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Give to the Max Day inspired more than 2,700 tweets last year. With even more registered Twitter users in 2012, that number is estimated to increase significantly. The power of a tweet has never been stronger. This Give to the Max Day, don't miss out on the conversation. Join us for this webinar all a twitter about proven strategies for engaging donors and raising your nonprofit's profile online.
We'll cover:
A brief Twitter 101 - tweets, hashtags, followers & more
How to devise a Twitter strategy and activate it in the weeks leading up to Give to the Max Day
What will be happening on Twitter during Give to the Max Day - our hashtag, Tweet chat, & a Tweetup event
How to integrate (and juggle) Twitter along with your other digital efforts on GTMD

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  • Give to the Max Day inspired more than 2,700 tweets last year.
  • What were those tweets about and, more importantly, what is the value?
  • Conversation = buzz = awareness = action
  • Give to the Max Day inspired more than 2,700 tweets last year.Twitter drove 2,045 visits to the GiveMN website on Nov. 16, 2011 out of a total of over 150,000 unique visits. That’s 1.3%.
  • Give to the Max Day inspired more than 2,700 tweets last year.
  • To update your design, go to the settings tab in the righthand drop down menu.
  • Click on Profile to modify your profile picture and bio. Your bio should describe who you are and give the reader an idea of what to expect from your Tweets.My bio reads: “Digital strategist for @givemn & Owner at @mnvideopro. Proud husband/father. Professional photographer/videographer. Insatiable Sci-fi fan.”And, that’s exactly what I tweet about: GiveMN, video production, photography and occasionally my family and fun scifi related links.Make sure that people can find you in a search. Your profile should contain the name of your organization, relevant keywords and a url to your site or blog
  • Click on Design to modify your header image and background.
  • To create a widget to place on your website or blog, click on Widgets and customize a new widget, then send the embed code to your website developer.
  • Add social media to your website
  • Add social media to your website
  • #GTMD12: Maximizing twitter

    1. 1. Chat & Raise Hand Mute - *6 Unmute - *7If you lose your internet connection, you can rejoin by clicking on the link sent to you via email Be sure to call in via phone for audio: U.S. & Canada: 866.740.1260 Access Code: 3254294
    2. 2. Maximizing Twitter
    3. 3. Twitter lingo @ -- The @ sign is an important code on Twitter, used to refer to individuals on Twitter. It is combined with a username and inserted into tweets to refer to thatperson or send them a public message. (Example: @username.) When @ precedes a username, it automatically gets linked to that users profile page.Hashtag -- A Twitter hashtag refers to a topic, keyword or phrase preceded by the # symbol. An example is #GTMD12. Hashtags are used to categorize messages on Twitter.Retweet , Modified Tweet (RT, MT) -- A retweet (noun) means a tweet that had been forwarded or "resent" on Twitter by someone, but was originally writtenand sent by someone else. To retweet (verb) means to send someone elses tweet toyour followers. You may use MT if you’ve changed the tweet before sending it along. https://support.twitter.com/entries/166337-the-twitter-glossary
    4. 4. Why Twitter?
    5. 5. Access/integration for mobile• Twitter had 6.9 million mobile users in the month of August 2012• Integrates with GiveMN Mobile
    6. 6. 17,000 Tweets per minute about Big Bird during the presidential debateon Oct. 3, 2012
    7. 7. “Havent had a chance to donate to Graywolf during #GiveToTheMaxDay? Dont worry! It goes until midnight! http://t.co/D7rsPIJR #GTMD11” @GraywolfPress “RT @smbmsp: Get up to speed about Give to the Max Day via our podcast then start donating. Ends at midnight! #GTMD11 http://t.co/9giAQxT1” @roythejackalope “Your $10 gift for Haiti could become $1K or $10K! Every gift is eligible for $10K golden ticket. #GTMD11 http://t.co/jXGLkrc9 - thank you” @reiserrelief “MOCA supports MN women. Check out Annes story at http://t.co/FDF2hspC and consider giving to MOCA for #GTMD11 at http://t.co/TQKH5js3.” @MNOvarianCancer
    8. 8. What should I be doing now?• Updating your Twitter page – Background design – Profile picture – Header picture• Cultivating your• audience/donors through quality content and engagement• Invite, encourage and praise others to share• Share news articles, blog posts and other content from around the web• Share the details about Give to the Max Day (#GTMD12), including the video contest!• Share pre-formatted tweets with your supporters to tweet
    9. 9. Twitter Design
    10. 10. Make sure your profile pic is 5X5 and lookin’ good!
    11. 11. Tips for Managing Twitter• Use a Twitter application like Tweetdeck or HootSuite – Listen and respond – Track mentions, DMs – Search hashtags, keywords – Great for Tweetchats – Schedule Tweets• Use Bit.ly to create and track the hyperlinks to see how often they are being viewed• Use Archivist to download tweets sorted by keyword or hashtag• Use a simple spreadsheet to document social media conversions (i.e. is social media helping you increase donations?)• Create a Tweet schedule – Who will manage Twitter during different times of the day? – What tweets can your schedule and when can you schedule them? – Think about all the things you’ll want to promote • Golden tickets, a matching grant?, leaderboards, scheduled donations, the livestream?
    12. 12. TweetDeck
    13. 13. Hootsuite
    14. 14. Hootsuite
    15. 15. Track your click-throughs Bit.ly
    16. 16. Download a spreadsheet of tweets
    17. 17. Tracking Return on Investment (ROI)
    18. 18. How should I use Twitter on GTMD?• Tweet regularly in the weeks leading up to GTMD using #GTMD12• Tweet at least once per hour on GTMD• Mention others by using the @ symbol in most everything you Tweet• Respond/Retweet/Follow/Interact with those who interact with you
    19. 19. How should I use Twitter on GTMD?• Tell client stories that touch the heart• Share stats & results of your work• Invite, encourage and praise others to share• Share news articles, blog posts and other content from around the web• Tell your audience about how they donation goes further on GTMD• To ASK for money! This is the day when you have permission to flat out ask.
    20. 20. Questions, comments?