2009-2010                                    District No. 7910
                                             ROTARY CLUB OF...
                                                        ...continued from Page 1
              Two Irish Guy...
ANNOUNCEMENTS                               Newton Rotary Golf Tournament...

        Ed Casavant’s guest, Jim Jackson, was     Ray Desaultels was happy to be joined by his
  happy to o...

      Visiting from the Waltham Club to join us at
Lasell Village was lucky Tim Braceland, right.
With over $80...
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Service Gear Mar 17, 2010


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Service Gear Mar 17, 2010

  1. 1. 2009-2010 District No. 7910 ROTARY CLUB OF NEWTON Club No. 6580 719 WASHINGTON STREET BOX MS295 NEWTONVILLE, MASSACHUSETTS 02460 MEETS TUESDAYS; 12:15 P.M. BRAE BURN COUNTRY CLUB, 326 FULLER STREET, NEWTON, MA President Vice President Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms Director Director Marie Presti Laurisa Neuwirth Peter Mahler Bill Garr Dick Bowen Justin Sallaway 617-620-6948 617-291-0572 617-630-5289 617-969-5906 x116 617-969-9134 617-244-0065 President-Elect Past President Recording Secretary Newsletter Editor Director Director Jeff Tucker Marc Epstein John Hurney Scott Lewis Jeff Chin Tony Bibbo 617-340-1263 617-244-1212 617-332-7412 617-293-6371 617-965-1988 781-237-1144 THE SERVICE GEAR Volume LXXXVI No. 34 March 17, 2010 Lasell College President Michael Alexander addresses Newton Rotary in the Garden Dining Room at Lasell Village, the College’s Assisted Living affiliate. The warm, sunny weather and great food were a welcome relief for the weekend storm that dropped ten inches of rain a few days earlier. P resident-elect Jeffcalled thefilling in fororder, Prsident Marie Presti, Tucker, meeting to CONTENTS Page asking Ed Casavant to lead us in the Pledge of MEETING NOTES 1-2 Allegiance. Lasell resident, and former Club ANNOUNCEMENTS 3 member, Rev. Joe O’Donnell offered an invoca- THIS WEEK’S HUMOR 2 tion, and joined us in a chorus of God Bless HAPPY DOLLARS 6 America. RAFFLE 5 Meeting Notes continue on Page 2... MEETING GREETERS NEXT MEETING: March 24th: Tom Keery & Bill Lowery c 2010 Rotary Club of Newton Page 1
  2. 2. MEETING NOTES ...continued from Page 1 Two Irish Guys... “My wife’s driving me to drink,” said Lasell College President Dr. Michael Shamus to Sean. Alexander greeted our club and briefly reviewed some of the College’s recent advancements in its “You’re lucky,” Sean replied. “My wife “expanding acedemic mission.” makes me walk!” Paul Stone remembered a past Rotary Club meeting at Lasell at which the College President at the time proclaimed that “Lasell will always be a girl’s Junior College.” An amused Dr. UPCOMING... Alexander said that the remark had to come from past President Peter Mitchell. March 24: Karen Keefe, Mass Relay Mr. Mitchell’s successor, Tom Dewitt, however, led the College boldly into new roles. March 31: Waltham Club Joint Meeting in Lasell College became a 4-year institution in Waltham, Chateau Restaurant. Death 1988. It welcomed male students starting in by Chocolate Awards. NO MEETING 1998. And it opened up Lasell Village as an at Brae Burn adjuct Assisted Living facility with its own, integrated educational mission, a few years later. April 20: David McMahon, Dismas House. After Dr. Alexander’s remarks, lunch was Also... Student of the Month, Trinity served, including an incredible ginger parsnip High School cream soup, followed by corned beef and cab- bage. c 2010 Rotary Club of Newton Page 2
  3. 3. ANNOUNCEMENTS Newton Rotary Golf Tournament... The Golf Day committee will be meeting on Group Study Exchange... Thursday, March 18th at Tom Keery’s office at Laurisa Neuwirth explained that this year’s 5:30 P.M. Plans are going well. Who to target for incoming International Group Study Exchange sponsors will be discussed. The committee will students will be coming from South Korea in meet again two weeks after. Date of the event early June. Local host Rotarians are needed to will be June 3rd. Cost for golfers will be $150 per help provide lodgings for a student (3 days, 3 person or $600 per foursome. Also, non-golfers nights). Hosts offer their homes and help with can attend a social dinner with the golfers after local transportation. the tournament for $50 per person. Ambassadorial Scholars... Death by Chocolate Joint Meeting... Peter Mahler announced that the District President Marie announced that we would will unfortunately not fund an Ambassadorial have a joint meeting with the Waltham Rotary Scholar for 2011-2012, due to reduced donations Club at the Chateau Restaurant on Wednesday, to the Rotary [International] Foundation. He March 31, to celebrate the success of Death by reminded us that the 2010-2011 Amb. Scholar Chocolate and give out awards to vendors. will be Jay Miller. Jay was sponsored by Newton Rotary, and is presently doing degree work in Shadow Day... Uganda. Jeff Chin reported on the status of the Shadow Day. The Newton-Needham C. of C. From the minutes of the March 9 Board of would get the companies and we would supply Directors Meeting, John Hurney reporting... the students. The question of lunch and who would pay for it was discussed. Finally, it was Senior Safety Day... decided that it would be a good idea to hold the ...will take place on Saturday, May 15th. Bill lunch at the High School in the “Tiger’s Loft” if Garr and Bill Lowery are leading Newton that could be worked out with the school. Rotary’s share of the effort. The police and fire departments would like us to fund the cost of Marathon Monday, April 19... smoke and CO detectors. The cost is unclear. As The collection for Special Olympics along many as 30 homes might be visited. Also, we the Boston Marathon route needs a coordinator might get sponsors to provide funding. We need from our Club. Jeff Tucker volunteered to do this. to get a close estimate of the cost. He will be at PETS and see about coordinating the collection with other clubs. Your ad could be here! PAULA KIRRANE Business card size ads cost only $100/year for Rotary Uniquely Designed Cakes members, $125 for non-members. The distribution list 230 Adams Street of people who see our club news grows every week. Newton, MA 02458 Tel.: (617) 969-1830 Shouldn’t they see you, and your support of our club’s fax: (617) 969-5852 good works? www.theicingonthecake.com c 2010 Rotary Club of Newton Page 3
  4. 4. HAPPY DOLLARS Ed Casavant’s guest, Jim Jackson, was Ray Desaultels was happy to be joined by his happy to offer some Irish humor for St. wife Marion. Tim Braceland was just as Patrick’s Day (see page 2). happy not to be joined by his wife (or some- Dick Bowen was happy to enjoy lunch at thing to that effect). Lasell Village. Laurisa Neuwirth was glad Tom Keery was happy to be with his old for today’s sunshine, after 10 inches of week friend, Bill O’Lowery [sic]. $2 Bill Lowery end rain. Ed Casavant seconded Laurisa’s was happy to be hosted so well at Lasell, and cheer. happy to join Tom Keery as Greeters for the Peter Mahler happily spent Saturday day. with grandchildren, and was happy to have a Tony Bibbo was happy to remember guest, Alexander Grinis, Eastern Bank visiting his tax accountant. Branch Manager. Peter also celebrated lunch Jeff Tucker was happy to have attended at Lasell Village and seeing Tim Braceland. PETS, gaining many new ideas for his upcom- Paul Stone was happy to “see you all.” ing presidency. SCOTT LEWIS HOME DESIGN ADDITIONS RENOVATIONS NEW HOMES HISTORIC RESTORATION 12 Bencliffe Circle Auburndale, MA 02466 (617) 293-6371 c 2010 Rotary Club of Newton Page 4
  5. 5. RAFFLE Visiting from the Waltham Club to join us at Lasell Village was lucky Tim Braceland, right. With over $800 in the jackpot, Tim had the right raffle ticket, selected by Lasell College’s Paula Panchuck, above. But Tim came up with only the Ten of Hearts from the diminishing deck of only 23 cards. More money and fewer cards in the deck next week! PAUL M. KERRISSEY Attorney at Law 277 Auburn Street Suite B Auburndale, MA 02466 Office: (617) 964-5800 Fax: (617) 969-9850 c 2010 Rotary Club of Newton Page 5