Web dispatching & data collection


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Learn the advantages of collecting information on the shop floor in real time. Eliminate errors, find problems quicker

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Web dispatching & data collection

  1. 1. Bullet-Proof, Real-time Data Collection and Empowerment with eProduction RB-ERP ™Harry Mo
  2. 2. Today’s Agenda: • Discuss Best Practices • Identify Information Sharing Opportunities • Review Capabilities Available with eProduction • See How Other WorkWise Customers are Leveraging this Capability today
  3. 3. RB-ERP Role Based Product Data Mgmt. (PDM) Workbenches Manufacturing Execution (MES) Standard Engineering Product Shop FloorBill of Material Change Control Routes Configurator eProduction Control Visual Sched Plant & Equip. Maint Planning & Replenishment Customer Service Quality Data Collection Human Payroll Intrf Resources Lean/Kanban MRP ForecastingMaster Sched Supply Chain: Customers Engineering Finance and Accounting Sales Tax Accounts CRM Customer Orders Freight & Ship Standard Cost Job Cost Receivable Estimating Manufacturing $ Cash eBusiness EDI Liability & Warr Return General Management Payroll Accounts Merch Auth Ledger Payable Business Supply Chain: Materials Performance Decision Support and Enterprise Tools: (DSET) Document Inventory Purchasing Document Graphical eWarehouse Requisitions Library SSRS & Crystal ddx Router & Business Reporting Finance & Costing Archive Intelligence (GBI)
  4. 4. Let’s Compare Current vs. Best Practices Given that manufacturing is a primary value- add function, how can RB-ERP help the shop to be more responsive, to improve quality and to improve efficiencies? And what are the key questions? • Will the approach more than just an accounting system? • Will we empowering the shop with real-time information? • Will we collecting real-time information from the shop?
  5. 5. Collecting Information from the Shop First, Determine What is Really Needed… WIP Status Reporting “Where’s My Job?” Accurate Job Costing and Efficiency Reporting Reconciliation of Labor Hours Applied vs. Payroll Time Performance Metrics Accounting Philosophy in Light of Lean Initiatives
  6. 6. Collecting Information from the ShopNext, Collect ONLY What is Really Needed…Attend In/Attend Out?Quantities Produced?At Which Operations?Material Issues vs Count-PointsOperation Setup/Run Time?At Which Operations?By Shop Order or by Cell?Both Direct and Indirect?
  7. 7. A Best Practice Approach must Empower the Shop with On-Line,Real-Time Information….Such As • Which Job to Do Next? • Other Available Jobs with a Similar Setup? • Setup Notes • Drawings • Videos • Run Instructions • Quality/Testing Instructions • Inventory Availability • Special Notes per Employee or Shift • Special Operation Notes from Operator to Operator
  8. 8. So What’s Wrong with Paper Systems? • Old Versions Cause Mistakes • Time Cards are Prone to Error • Requires Another Step to Enter • Delays in Updating • Too Slow • Gets Lost • Not GREEN
  9. 9. And What’s Wrong with OlderTechnologies? • Lack of Flexibility • Lack of Data Validation • Hardware Obsolescence
  10. 10. Is There a Better Way? • YES! • RB-ERP eProduction
  11. 11. RB-ERP eProduction –Dispatch & Report using a Browser!• Flexible priority management & dispatching• Instant verification on input data• Paperless shop order & document viewing• Message notification for Supervisors• Web access from any PC
  12. 12. eProduction Deployment • Inexpensive PC’s • Browser Based • Wireless or Wired • All Data in Secure MS/SQL Server • Real-time Entry eProduction and Validation • Optional Bar Code Scanner Data Shop Document Collection Floor Library Control
  13. 13. Using eProduction Employees may: Review dispatch Sequence Re-sequence the view by any data column View Shop Order Information, including Notes View operation detail View Electronic Drawings/Documents View Other Jobs with Similar Setups Clock in for day Begin a shop order Report completed items on shop orders Clock out for day Record material issues Message Distribution
  14. 14. Let’s Walk Through Some of the Capabilities
  15. 15. eProduction Home Page
  16. 16. eProduction Attend In
  17. 17. eProduction Dispatch List
  18. 18. eProduction Job Start
  19. 19. eProduction Confirm Start
  20. 20. eProduction My Job List
  21. 21. eProduction Job End
  22. 22. eProduction Messages
  23. 23. Lean Using eProduction
  24. 24. eProduction Kanban Initiate
  25. 25. eProduction Kanban Initiate
  26. 26. eProduction Kanban Dispatch
  27. 27. eProduction Kanban Receipt
  28. 28. eProduction Kanban Receipt
  29. 29. RB-ERP-eProduction Customer Success
  30. 30. Company Since 1905 Privately Held 1980 175,000 sq ft $40 million sales 225 employees Four product groups
  31. 31. Fire & Rescue
  32. 32. Van Bodies
  33. 33. SpecialtyServiceVehicleImprovised Explosive Device Response Vehicle
  34. 34. Military
  35. 35. eProduction
  36. 36. PrioritiesGroup Code
  37. 37. Free DWG viewer – Brava Informative Graphics
  38. 38. eProduction Results•Computers accepted in the shop Started in FAB – transaction intensive•Customized screens by department•Procedural training important – Big impact on inventory accuracy•2006 no shop order travelers for FAB stock partorders•No paperwork “cherry picking”•Document Library CAD Viewing
  39. 39. Alto-Shaam – Milwaukee, WI• RB-ERP V9• 80 Users• eProduction Implemented
  40. 40. eProduction Results• Higher Inventory Accuracy• Shortage Reduction• 90% Fewer Error Corrections• Time Saved Every Day
  41. 41. Questions and Answers? Bullet-Proof,Real-time Data Collection and Empowerment with eProduction RB-ERP ™