPCOMING... Brae Burn Country Club November 24 - Annual Football Luncheon Noon with Brookline Rotary and the two high schools. Guests encouraged ($15/guest; It’s here! Next Tuesday will be this prospective members for free) year’s annual Gridiron Luncheon, hosted again by Newton Rotary. Enjoy some great December 1: South African Singing Group speakers, fellowship, a raffle - who knows, you may even walk away with some colossal December 7: Holiday Party at Gregorian’s tickets to the December 14 Bruins-Flyers game at the Garden. The auction package December 8: No Regular Tuesday Meeting at now includes more than the tickets. Brae Burn The high bidder will also get a $50 certificate good for dinner at JOHNNIE’S , December 15: Club Annual Meeting at 138 Portland St. Boston! Johnnie’s is located 2 blocks from TD BankNorth Gar- December 22 & 29: No Regular Tuesday den. “Great Food. Great Drinks. Great Meeting at Brae Burn: Happy Holidays! People.” proclaims Tom Keery. Website see: January 6, 2010: WEDNESDAY Meetings Special keynote speaker will be Paul begin Stewart, veteran NHL player and long-time NHL referee. Please let us know that you’re coming, and how many guests you will have by email to Your ad could be here! Business card size ads cost only $100/year for Rotary members, $125 for non-members. The distribution lest of people who see our club news grows every week. Shouldn’t they see you, and your support of our club’s good works? c 2009 Rotary Club of Newton Page 3
  4. 4. HAPPY DOLLARS Susanne McInerny was happy to collect age 92, was “just happy to be alive!” Happy Dollars, starting with her own, in Bill Lowery was happy to be present. honor of Tony Bibbo’s great committee work, John Hurney was happy to be joined by his and Jeff Chin’s web site efforts. Tony Bibbo wife Beverly. Dick Bowen was happy to have was happy for Susanne’s praise. Jeff Chin recently visited with Carl Bartel. Bert was happy for his three children, and for his Martinson had $5 happy dollars in honor of 17th wedding anniversary. the hard work of so many club members. Bill Garr was pleased to meet Paula Peter Mahler was happy to hear that Bert Kirrane’s mother and grandmother, and for his Martinson’s driver’s license was renewed. Tom own daughter finding a job. Marie Presti was Keery was sad to have arrived late and miss happy to welcome Jeff Chin to the Board of being greeted by Mssrs. Kerrissey and Directors, voted on at last week’s Board Prefontaine. But he was happy for the good meeting. work of the Football Luncheon committee. Paula Kirrane had $20 happy dollars in Marc Epstein was $3 happy because his honor of being featured on Billy Costa’s family’s long search for a suitable pet dog NECN TV Diner show on cable TV. She was seems to have ended with appearance of a 1-yr. also happy to be joined by her guests. Ann old “rescue dog” from Shelbyville, Kentucky. Kirrane was happy to be with us today, and Marc’s last dog was named Shelby! for the great work of Rotary. Madeline Field, PAULA KIRRANE SCOTT LEWIS HOME DESIGN Uniquely Designed Cakes ADDITIONS 230 Adams Street RENOVATIONS Newton, MA 02458 NEW HOMES Tel.: (617) 969-1830 HISTORIC RESTORATION fax: (617) 969-5852 12 Bencliffe Circle Auburndale, MA 02466 (617) 293-6371 c 2009 Rotary Club of Newton Page 4
  5. 5. PROGRAM: GRANDMA GOES ROGUE!! Madeline Field “My year in Alaska” school in which Myra, a school teacher, would work for many years. Myra’s house is a 3-story log cabin near Fairbanks with a heated garage. Madeline explained that most Alaskans have cars with block heaters that are plugged into electric outlets to keep the vehicles ready to start at 40o F and colder. Most houses have “guest outlets” for visitors’ vehicles. Madeline recounted watching boat races on nearby rivers, and taking a summer excursion on the paddle-wheeler Discovery, along the Tanana River. The boat stopped at native-American President Marie poses with three generations of Paula villages and at a dog sled training school where Kirrane’s family, including grandmother Madeline Field 9-dog teams pulled sleds on wheels. (center), and mother Ann Kirrane (seated, front). Other summertime memories included the intense summer sun, little league baseball games After a brief classification talk by Peter lasting past 10:00 PM at night, and many mu- Mahler, which will be reported on in an upcom- nicipal flower beds full of wild Dutch irises. ing SERVICE GEAR, Paula Kirrane introduced Other excursions included Chena Hot her grandmother, Madeline Field. Springs, where she saw 10 moose, and Danali Madeline explained that last year (April National Park, where “you can’t always see Mt. 2008) she flew up to Fairbanks, Alaska to visit McKinley because of the clouds.” What she did with her other daughter, Myra, and family. She see there included moose, bears, and caribou. stayed for over a year! “One grizzly bear blocked the road, then ran Myra had gone to Alaska in 1970 with her parallel to the bus for 30 miles!” Never too old husband, a commercial construction contractor to appreciate nature on that scale. Not even at who went north during the oil pipeline construc- age 92. tion boom. His project list included building the RAFFLE With the jackpot approaching $400, Ann Kirrane was asked to pick a number from the glass bowl. She found number 604, held by daughter Paula Kirrane! But Paula found only the Queen of Diamonds. So we’ll be down to 34 cards next time! c 2009 Rotary Club of Newton Page 5
  6. 6. Santa returns! Our annual Newton Rotary Holiday Party slipped off the calendar last year, but not so in 2009! Plan on some merriment at Gregorian Rugs on December 7, 6:00 to 8:00 PM. Children and guests welcome for food, drink, and jumping on piles of rugs. Please remember to bring a gift ($10 value more or less) marked male/female/appropriate age. Scenes from Holiday Parties past. c 2009 Rotary Club of Newton Page 6
  7. 7. Rotary Club of Newton Office of the Mayor of Newton Newton Public Schools ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Used Musical Instrument Drive December 7 - 12, 2009 The Rotary Club of Newton, in partnership with the Honorable Mayor, David B. Cohen, is seeking donations of used musical instruments to support the Newton Public Schools Elementary Instrumental Music Program and the establishment of a Scholarship Instrument Program for students experiencing a financial hardship ACCEPTING DONATIONS OF: BRASS INSTRUMENTS: Baritone Horns, French Horns, Trombones, Trumpets WIND INSTRUMENTS: Alto Saxophones, Clarinets, Flutes, Oboes PERCUSSION INSTRUMENTS: Drum Pads, Snare Drums and Xylophones w/stand STRING INSTRUMENTS: Cellos, String Basses, Violas & Violins (all sizes) Donations may be dropped off at the: Newton Community Service Center 492 Washington Street Monday, Dec. 7th - Friday, Dec. 11th: 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM Saturday, Dec. 12th, 9:00 AM-1:00 PM Certificate of Donation for tax purposes will be available upon request For more information or questions about this program Contact: Richard P. King, Fine Arts Coordinator, Newton Public Schools Ph#: 617-559-6149 or email: