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The pure Extract of Ganoderma gives you complete Health improvement preventing you from most diseases and Health problems. It strengthens Neurological, Sensory, Respiratory, Circulatory, Digestive, ...

The pure Extract of Ganoderma gives you complete Health improvement preventing you from most diseases and Health problems. It strengthens Neurological, Sensory, Respiratory, Circulatory, Digestive, Metabolic, Excretory and Sexual system.



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Ganoderma Presentation Ganoderma Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • GANODERMASINCE ANCIENTThe traditional Chinese Medicine Literature ratedGanoderma as the precious medicinal herb with noside effects. Long-term consumption can slow downaging processand promote longevity.
  • GANODERMAMODERN AGEIn year 1970, China and Japan successfully plantedGanoderma in laboratory using spore Separationcultivation method.In year 1980, commercial production started in Taiwan andMalaysia.
  • GANODERMATHE CULTIVATION OF GANODERMAAs wild Ganoderma is so rare, it was available only toemperors in ancient times.But in modern days, the cultivation technology has help usto control the quality and quantity of Ganoderma.Thru mass cultivation, the supplements of Ganoderma arenow widely available to the general public.
  • GANODERMAGanoderma lucidum is one of the most beautiful mushrooms in theworld.It contains the greatest amount of:• Germanium – enrich the bodys oxygen supply• Polysaccharide – enhance immune function• Triterpenoid – lower the blood cholesterol level
  • BENEFITS OF GANODERMA 1. Anti-thrombosis • Purify your blood and strengthen blood vessels • Reduce the risk of heart diseases 2. Normalize blood pressure • Lower high blood pressure • Increase low blood pressure 3. Regulate the central nervous system
  • BENEFITS OF GANODERMA4. Boost the immune system• Possesses anti-cancer properties• Improve allergy diseases such as bronchitis, respiratory problems and skin inflammation.5. Relieve the pain• Reduce the pain from various complications such as heart diseases, stone diseases and rheumatic diseases.
  • BENEFITS OF GANODERMA Ganoderma is a natural health food. Therefore, everyone can benefit from Ganoderma. However, those who have high blood pressure, heart problems, asthma and elderly people should start with a small amount.( 1 capsule), and increase gradually over time.
  • BENEFITS OF GANODERMATHE MAIN FUNCTIONS OF GANODERMA• Scanning Ganoderma helps to detect hidden disease and toxins inthe body and proceed to regulate the body functions.During the process, the body will show symptoms-known as ailment reflection". This reaction is not a sideeffect, but to help us identify the ailing area.• DetoxificationGanoderma helps to remove excessive uric acid, lacticacid, excess cholesterol, fat deposits,dead tissue and toxins accumulated in the body.
  • BENEFITS OF GANODERMATHE MAIN EFFECTS OF GANODERMA• StabilizationGanoderma helps to restore the bodys balance andmaintain Yin-Yang in harmony.• RecoveryGanoderma can strengthen the immune system andrestore the bodys functions.• ReactionsDuring the processes, you might experience symptomssuch as sweating, feeling hot, thirsty, pain and itchiness.But dont worry – they are the sign of recovery.Usually, the reaction will last for a few days(3 – 21 days).
  • Made of ganoderma lucidum powder, mint essence etc.It protects and strengthens teeth and gums effectively.Your teeth become clean, healthy and fresh all day long. √. Cleans teeth and gums √. Reacts efficiently against gum bleeding √. Protects gums from infections √. Prevents bad breath √. Protects your teeth from plaque No colouring Fluorida free Refreshingly cool Natural ganoderma aroma