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Treasurer training 2012 2013

  1. 1. Student Organization Treasurer Training 2012-2013Jeff Pelletier – @JeffBC94
  2. 2. Training Outline• Registration and Training• Roles and Responsibilities• Resources• Available Funding• Applying For Funds• Auditing Your Funds• Presentation Available at:
  3. 3. Registration Management• Student Organization Year – Fall (Aug 1 – Oct 15) registration – Spring (Feb 15 – Apr 30) registration• Training is good through next Registration Cycle• Annual Renewal Requirements – Training (Treas, Pres, Adv) – Financial Good Standing (Treas) – Online Updates (Pres) • roster, constitution, general information – Advisor Approval (Adv)• Registration Status – Pending – Active – New/Re-Established – Active – Established – Inactive
  4. 4. Eligibility for Funding• EIN - Employer Identification Number (Group’s SSN) –,,id=97860,00.html – Sign up as “Social or Savings Club” – Student Organizations are not non-profit/tax-exempt• AP Compliance Form (new Organizations only) – Form available on student organizations funding page – Must have EIN – Provide organization name, phone number• Organization Checking Account – Checks are written to organization, not individual – Name on account must match name in directory – Look for free checking, no fee/no minimum balance – Huntington, US Bank, and 5/3 Bank are great
  5. 5. Role of the Advisor• Primary resource for the organization• University Faculty or Staff member (name.#)• Complete Advisor Certification• Approve organization annually• Approve all funding requests• Co-signer on organization account• Submit your advisor for the spotlight
  6. 6. Role of the President• Complete and manage registration for organization• Coordinate meetings and programs• Primary contact for student organization• Corresponds on behalf of organization• Communicate with organization membership and advisor
  7. 7. Role of the Treasurer• “Treasurer” = I know stuff about money• Set example with how organization funds are managed, used, and reconciled• Steward of student money• Example of financial wellness• Request all funds• Complete all audit forms
  8. 8. Sound Budget Management• Draft a written budget plan, including reserve funds• Keep track of all income and expenses• Meet regularly with advisor to review accounts• All expenses should be pre-approved by YOU• No receipt, no reimbursement• Consider membership dues• Fundraising – Everyone’s responsibility – Watch for issues with contracts (Coca-Cola, Huntington Bank, Barnes and Noble, credit card programs)• Retain records for pass-down to next treasurer
  9. 9. Resources for Operations
  10. 10. Center for Student Leadership & Service Your point of connection for the full spectrum of involvement at Ohio State.The Center offers programs, resources, andservices for individuals & student groupsat beginning, intermediate, & advancedlevels, to help take the next step inmembership, leadership, and citizenship.
  11. 11. Center for Student Leadership & Service• Lounge• Graphics Department• Video Department• Meeting Rooms• Office Space & Lockers• Leadership Library• Resource Room
  12. 12. Resource Room• Resource Room Handout – Page 4• Annual $250 Line-of-Credit to spend on resources.• Line of Credit is reset at conclusion of registration period; not available until organization obtains Active status.• When Line of Credit runs out, or if so desired, items may be purchased with cash/credit/Buck ID.• All members can use Line-of-Credit.• Only leaders may check out equipment.• Items available for individual purchase
  13. 13. Ohio Union Website
  14. 14. Your home for info! Approved programs listed on daily event calendar
  15. 15. Meeting & Event Space
  16. 16. Center for StudentLeadership & Service
  17. 17. Center for StudentLeadership & Service Access free workshops and retreats for your organization.
  18. 18. Most Popular: Go to Getlink for Student Involved and Organizations click Student Organizations
  19. 19. StudentOrganizations home page Click here (on any student org page) to access the management system
  20. 20. Guidelines, documents, links, access to marketing/ graphics/video services
  21. 21. Click here (on any student org page) toFunding: important treasurer access the information, including management systemdeadlines guidelines, and documents
  22. 22. Enter your OSU.#username and passwordOnly the listed Treasurer can apply for funding
  23. 23. Your organization and desired function
  24. 24. View line of credit balanceScroll down…
  25. 25. …to view EIN on file
  26. 26. CSA Funding Process
  27. 27. Funding Oversight• Council on Student Affairs (CSA) – University Senate committee, chaired by student – Determines Student Activity Fee (SAF) Allocation – CSA Allocations Committee oversees student organization programming funds• Ohio Union Staff – Oversee funding distribution – Advise all SAF programs• Student Organization Treasurers – Follow guidelines, spend appropriately – Ethical, Positive use – Reporting process (audits)
  28. 28. Student Activity Fee
  29. 29. Operating Funds
  30. 30. Operating Funds• Operating expenses necessary to maintain your organization• $200 annually• Apply between July 1, 2012 and April 1, 2013• Must audit by May 1, 2013 or when spending is complete• Return any unused funds by May 1• Check cut in advance; or can spend funds
  31. 31. Operating Expenses • Handout Page 6 • Advertising/Promotion/Printing • Bank Charges • Books/Subscriptions • Dues/Fees • Equipment/Facility Rental • Food – Recruitment or marketing events only – Audit limited to 50% of allocated funds – Only Coca-Cola products may be purchased • Membership Awards • Office/Consumable Supplies • Travel/Transportation •
  32. 32. Apply for funds online e-mail confirmation sentAll requirements complete e-mail if incomplete Check requested from University [3 weeks] e-mail when availableCheck available for pick-up Center for Student Leadership and Service Spend $ Audit funds e-mail when complete
  33. 33. Select operating request form
  34. 34. Helpful reminders whenfilling out the form –please read them!
  35. 35. Select fundable category in which you are requesting funding
  36. 36. Provide $ amount requested for this item, according to guidelines Describe the expectedpurchase according to the fundable guidelines
  37. 37. Add additional line items by pressing Add Cost
  38. 38. Include all budgeted items on one request form.
  39. 39. The form keeps a running total of your line itemsWill generate and error if more than $200 is requested
  40. 40. Edit any line item to get under budget Click Update/Submit toOnce you have budgeted for $200 complete your request
  41. 41. Once your request is submitted theRequest Confirmation will appear on screen Already received Email confirmation!
  42. 42. Email confirmation, with advisor approval links.
  43. 43. Programming Funds
  44. 44. Programming Funds• Reviewed by CSA Allocations Committee – Review starts after deadline, takes three weeks• Fundable programs must: – be an educational or service activity held on campus or a service/outreach activity held off-campus – be open to all students beyond the membership of the sponsoring student organization – provide developmental and educational outcomes for all participants – be held at a public venue on-campus• Review CSA Guidelines online for prohibited expenses/non- fundable
  45. 45. Programming Funds • $2000 or $3000 annually (depends on active status) • $1500 programs meet with program planner • Issued on a reimbursement basis – Some costs may be paid for directly (OSU vendors) • Must audit within 30 calendar days after scheduled program date • Request deadline based on event date: – July 1: program dates 8/16 – 10/15 – September 1: program dates 10/16 – 12/31 – November 15: program dates 1/1 – 3/15 – February 1: program dates 3/16 – 5/31 – April 15: program dates 6/1 – 8/
  46. 46. Programming Funds • Handout Page 7 • Fully fundable Categories – Speaker Costs/Entertainment – OSU Physical Facilities/Personnel/Equipment Rental – Consumable Supplies • Percent-limited Categories – Food & Beverages (limited to 40% of the total cost of the entire program) – Publicity/Apparel/Takeaways (limited to 20% of the total cost of the entire program) – Travel (up to 50% of the transportation and lodging expenses associated with a service program not on campus)
  47. 47. Apply for funds online e-mail confirmation sent before the deadline e-mail status within 3CSA Allocations meets and weeks of applicationapproves funding requests deadlineRequested program held on 7 days to appeal if scheduled date denied Approved $ = Max $Submit audit within 30-daysof scheduled program date e-mail when complete Check requested from University [3 weeks] e-mail when availablePick-up Check - Center for Student Leadership and Service
  48. 48. Select programming request form
  49. 49. Select funding window, clickNew Programming Request to start
  50. 50. Select a descriptive program nameSelect the programdate and time – this section checks for programming funds deadlines
  51. 51. 1. Start/End Time 2.specific on-campus location 3. Collaborative program? All groups must apply4. Select program type as defined by the student organization guidelines
  52. 52. Please explain the program forthe allocations committee (i.e. agenda, itinerary, activities). BE SPECIFIC
  53. 53. Better descriptions are morelikely to be approved the first- time around
  54. 54. Explain evaluation and success of program. Be specific. Estimate the number of attendees and student attendees you plan to have at your programEnter admission fees if applicable.
  55. 55. Identify your marketing plan
  56. 56. Follow these helpful hints tocomplete the budget portion. Read before advancing! Describe each expense specifically
  57. 57. Expensescan be fullyor partiallycovered byCSA funds,or covered by an outside source.
  58. 58. Hit update to totalprogram budget and requested amount List other funding sources here
  59. 59. One last step. Certify… And Submit!
  60. 60. Errors will appear here – go back and fix to resubmit
  61. 61. Click view to see what was submittedComputer goes back to program listfor your group; Submitted program is now showing up
  62. 62. Use this four-digitID when referringto your program.
  63. 63. Only delete if you Click to delete. mean it! But…
  64. 64. CompletingAudit Forms
  65. 65. Submitting an Audit• Original, Itemized, Legible Receipts• Delivery orders/sales slips/confirmations/signed statements alone do NOT count – most need “proof of payment” – Proof of payment can be a cancelled check, credit card or bank statement• To pay Ohio Union costs directly, must submit invoice, not confirmation; write “please pay directly”• YES! It’s okay if actual expenses differ from estimated budget• Contact us if you have questions about paperwork, before you submit an
  66. 66. Must be filled out by treasurer List eachreceipt/payment separately Follow these steps! 50 Performances at event JugglersRUs Garage 200 Band What/why
  67. 67. Proof of Payment: Cancelled Check From the bank account, not a photocopy of the check This (or bank statement) shows the funds have cleared your account
  68. 68. Acceptable Receipt Each item purchased is listedseparately and lists each unit price along with total P*ps* products not a fundable item! only Coca-Cola Purchase Products!
  69. 69. Not AcceptableLists only total anddoes not show items purchased
  70. 70. Not AcceptableItemized, shows amount, does not show proof of payment
  71. 71. NotAcceptable Illegible – this group waited too long to turn in their audit!
  72. 72. NotAcceptable
  73. 73. Acceptable!Acceptable? Itemized with total Proof of payment
  74. 74. NotAcceptable
  75. 75. Almost…shows amount, does notshow proof of payment
  76. 76. Acceptable!
  77. 77. NotAcceptableCannot pay from confirmation
  78. 78. Invoice can be paiddirectly from approved funds
  79. 79. Sign-in Sheet Complete Evaluation Stop by Resource Room Thanks for Coming!Jeff Pelletier – @JeffBC94
  80. 80. Human Resources for your Organization Adam Burden – Coordinator, Student Involvement Organization registration management, trainingsDeb Cunningham – Coordinator, Student Organizations Funding process Katie Dean Williams – Graduate Administrative Associate Resource Room operation, Student Staff supervision