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Interested in turning your fun run into a fundraiser?

Want to generate a little friendly competition during your next board campaign?

Looking for FREE tools to organize your next fundraising event (like a polar plunge or bowl-a-thon)?

Want to streamline your youth group fundraising events (and decrease the number of checks you manage)?

This webinar covers the features and strategy behind GiveMN's FREE Team Campaign pages.

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  • Agenda for the day:Overview of GiveMNOverview of peer-to-peer fundraisingGiveMN Team Campaign tools—a how-toSuccess stories—examples of how you can use these tools for fun runs to classroom fundraising to disaster relief Tips for engaging fundraisersQ&AWe have put everyone on MUTE so that there aren’t any extra background noises. When we get to the Q&A time, we will instruct you in how to un-mute your line.If you have a question during the session, feel free to type a question into the chat box
  • Lean Team-- 2.5 of us!
  • Keep your page fresh by updating your picture, video, or news. New: organizations can add multiple photos or videos on their profile, giving donors a profile of images to choose from.
  • Animation on this slide
  • $1 Billion industry—intersection between passionate individuals who volunteer to suffer for a cause, competition and fun.--MPR reported that people give more when pain is involved.Online fundraising has made peer-to-peer fundraising and event-based fundraising simple. It decreased barriers, eliminated paper/pledge systems and promotedIMPULSE GIVING.--your friend emails you--Last minute calls to action—i.e. political campaigns, “Give $10 TODAY”
  • GiveMN offers FREE tools to help you harness peer-to-peer fundraising for your own cause or multiple causes These tools are perfect for athletic-based fundraisers (walks, bikes, runs), a bowl-a-thon, read-a-thon, polar plunge, mission trip, a company running club or affinity group. Team is a collection of individual fundraiser pagesAbility to see all fundraisers and donate on the spotFundraisers “compete” against each other# donors$dollars raisedOpportunity to join teams Read inspiring comments from donors and reply—collective sense of community and social good
  • Team pages are a collection of individually customized fundraiser pagesEasily integrate with social media, email and your web pageCost is only 2.9%, the lowest in the industry These tools offer the same fundraising functionality as a MS 150, Team in Training or Breast Cancer 3-Day …but they are FREE. No high overhead cost of investing in a database system and you have the ability to use as needed.
  • Campaigns can be organized by a nonprofit or individualTo set up a team fundraiser: Start by creating a team. Click “fundraise” on the top of the home page on GiveMN.org Click the button that reads “set up a team” Click “create a team”
  • They can be set up to raise dollars for same organization (i.e. a Animal Allies Walk for Animals) or raise dollars for different organizations (like Twin Cities Marathon)Pick a cause from any of the thousands of nonprofits listed on GiveMN.org (ideal for a team campaign for one cause, such as a fun run or annual campaign)OR, allow your team members to choose their own cause (great for a group of friends or colleagues who wish to see who can raise the most for a favorite cause)Create a team titleCreate a team headline, a short sentence or phrase that describes the purpose of your fundraiserCreate a detailed summary about your team. This should be no longer than a few paragraphs and should clearly describe the purpose of the fundraiser in greater detailSet a goal amount. This will be used to create the thermostat that measures the progress of the fundraiser on your team pageEnter a timeframe for the fundraiserWe recommend that you do not set a designation. However, if the purpose of your fundraiser is to raise funds for a specific program under your nonprofit, you may designate that program here. Just remember, if you set a designation, you are obligated to use the money raised for that purpose
  • Set the order for the leaderboard based on dollars raised, number of donors, or simply by alphabetical order of the participants.Upload a team logo. This image should be 120x120 pixelsNext, you have the option to create a shortened, custom URL for your team fundraiser as well as the option to allow participants to enter the amount of any offline donations they receive. This is ideal for those who collect cash or checks during the fundraising campaign. (Remember, if you allow offline donations to be counted, all participants must diligently enter their offline donations if they wish for them to be counted on the leaderboard.)Then, click “create team”
  • Once you’ve created your team page, you’ll notice the leaderboard is empty. It’s time to invite your participants to create their own pages as part of your team. You can do this by clicking “Invite Team Members”This takes you to a screen where you can enter the email addresses of those on your team. Individuals who receive the email invitation and click on the link to create a fundraiser page will need a GiveMN account. If one already has an account, he/she can log in.If they don’t have an account, they can sign up for one with an email and password or use a Facebook or Google account information.Having an account on GiveMN allows an individual to monitor his/her own donations in one spot (great for tax time) and monitor all fundraising efforts and any donations made to one’s fundraising page.And if you have a fun event and other want to join, they can always join on their own by clicking on the Join this Team button (think TC Marathon, cause for a friend, employee event)Integrating Team with event registrationThis might not be relevant for all on this webinar, but if you’re organizing a fundraising event that requires registration, consider inviting each registrant after they register to set up the fundraising page. In the event registration confirmation, tell them that they will receive an invitation to set up a personalized fundraiser page in a separate email. GiveMN does not have an event registration system, however.
  • Fundraiser TemplatesClick on “Fundraiser Template” and make joining your team even easier by creating a fundraiser template. You can enter the default summary, default story and default goal amount for participants so your team members don’t have to create this information from scratch Individuals who receive the email invitation and log in or click “Join Team” will be sent to the pre-populated fundraiser page where they can edit the page to tell a more personalized story, add pictures and video (TIP: videos increase donations by 20%), monitor donations (and send personal acknowledgements) and share the fundraiser page via social media.
  • Email TeamHighlight effective fundraisers and share what they’re doingProvide best practices in fundraisingGive regular updates on progress so they see where they standfor your organization.  I’ll speak more to this in a few minutes.Create a Banner image for TeamMonitor Donations
  • All Give MN tools easily incorporate into your communication channels.
  • WEBINAR: Raise more with a team

    1. 1. Raise More with a Team
    2. 2. Agenda1. Overview of GiveMN2. Overview of peer-to-peer fundraising3. GiveMN Team Campaign tools4. Success stories5. Tips for engaging fundraisers6. Q&A 2
    3. 3. GiveMN is a collaborative venture to grow charitable giving in Minnesota and move more of it online.The vision of GiveMN is to be the destination for charitable giving inthe state of Minnesota and the most dynamic giving marketplace in the country. GiveMN is an independent 501c3 support organization of the Minnesota Community Foundation. 3
    4. 4. Who is GiveMN? Dana Nelson Jeff SarahAchen Richter Executive DirectorInteractive Senior Media Associate, Strategist Partnerships 4
    5. 5. GiveMN Fun FactsSince launching our giving site onNovember 2, 2009:• Over 6,800 U.S.-registered nonprofits have received more than $48 million through GiveMN (we’re raising money faster than Facebook Causes!)• More than 145,000 people around the world have donated through GiveMN• We’ve partnered with foundations, corporations, nonprofits and individuals to grow charitable giving in Minnesota and sponsor the largest online giving event in the world, Give to the Max Day.• We now offer charitable giving cards – give the gift of giving!• GiveMN is now mobile enabled—you can make a gift on any mobile device! 5
    6. 6. Your GiveMN Organization Page Provide a compelling reason to give. Pages with videos receive 20% more donationsProvide synopsis of your organization:stories, metrics, emotion. Remember—people give to people. 6
    7. 7. Project Pages An organization’s administrator can create as many project pages as he/she wants to highlight specific programs or campaigns Email your donors about a program or campaign and include the link to the project page 7
    8. 8. Fundraiser Pages Created by individuals to raise money for a favorite cause. 8
    9. 9. Peer-to-Peer Fundraising 9
    10. 10. Team Campaign PagesManage MULTIPLE Fundraising efforts in ONE location 10
    11. 11. Team Campaigns $29,000 Raised! Harness Competition to Fundraise for Multiple Causes! 11
    12. 12. Team Campaign: Set-Up 12
    13. 13. Team Campaign: Set-Up 13
    14. 14. Team Campaign: Set-up 14
    15. 15. Team Campaigns: Invite Your Team 15
    16. 16. Team Campaign: Fundraiser Templates Make fundraising easy through fundraiser templates. 16
    17. 17. Team Campaign: Email the Team 17
    18. 18. Team Campaign: Promotion Status Widget Website For Email or Social Media QR Codes forPrint or e-newsletter Email signature 18
    19. 19. Team Campaign: Social Media Integration 19
    20. 20. Team Campaigns—Pay It Forward Walk $36,900 Raised 70 Fundraisers 419 Donors 20
    21. 21. Team Campaigns—Organize Multiple Organization Programs 21
    22. 22. Team Campaigns—Organize Multiple Organization Programs 22
    23. 23. Team Campaigns—School Fundraising 23
    24. 24. Team Campaigns—School Fundraising 24
    25. 25. Team Campaigns—Give to the Max Day Competition 25
    26. 26. Team Campaigns—One organizer, multiple causes 26
    27. 27. Tips on Engaging Fundraisers 27
    28. 28. Tips on Engaging FundraisersSuperstar fundraisers – show them love, call them, perhaps offerincentives for high-level fundraisersMinimum/non-fundraisers – keep communications brief. Focus onincentives, contests and convenience. Email with successful tips and tricks.New participants – Explain your mission and why donations are needed ina simple, concise way. “ You’ve registered! Here are 2 ways to get started.”Returning participants – Treat them well. They were key to last year’ssuccess. Outline how last year’s donations were used and tell them whatyou could do with more money this year. Be specific—vagueness doesn’tinspire. Source: Blackbaud 28
    29. 29. Final ThoughtsManagement—consider who will be the team leader, manage teammember questions, tech questions, fundraising questionsMinimum fundraising goals – many fundraising events require participants toraise $__X_Gift receipt – GiveMN and Razoo Foundation process gifts and receiptdonor. No need for you to receipt donor.Acknowledgement – Have a communication strategy. GiveMN takes careof receipting the donor, but you the fundraiser or team captain shouldconsider acknowledging the donor for his/her gift.Resources: How-to video series www.youtube.com/givemn Start your team: http://givemn.razoo.com/p/teams Blackbaud Netwits Think Tank Blog http://www.netwitsthinktank.com/ 29
    30. 30. QuestionsUse the “raise hand” feature or type your question into the chat box. 30
    31. 31. QuestionsSarah RichterSenior Associate, Partnerships651-325-4294 direct linesarah@givemn.org 31