Newton Rotary Servgear 12/15/2009


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Newton Rotary Servgear 12/15/2009

  1. 1. 2009-2010 District No. 7910 ROTARY CLUB OF NEWTON Club No. 6580 719 WASHINGTON STREET BOX MS295 NEWTONVILLE, MASSACHUSETTS 02460 MEETS TUESDAYS; 12:15 P.M. BRAE BURN COUNTRY CLUB, 326 FULLER STREET, NEWTON, MA President Vice President Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms Director Director Marie Presti Laurisa Neuwirth Peter Mahler Bill Garr Dick Bowen Justin Sallaway 617-620-6948 617-291-0572 617-630-5289 617-969-5906 x116 617-969-9134 617-244-0065 President-Elect Past President Recording Secretary Newsletter Editor Director Director Jeff Tucker Marc Epstein John Hurney Scott Lewis Jeff Chin Tony Bibbo 617-340-1263 617-244-1212 617-332-7412 617-293-6371 617-965-1988 781-237-1144 THE SERVICE GEAR Volume LXXXVI No. 23 December 15, 2009 P resident Marie Presti called the meeting to order and asked Justin Sallaway to lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Dennis Prefontaine of- fered an invocation with a “peace on Earth” appeal; Susanne McInerney led the Club in a chorus of God Bless America. After thanking Paul Stone for serving as the day’s lone Club Greeter, President Marie called upon Susanne McInerney to receive the Club’s December Rotarian of the Month award, citing Susanne’s many committee contributions, great singing ability, and, most recently, her leadership organizing the Club’s December 7 Holiday Party at Gregorian’s Rug store. SERGEANT-AT-ARMS Relieving Sergeant Bill Garr of his usual duties in order to expedite things, Marie ac- knowledged soon-to-be inducted Lauren Hykem, President Marie awarded her December and other guests among the Student of the Month Rotarian of the Month award to Susanne entourage from Mt. Alvernia High School (see McInerney, especially recognizing Susanne’s great success organising our December 7 Page 3). Holiday Party, CONTENTS Page ANNOUNCEMENTS 2 SERGEANT-at-ARMS 1 MEETING GREETERS NEXT MEETING: THIS WEEK’S JOKE 2 January 6: Bill Garr & Jeff Tucker STUDENT of the MONTH 3 HAPPY DOLLARS 4 SPEAKER/PROGRAM 5 RAFFLE 5 c 2009 Rotary Club of Newton Page 1
  2. 2. ANNOUNCED FROM THE PODIUM Two Bear Scientists Bill Garr reported during our Annual A Russian scientist and a Czechoslova- Meeting (see page 5) that 1,000 dictionaries have kian scientist had spent their whole lives been ordered, for volunteer Rotarians to deliver studying the majestic grizzly bear. Each year to every Newton 3rd Grader at each elementary they petitioned their respective governments school, and that about half of the cost was ex- to allow them to go to Yellowstone to study pected to be picked up by District 7910 as a these wondrous beasts. Community Service grant. Finally, their request was granted and Bill also mentioned that 33 instruments, they immediately flew to New York and then mostly clarinets and flutes, had been donated to on west to Yellowstone. They reported to the the Club’s Instrument Drive. Other Community local ranger station and were told that it was Service Projects coming up may include a Senior the grizzly mating season and it was much Safety Day, the EcoTeam Project, and/or a too dangerous to go out and study the ani- Hospitality Homes project to help families mals. visiting Boston with sick children. They pleaded that this was their only chance. Finally the ranger relented. The Having completed successful fellowship Russian and the Czech were given cell events that include the Boston Harbor boat ride, phones and told to report in each and every hiking at Nobscot Reservation, and the Holiday day. Party, Dennis Prefontaine reported that two For several days they called in, and then more Fellowship events will be planned: Irish nothing was heard from the two scientists. Night and Italian Night dinners! The rangers mounted a search party and found the scientists’ camp completely rav- UPCOMING... aged. No sign of the missing men. They then followed the trail of a male January 6, 2010: WEDNESDAY Meetings and a female bear. They found the female and begin at Brae Burn decided they must kill the animal to find out if she had eaten the scientists because they January 31, 2010: DEATH by CHOCOLATE feared an international incident. Fundraiser at the Crown Plaza Hotel They killed the female and cut open the bear’s stomach… only to find the remains of the Russian. One ranger turned to the other and said, “You know what this means, don’t you?” PAUL M. KERRISSEY Attorney at Law “Of course,” the other ranger nodded. “The Czech is in the male.” 277 Auburn Street Suite B [ As Read on Car Talk ] Auburndale, MA 02466 Office: (617) 964-5800 Fax: (617) 969-9850 c 2009 Rotary Club of Newton Page 2
  3. 3. STUDENT OF THE MONTH Juliana King Mt. Alvernia High School President Marie (leftmost) shares a moment with (from left) Mt. Alvernia HS Director of Guidance Maureen O’Rourke, Community Service Coordinator Sister Julie Franchi, Ed Casavant, Student of the Month Juliana King, and parents Diane and David King. Ed Casavant introduced Mt. Alvernia High dancing with Boston Ballet and performing in School Director of Guidance Maureen O’Rourke productions of Annie, Oliver, and Godspell. to talk about Student of the Month Juliana King. Athletic activities include fencing and kayaking. She quoted Herman Melville, who wrote “We Juliana, said Ms. O’Rourke, reminds us of Dr. can not live for ourselves alone; our lives are Suess’s Lorax, who admonished “Unless some- connected by a thousand invisible threads [along one like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is which] our actions run as causes and return to going to get better. It’s not.” us as results.” Taking the podium, Juliana explained that The sentiment expressed could describe the she was adopted from Russia, and she described activities of Juliana King, who has logged over some of her own service commitments, including 1,500 hours of community service work, tutoring knitting shawles for her 7th grade Linus Club to and helping both the elderly and the very young. donate to Rosie’s Place. She also knits hats and Juliana’s extracuricular activities also include booties for hospitalized premature infants. c 2009 Rotary Club of Newton Page 3
  4. 4. HAPPY DOLLARS Bill Lowery was happy to collect Happy greet Luren Hykem, and that 18 members were Dollars, starting with his own, in honor of present today. Bob Staulo was happy to meet today’s Student of the Month (SOM) and the SOM Juliana King. December 7 Holiday Party (HP). Bill also paid Tom Keery was sad to have missed the a $5 cell phone fine. Jeff Chin was happy for Holiday Party, opting instead to take a hot the HP, and Santa Claus’s appearance, shower after a long bike ride. He was sadder strangely reminiscent of Paul Kerrissey. Jeff still to recently close Frost Motors after 75 Tucker was happy for the HP, and to see Ed years of service, but happy to report that daugh- Casavant and Bob Staulo. ter Anna had been accepted to Elon University. Paul Kerrissey was proud to have served Ray Desaultels was just happy. Paul with the HP committee, Nominating Commit- Stone was happy to be the Greeter, singing tee, and the Football Luncheon Committee, and “who could ask for anything more?” was all committeed out! Ed Casavant was happy for SOM, as was Bill Garr was happy to report that the President Marie, who was also grateful for the South African Singing group who performed Holiday Party and that Santa discovered son for us December 2nd, had a very successful Brendon’s desire for a Mickey Mouse bike. World Aids Day Concert. He was also happy to PAULA KIRRANE SCOTT LEWIS HOME DESIGN Uniquely Designed Cakes ADDITIONS 230 Adams Street RENOVATIONS Newton, MA 02458 NEW HOMES Tel.: (617) 969-1830 HISTORIC RESTORATION fax: (617) 969-5852 12 Bencliffe Circle Auburndale, MA 02466 (617) 293-6371 c 2009 Rotary Club of Newton Page 4
  5. 5. ROTARY CLUB OF NEWTON - ANNUAL MEETING Marie Presti, President December 15, 2009, at Brae Burn Country Club President Marie explained that the Club The Officers and Board Members for 2010- would first convene the Annual Meeting of the 2011 shall be: Newton Rotary Foundation, a 501(c)3 charitable 2010-2011 Officers: organization recognized by the Internal Revenue Service. Jeff Tucker, President Marie referred to Peter Mahler’s emailed Laurisa Neuwirth, President Elect Treasurer’s Report, and called upon Paul Justin Sallaway, Vice President Kerrissey to describe the Club’s Emergency Bill Lowery, Sergeant-at-Arms Fund, the funds for which are held by the Foun- Peter Mahler, Treasurer dation but accounted for separately. John Hurney, Recording Secretary A motion was made “that the Board Mem- bers of the Rotary Club of Newton also serve as Board of Directors: the Board of Directors for the Newton Rotary Foundation.” The motion was seconded and Tom Keery, Director passed unanimously, completing the business of Tony Bibbo, Director the Foundation’s Annual Meeting. Jeff Chin, Director Peggy Lepore, Director President Marie then convened the Club’s Annual Meeting and again called upon Paul President Marie called upon Committee Kerrissey as chairman of the Nominating Com- chairpersons to report on their specific activities mittee, who presented the Committee’s slate of and plans, some of which are summarized on Officers and Board Members, and asked if page 2 of this newsletter. anyone cared to offer a nomination from the Bill Garr reported for the Community floor. With no such nominations forthcoming, the Service Committee. Jeff Chin reported for Club voted unanimously to accept the Vocational Service. Marie Presti reported on Committee’s slate, amended to include President behalf of Laurisa Neuwirth for the Membership Marie to serve on the Board of Directors next Committee. Dennis Prefontaine (Fellowship), year in her ex-officio capacity. Marc Epstein (Gift of Life) and Jeff Tucker (Fund Raising) also reported before the Annual Meeting of the Club was adjourned. RAFFLE With the jackpot approaching $500, Stu- dent of the Month Juliana King picked the lucky ticket, which was held by Jeff Chin. Jeff found only the Four of Diamonds, though. So we’ll start the new year with 32 cards next time! Could be a very Happy New Year indeed! c 2009 Rotary Club of Newton Page 5
  6. 6. Photo (from left) , President Marie congratulates Student of the Month Juliana King. Jeff Tucker presented her with a savings account, compliments of The Village Bank c 2009 Rotary Club of Newton Page 6