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Process journal16

Process journal16






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    Process journal16 Process journal16 Document Transcript

    • Design Technology Process Journal thDate: March, 4 , 2011Name: Jee Yeon ParkTitle: Dr illing the holes on the side of leaf+ st em ,dow eling through the holes, drilling the holes on thepet al s+ li ght suppor t , scr ew in g through the 。 holesWhat did I do?When I got into the workshop, I began to put all of theparts together. At fist, I started to put the petals andlight support together. In order to put those together, Isand out the back part of the petals with garnet paper. Picture 1: Drilling the holes with cordlessWhen I finished sanding the sharp edges of the petals, I drillbegan to drill three holes on the petals by usingcordless drill. I used two small drill bits to drill the holes.One of the drill bit was a bit thicker than the other one.The thicker drill bit was used to drill the holes on thebackside of the petals, while the other small drill bit wasused to drill the holes on the backside of the lightsupport. The bigger holes allowed the screw to goinside deeply so I had to use the thicker drill bit to drillthe holes on the petals. When I got all of the holesdrilled, I began to put the screws into the back of the Picture 2: Putting screw with into the holespetals by using screwdriver. I also put pva behind theback of the light support to make sure that it is tightenough and not to fall down easily. While I wasscrewing the screws into the hole, I could feel that oneof the holes was too loose to put the screw in. So, I hadto use countersink bit to drill on the same hole to make itbigger so that the screw could go down deeper. Afterthat, I began to drill the holes on the side of the leaf andstem. I used quite a thicker drill bit (about 8mm thick) todrill the holes. By using the machine called pedestal Picture 3: Putting the screw into the hole bydrill, I was able to complete the task of drilling the holes using screwdriveron the side of the leaf and stem. Then, I used the dowelto put the leaf and the stem together. Mr. Anderson gave me a tiny dowel and I started to cut the dowel
    • into two pieces. I used the gent saw to cut the dowel. As soon as I got all the pieces ready, I started toput the dowel into the holes that I have drilled on the leaf. The holes were quite small to put the dowel inbut by using the wooden mallet, I could push the dowel easily. I also used pva into the holes to makesure that the dowel doesnt fall down. When I got the dowels put into the holes, I began to put the stemtogether by tapping it with wooden mallet. During this lesson, I was able to complete putting most of theparts together by using varieties of construction techniques.Changes in the gantt chartThere were some changes in the gantt chart. I couldnotice that I was going ahead of the time line that I havepredicted. Since I used most of the time in today’slesson by putting most of the parts together, I think Iwas able to catch along with my timeline,EmotionsDuring this lesson, I was very pleased that I could seethe end of my project. I am now at the end stage of making the project. I was so excited that I could beable to finish putting most of the parts together. Thingsthat are only left is to put the base and the stem Picture 4: Picture of countersink bittogether. I was able to predict that I could finish puttingall the parts together in the next lesson.IB Learner Profile & AOIFrom today’s lesson, I started to continue to put most ofthe parts. I was being a risk taker during this lessonbecause I took a risk of finishing the stage of puttingthings together by the end of the lesson. Although Ihaven’t finished putting all the parts together, I could finish the half of the Picture 5: Picture of me making the hole stage in bigger by using the cordless drill today’s lesson. I think this Picture 6: Picture of me cutting the dowel lesson Picture 6: Picture of me tapping the dowel with gent saw with the wooden mallet
    • was related to community and service because most of the time in today’s lesson, Mr. Anderson gaveme some advices to my project and helped me when I was struggling.