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Process journal20

  1. 1. Design Technology Process Journal stDate: March, 11 , 2011Name: Jee Yeon ParkTitle: Painting the light support+baseWhat did I do?When I got into the workshop, I continued to paintover the light support and base. At first, I took apiece of cardboard and chose some acrylic paintsthat fit to the color of my light support. The color thatI chose was brown but it was not the color that Iwanted. So, I tried to mix brown with some white.However, this rather made the color look really bad.So, I just chose to color the light support by usingthe color of brown without mixing any colors with it.Since the brushes were not in good condition, it wasvery difficult to paint the light support with careful Picture 1: Picture of me painting the lightattention. However, I could be able to paint the light supportsupport in short amount of time. Because I hadsome time left, I began to start mixing colors withgreen, yellow and white to paint the base of myproject. By mixing those colors, I was able to makea color that I wanted. However, due to the fact that Imade small amount of the color, I couldnt paint allthe surfaces of the base. Besides, it was almost endof the class so I had to start packing up. Thus, theonly part that I should paint is the base and I amplanning to finish painting in the next lesson.Changes in the gantt chartThere were some changes in the gantt chart. At this time, I should be sanding all of the parts but I amnow at the stage off painting. Plus, I am almost finished with my painting. I have now only left with thebase.Emotions Picture 2: Picture of me painting the base
  2. 2. During this lesson, I was very careful in painting the light support. The light support was so close to thepetals that it was very difficult to paint by not touching the surface of the petals. I was also beingknowledgeable by mixing the colors. I was using the knowledge that I have learnt in art.Learner Profile & AOIIn this lesson, I think I was knowledgeable because I was able to use my knowledge of mixing differentcolors to make another color. Not only that I was also a thinker because I was able to think what color Ishould paint in specific areas. Also, I think this lesson was related to community and service because Iwas helping others with the color choice.