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Calfortius Sportswear - Application Report

  1. 1. APPLICATION REPORT TEAM JUST DID IT Jeff Chan Josie Fung Jason Gunawan Vanessa Li Jennifer Sweetlove
  2. 2. Ci◦ti◦us(adverb) Al◦ti◦us(adverb) For◦ti◦us(adverb) 1. Easily 1. Deeply 1. Boldly 2. Readily 2. Profoundly 2. Bravely 3. Speedily 3. Loftily from 3. Strongly above Cal◦for◦ti◦us(noun) 1. Faster 2. Higher 3. Stronger
  3. 3. If  you  have  a  body   you  are  an  athlete.   If  you  are  an  athlete   you  have  Calfor6us.   In  a  future  era,  we  are  in  a  place  where  sport  is  not  something  we  do,  but  something  we  are.   Nothing  is  impossible  and  everything  is  legendary  because  your  body  moves  to  make  it  real.   It  is  a  part  of  our  being,  our  life  and  how  we  exist.   Your  future  is  wri,en  by  your  love  for  tomorrow.  
  5. 5. In  a  future  era,  we  are  in  a  place  where  sport  is  not  something  we  do,  but  something  we  are.   Nothing  is  impossible  and  everything  is  legendary  because  you  body  moves  to  make  it  real.   It  is  a  part  of  our  being,  our  life  and  how  we  exist.   EXPERIENCE DEFINITION
  6. 6. Calfortius: EXPERIENCE monitor In  the  Calfor?us  era,   we  are  in  a  place  where     Record sport  is  not  something  we  do,     The earliest cave paintings tell a story... about the human but  something  we  are.   desire to leave a mark. To say, “I was here. I did this.” Today, we write blogs, we post pictures to Flickr... the It  is  a  part  of  our  being,     media are different, but the story is the same. “I was here. I did this.” Tomorrow, Calfortius will provide tools our  life  and  how  we  exist.   for us to tell our stories in new ways. To record every movement, every goal we attain, and share it with the Nothing  is  impossible     world. and  everything  is  legendary     because  your  body  moves     Improve to  make  it  real.   As athletes, we are constantly learning from our last workout, our last run. Sport is an ongoing process of self-improvement, and we measure every step forward Your  future  is  wri,en  by     on the path to our goal. Calfortius will provide real-time your  love  for  tomorrow.   updates and a vision of the future, enabling us to traverse between real and imagined possibilities. 6  
  7. 7. Calfortius: EXPERIENCE coach connect Support Experience The tools of sport are becoming ever more customized. Athletes have become commodities in the Clothing, equipment, fuel... all are tailored to the exact commercialization of sport, with their every movement needs of the user and the activity. Calfortius enables our observed and dissected. Watching at home, we imagine tools to become not just customized but responsive – being the players we idolize, and Calfortius will offer new reacting to our actions and our environment, motivating ways of experiencing the game to immerse us in the us and feeding our learning. action and emotion like never before. Succeed Share Faster, higher, stronger... athletes are pushing the Sport is a way of connecting with the world. We identify Olympic motto to the boundaries of what they can with the team whose jersey we wear. We seek out a achieve. But the boundaries between amateur and community of support in our quest to become what we professional are blurring, as we all aspire to reach the dream. Calfortius will go beyond social media and best expression of ourselves. With Calfortius, sport is far facilitate our need to express our beliefs, our dreams, more than a game: it is an exploration of human and our intentions for a better future. potential. 7  
  8. 8. SUCCESS: Susan’s Story TODAY What if I stop now? My left foot lands in front of my right foot. Each step takes me one step closer. It has been 25.4 miles. As my shoe touches pavement, I ask myself: What if I stop now? The beads of sweat are now a river travelling down my spine. I can feel my left hamstring. I should not be able to feel my left hamstring. What if I stop now? I look down at the pebbles on the road, and I see every pebble I have kicked in the last six months, each puddle I have waded, and every fleck of mud. I bring my head up, my eyes squint and I can just see the one word that matters the most: FINISH. How can I stop now? My stride lengthens, my heart slows and I don’t blink. I don’t want to miss a thing. And I stop. I am dripping. I am heaving. I have completed my first marathon. What if you could feel success in each step of your training? What if success would come from each and every incremental victory. What if it wasn’t one moment of success that made you love sport – it was every ache, pain and goal achieved. What if the path from daily success to goals were clear? 8  
  9. 9. SUCCESS: Susan’s Story TOMORROW “You have completed 25.4 miles – you are nearly done! Only 0.7 miles to the FINISH line. I am so proud of you.” My H.U.B. coach has been at my side constantly through this race and throughout my training. Not once have I thought of stopping. I look down at the pebbles on the road, and I see every pebble I have kicked in the last six months, each puddle I have waded, and every fleck of mud. Wearing my FootFusion shoes, I know where my stride is weak, where each misstep lies, and exactly how far I have come. After each training session I can review my progress in HealthTrax. These three components of the Calfortius system have watched over me during the training process to make sure I can start accomplishing what I thought was impossible today. With Calfortius, I have felt success in each step of my training. Each step has been a victory for me. Calfortius has helped me love sport and life for every moment. With Calfortius, I am an athlete. 9  
  10. 10. LOVE: Amy’s Story TODAY Every evening after work, I move slowly through the poses of the sun salutation, focusing on my breathing and listening to the low murmur of the instructor. My muscles loosen, my shoulders relax, and I push deeper into each position on the next cycle. From one moment to the next, I have come to realize how much stronger and more flexible I am than I was a few short weeks ago. As I glide in and out of posture, movement no longer requires thought. My body responds to the exact sequence with grace, and I let the chant guide me through the poses in a fluid dance – a moving prayer. I let my mind clear and all my daily cares melt away into an ocean of peace. In this state of calm, focussed attention, I feel an awareness of my connection to the universe. It is an invigorating, rejuvenating sensation that stays with me. 10  
  11. 11. LOVE: Amy’s Story TOMORROW Every evening after work, I move slowly through the poses of the sun salutation, focusing on my breathing and listening to the low murmur of the H.U.B. My muscles loosen, my shoulders relax, and I push deeper into each position on the next cycle. From one moment to the next, I realize how much stronger and more flexible I am now than a moment ago. HealthTrax records my every breath and stretch, letting me know when I am ready for the next, more complicated series. As I glide in and out of posture, movement no longer requires thought. My body responds to the exact sequence with grace, letting the soothing chant guide me through the poses in a fluid dance – a moving prayer. With Calfortius, I have felt success in the progress through each of the sutras. Each posture has been a victory for me. Calfortius has helped me love sport and life for every moment. With Calfortius, I am an athlete. 11  
  12. 12. DREAM: Carlos’ Story TODAY A boy dribbles a football through the streets of Sao Paulo... on his back, a jersey with the name and number of his favourite player. The jersey is his identity, his choice to associate himself with a player he idolizes, with the ethos of a team – and the tribalism of its fans. A reflection of who he is – and who he will become. In his imagination, the streets around him are replaced by the green grass and white lines of a football field. He dances with the ball – each trick a celebration of the game. He wins a tackle, beats a defender, smashes the ball into the goal, and hears 80,000 fans chanting his name in the cauldron of the Bernabeu. His dreams take him out of his life and into the potential that is the future. He sees himself creating new possibilities, pushing the boundaries of the sport. He envisions himself transformed and transforming those around him in turn. 12  
  13. 13. DREAM: Carlos’ Story TOMORROW A boy dribbles a soccer ball on the field behind the school... on his back, a jersey with the name and number of his favourite player. The jersey is his identity, his choice to associate himself with a player he idolizes, with the ethos of a team – and the tribalism of its fans. A reflection of who he is – and who he will become. Sensors in his FootFusion shoes tell him if he’s striking the ball in the right place. Together with H.U.B., they have guided him to master his free kick and to mimic Ronaldo. His coach has told him that in a few short years he should be ready for his soccer scholarship. His dreams take him to a place he imagines every day and into the potential that is his future. With Calfortius, he knows what he needs to work on. Calfortius has helped him love sport and the life that he can one day attain. With Calfortius, he is an athlete of the future. 13  
  14. 14. In  a  future  era,  we  are  in  a  place  where  sport  is  not  something  we  do,  but  something  we  are.   Nothing  is  impossible  and  everything  is  legendary  because  you  body  moves  to  make  it  real.   It  is  a  part  of  our  being,  our  life  and  how  we  exist.   TECHNOLOGY & MARKET DEFINITION
  15. 15. In  a  future  era,  we  are  in  a  place  where  sport  is  not  something  we  do,  but  something  we  are.   Nothing  is  impossible  and  everything  is  legendary  because  you  body  moves  to  make  it  real.   It  is  a  part  of  our  being,  our  life  and  how  we  exist.   TECHNOLOGY & MARKET EVOLUTION
  16. 16. FUTURE NOW-ABILITY PHASE 3 CommuniSport PHASE 2 HealthTrax Flash.Forward AC/HC PressurePlus PRESENT FUTURE ACCEPTABILITY Athletimotion M.V.P. PHASE 1 SuperScout H.U.B. FootFusion boom PRESENT It  is  a  part  of  our  being,  our  life  and  how  we  exist.   APPLICATION FILTERING
  17. 17. H.U.B. monitor Holographic Utility Base (H.U.B.) is a centralized TODAY platform to control your training regime. Integrated Centralized platforms exist today to allow amalgamation directly into your clothing or as a separate armband of different technologies. Smart phones and universal accessory, H.U.B. acts as your personal trainer, remote controls allow users to control various containing all the information you need to have the applications in one unit. Data collected from the perfect workout. Holographic projections of trainers are HealthTrax system can be transferred wirelessly to a used to push you to your extreme. Maps are provided central unit (presently to a handheld device, such as a for those moments where you are running in unfamiliar smart phone). territory. Alliances: •  Phillips •  IMAX •  Reebok TOMORROW As electronics are increasingly integrated into clothing (Nike+), H.U.B. components (i.e., video screens) will soon be directly a part of sportswear. As holographic projection technology improves and costs go down, it IMAX and Phillips have the 3D capabilities that can be will soon be able to cross over into the consumer expanded into the athletic equipment consumer market. market. Smart holograms can then provide users with All Calfortius equipment can be directly integrated into personal trainers which push them beyond their H.U.B. to allow for easy access and control across your capabilities. entire fitness program. H.U.B can be directly linked to the internet and personal computers, where exercise programs can be downloaded. 17  
  18. 18. FootFusion monitor The FootFusion system is the ultimate performance TODAY feedback athletic shoe. An integrated orthotics system Nike and Adidas currently make shoes which can collect adjusts the sole depending on your foot shape and the data on stride count and can adjust depending on the terrain. When suffering from an injury, FootFusion will surface. Dr. Scholls has the capabilities for personalized shape itself to help you in the rehabilitation process. orthotics. Placing an adjustable orthotics system in shoes Sport-specific FootFusion systems provide feedback on allows for every shoe to be personalized for its user. your technique, which you can download onto your When the wearer is injured, the shoe is also able to personal computer. Kicking the ball with more precision adjust its shape in order to expedite the recovery has never been easier. process. Alliances: •  Adidas •  Dr. Scholls •  Apple TOMORROW •  Microsoft Integrating computer chips that can calculate foot •  Intel impact and positioning will be the next step in footwear technology. These chips will be able to precisely measure the impact of a foot when kicking a ball, its positioning on the ball, individual positioning on the field or at the The Adidas AdiStar shoe line already contains soles which golf tee. adapt to the ground, providing varying levels of hardness. Dr. Scholls provides custom orthotics. By combining technology from both companies, a shoe which can specifically adapt to your foot shape is created. 18  
  19. 19. HealthTrax monitor Integrated directly into high-performance athletic wear, TODAY HealthTrax detects and gathers information relating to Personal heart rate monitors (Polar) and technology to your fitness, diet and health regime: calculate running pace (Nike+) are currently in the Fitness Monitor: Detects which muscles have been market. Scales that measure body weight and fat content worked recently and what training each body part are ready to be integrated into clothing which allows requires. users direct access to such information. Diet Monitor: Takes sweat samples, detects protein, Collected data can be sent to a central system (H.U.B.); carbohydrate, fat and electrolyte levels and suggests the when consolidated, this data can be cross-referenced proper nutrients to match your exercise requirements. with information available on the internet to create Health Monitor: Detects areas of fatigue and muscle personalized training programs weakness, which are integrated into your fitness program. When recovering from injury, Health Monitor can detect which areas need work. Data is uploaded to your TOMORROW personal computer to monitor each aspect. Although in its infancy, personal medicine is becoming Alliances: increasingly popular. Medical tests typically available through a physician (e.g., measuring blood to test •  Apple nutrient levels) will be done directly at home. To ease •  Polar •  LG this process, devices will be integrated into sportswear •  Maytag   so that sweat levels are used to determine nutrient content or lactic acid measurements can be made to monitor fatigue. Rehabilitation programs can also be made from data collected directly from the body. 19  
  20. 20. PressurePlus monitor Every athlete requires a cooldown following intense TODAY physical activity. Used in conjunction with data collected Major bathroom fixture companies Toto, American through HealthTrax, PressurePlus is an integrated Standard, and Kohler create personalized shower shower system that provides the correct water pressure systems for homes. Professional sports teams currently and conditions to rejuvenate your body back to peak have specialized shower/bath systems in locker rooms form. Targeting specific areas within your body, the to provide rehabilitation. Shower heads and spa systems system enhances recovery. providing muscle relaxation can be integrated into home bathrooms. Alliances: •  Kohler •  ConAir • Telus TOMORROW Directly connecting data collected from HealthTrax monitors to the shower system will provide a personalized recovery program for athletes in rehabilitation. Specifically designed showerheads will provide the correct amount of stimulation to specific muscles in recovery. Kohler and ConAir currently make sophisticated shower systems, which can be made internet ready to create the PressurePlus experience. 20  
  21. 21. AC/HC monitor Air Conditioning when you’re hot, Heat Conditioning TODAY when you’re cold, AC/HC creates the ideal body Synthetic materials are currently being used to provide temperature no matter what sport you are playing. passive warmth or breathability depending on weather Taking a ride up a frozen lift in Whistler-Blackcomb, conditions. Active heating systems have been integrated AC/HC provides the warmth you need, but also the into seat fabrics for motor vehicles, which provides a cool breeze required once you shred that double black perfect platform to adapt to clothing. Users can control diamond run. the amount of heat or cooling provided by their sportswear, enabling a comfortable experience while Alliances: shredding the Swiss Alps or running the final leg of the •  General Electric Ironman triathlon in Hawaii. •  Honeywell •  Burton •  Under Armour TOMORROW Improvements in technology that is used to detect body temperature will lead to a responsive type of heating/ cooling sportswear system. Sensors and monitors on The built-in thermal sensor enables the detection of clothing will be able to automatically judge body your body temperature and adjusts your core temperature and then provide the correct amount of temperature accordingly to provide the best conditions warmth or air conditioning. In conjunction with H.U.B., for your victory. Burton and Under Armour already all aspects of the system can be controlled from a single have synthetic materials used for body temperature unit. control, and the addition of an active nano heating and venting system can be applied through GE. 21  
  22. 22. Flash.Forward monitor Flash.Forward provides the ultimate incentive to TODAY improve your performance. Used in conjunction with Face aging software currently exists and has applications Calfortius athletic wear and vision products, images and such as assisting police with finding long-missing performance statistics are uploaded to users’ personal children. This technology can be adapted to visualize computers, where the Flash.Forward program calculates full-body physical changes due to exercise variation. future outcomes. Visualizing the positive outcomes of Body measurements, combined with a set exercise your hard work provides the incentive to continue your regime, can be used to calculate what an individual training and identify areas of improvement. would look like if they were to stick with their plan. This too provides a powerful incentive for individuals to remain consistent with their exercise programs. Alliances: •  Microsoft •  Google •  Apple TOMORROW In addition to physical rendering, the Flash.Forward software will be able to determine scenario outcomes based on collected data. With the ability to collect more physical data on individual performance characteristics, the program can make more precise calculations of potential future results. Upload outcome data to Calfortius vision products to see what you can become. Share data on the internet so that those around you can also experience your determination. 22  
  23. 23. boom connect boom provides automatic updates of your athletic TODAY achievements to your Twitter account. Computer chips Apple, Timex and Logitech currently have the in running shoes send a signal when passing through technology for timekeeping, tracking results, and checkpoints, indicating your time and directly posting visualizing athletes. The Boston Marathon, as with the these results to your Twitter account. When you hit the majority of other marathons, tracks its athletes at 25-mile mark, your loved ones can tune into the checkpoints, uploading their personal times to a website. webcam to watch you cross the finish line. Partnerships with Twitter can allow users to post athletic results to directly to their personal accounts. Alliances: •  Apple/iPhone/iPod • Timex • Twitter • Logitech With boom, athletes can record their progress every step of the way towards their goals, and share their achievements with friends, family, or training buddies. TOMORROW As technology becomes more increasingly integrated into sportswear, data collected from FootFusion and HealthTrax can be uploaded directly to Twitter accounts, providing real-time performance updates from various sporting events. 23  
  24. 24. CommuniSport connect CommuniSport is a platform that provides the venue TODAY when you can’t be physically present. Attend a yoga class Cisco’s Telepresence communication system allows for a in India while you’re in your own living room on the real-time visual and audio experience. Currently used other side of the world. Feel the heat from within the for business purposes, the technology is ready to be classroom and the smells of the samosa street vendors as applied to the consumer market. Users can experience your push through your routine. Digital cameras from both professional and community sporting events at a both ends render 3D images to recreate the visual level that is comparable to actually being there. An atmosphere. CommuniSport allows athletes around the individual can attend a yoga class from the comfort of world to compete with each other. If you’re on the run, their own home, and still have the interaction they want link CommuniSport to your M.V.P. and H.U.B. to get the with the instructor and their peers. ultimate mobile experience. Have a family member wear M.V.P. lenses and you can experience their athletic feats within CommuniSport. Alliances: TOMORROW •  Cisco In addition to visual and audio capabilities, technology •  Google will allow the user to touch, taste, smell and feel the •  Nike Human Race overall experience without being physically present. Holographic and 3D imaging will also allow for a more Cisco’s TelePresence system already shows the capability complete experience. Used in conjunction with the for real-time video conference calls from far-off places. Calfortius M.V.P. vision wear, data can be fed directly into Combined with Google’s 3D image capturing capabilities, CommuniSport. this can provide a more detailed and realistic experience. 24  
  25. 25. SuperScout connect SuperScout provides a controlled-access, internet- TODAY based central location for young athletes to post their Social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace and statistics for college and professional recruiting teams. YouTube have provided amateur musicians and athletes a With the number of athletes around the world vying forum to showcase their talents. SuperScout will allow for prestigious positions on college and minor league more detailed statistics and performance information to sporting teams, it is impossible for recruiters to visit be centralized in one location for ease of data every corner of the world. As the majority of scouts collection. This portal will allow scouts worldwide to recruit from a few typical places, SuperScout allows observe potential recruits anywhere in the world. recruiters to reach those hidden athletes in remote Amateur athletes have the power to control their data corners of the world. and be seen worldwide. Alliances: •  Facebook •  MySpace •  Apple TOMORROW •  High schools When the full capabilities of Calfortius sportswear reach •  Colleges the market, the combined system will allow for the most precise athletic data to be uploaded to SuperScout. The complete information, when used with M.V.P. and CommuniSport, will allow scouts to have full visual Athletes using the Calfortius line of sportswear are able access to athletes’ performance. This technology will to directly upload their personal data to SuperScout. eliminate live recruiting sessions, travel, and allow access Facebook and MySpace already contain the online to a much wider range of individuals. community structure which can be expanded for athletes. SuperScout can be used in conjunction with CommuniSport to provide virtual recruiting sessions.   25  
  26. 26. M.V.P. coach Multi Viewing Perspective (M.V.P.) puts you directly TODAY in the game. Your favourite athlete wears specially Virtual reality gaming currently exists, providing users designed contact lenses, glasses, or goggles that track the ability to completely immerse themselves. Video their perspective on the field. By wearing similar lenses, simulators are also currently being used for training you can experience what it’s like to be at the highest purposes (e.g., flight simulators). By recording athlete level of professional sports. Used in conjunction with performance (currently being done with micro cameras) Calfortius athletic wear, you can have the full-body and transferring data to optical wear, users can visualize experience of your favourite athlete and learn to scenarios for training purposes. perform at the highest level. Linked with H.U.B., M.V.P. can provide personal trainers to push you to your limits. Alliances: •  Oakley •  Acuvue •  Nanotech TOMORROW •  Microsoft Users will be able to link visual data from their own personal optical wear to other users, providing a shared experience. Two individuals, miles apart, will be able to train together for support. Improvements in nano- Besides the training aspect of M.V.P., one can also wear technology will allow data readers to be implemented in the special contact lenses while at sporting events to contact lenses. Professional athletes will be able to wear bring the live experience to a different level. Parents such lenses during events, with data being transferred who can’t make their child’s hockey game can use the to other units allowing a direct first-person viewing vision system to watch and experience their every perspective. move. 26  
  27. 27. Athletimotion coach With similar motion capture technology to that used in TODAY video games and 3D animated movies, Athletimotion Motion capture technology is currently being used for brings its capabilities to the everyday athlete. Sensors movie making and to create realistic video games. This embedded within athletic clothing can detect your every technology captures athlete performance for video movement with precision, which can be transferred to games and can be adapted to be used for training your computer. Analyze your strengths and weaknesses, purposes. Professional athletes are ideal users of such get expert advice, and even compare your movements technology today to assist them with training purposes to the pros to maximize your potential. such as improving form and positioning. Amateur athletes could also go into special labs to use the Alliances: technology. •  Sony Imageworks •  Electronic Arts (EA) •  Nike •  Under Armour •  Microsoft TOMORROW In the future, motion capture technology will be adapted for the consumer market. Sensors will be adapted to sportswear, with data transmitted to personal handheld Video game makers such as EA currently use motion devices or the internet for easier access. Athletimotion capture to get star athletes’ precision moves into their data will be used in conjunction with SuperScout, M.V.P. games, and can provide the expertise required to adapt vision wear, and CommuniSport, which provides the this technology to the everyday athlete. Combined with platform to use the information for various purposes. GPS tracking, athletes’ positioning on the court can be Individuals around the globe will be able to receive analyzed and used to improve game play and for precise movements. officiating purposes. 27  
  28. 28. In  a  future  era,  we  are  in  a  place  where  sport  is  not  something  we  do,  but  something  we  are.   Nothing  is  impossible  and  everything  is  legendary  because  you  body  moves  to  make  it  real.   It  is  a  part  of  our  being,  our  life  and  how  we  exist.   STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS & BUSINESS MODEL
  29. 29. GENERATES THE BUSINESS DESIRE To achieve who they COMPLETES THE BEHAVOUR CYCLE want to be and express who they are CREATES THE BUSINESS through sports MEDIA BEHAVIOUR GOALS Training To become healthier Health awareness and fitter, physically Community building and mentally COMPELS SUSTAINS To connect with THE USER THE BUSINESS community RELATIONSHIP Me <-> Community MOTIVATION ACTION Present <-> Future To sustain, to enhance, Personalized training Real life <-> Virtual life to succeed, to leave Interactive exercise Users <-> Service your mark, to achieve Health monitoring VALUE AS MEDIA providers happiness Virtual experience Enhancing your experience by knowing you SATISFACTION BUSINESS ACTIVITY Motivation User information storage Results Data analysis and brokering Emotion System licensing Connection STARTS A NEW BEHAVIOUR CYCLE BEHAVIOUR DISRUPTION BUSINESS DISRUPTION Dynamic personalization Micro-customization Total awareness Enabled wearables Everywhere presence Everywhere connection BUSINESS MODEL MAP
  30. 30. In  a  future  era,  we  are  in  a  place  where  sport  is  not  something  we  do,  but  something  we  are.   It  is  a  part  of  our  being,  our  life  and  how  we  exist.   REVENUE OPPORTUNITIES
  31. 31. In addition to the conditions of user acceptability and PHASE ONE technological now-ability, potential Calfortius applications are also assessed based on their strategic value and viability in H.U.B. the market. H.U.B. provides the central platform that links Calfortius with service providers, equipment manufacturers and users. From this foundation, Calfortius expands through three phases, FootFusion creating new strategic partnerships at each stage. The system generates multiple revenue streams from linking products and facilitating the exchange of information. As health becomes a state of being, there is no separation between what is sport and what is a necessity of life. In this world, Calfortius is the means to enhance your life boom experience. STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP ECOSYSTEM
  32. 32. PHASE TWO PHASE THREE M.V.P. HealthTrax Athletimotion AC/HC PressurePlus CommuniSport SuperScout FlashForward STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP ECOSYSTEM
  33. 33. Future: EXPANSION heal The rich potential for Calfortius extends far beyond sports. Calfortius applications that strengthen the human body can be translated to the medical field. Athletimotion In the future, the same tools that allow us to coach, can be used to rehabilitate patients after illness or injury. connect and monitor athletic performance can be HealthTrax can monitor patients during their expanded to: recovery, including vital statistics and delivery of medication. Physicians can use M.V.P. technology for •  Help care for the sick remote diagnosis and treatment. • Watch over our loved ones •  Learn, grow and experience the world Where could we go? There is no finish line. This is only the beginning. 33  
  34. 34. Future: EXPANSION enrich Travel, discovery, education... the potential for Calfortius is endless. M.V.P. and CommuniSport can be used to explore the world and experience life through another’s eyes. H.U.B. can connect diverse communities and offer supportive feedback as we strive for improvement, while SuperSport provides a unifying platform for sharing information and telling our stories. protect With Calfortius, caregivers can watch over their children or elderly relatives even if they’re not physically present. HealthTrax and boom can monitor their wellbeing and provide real-time updates, while Flash.Forward can predict future outcomes and warn for trouble. CommuniSport can bring together family members from hundreds or thousands of miles apart. 34  
  35. 35. Join the Calfortius family