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Nvc in business comm. final Nvc in business comm. final Presentation Transcript

  • OUTLINE• Introduction.• Importance.• Types of NVC.• Negative Indicators.• Steps to Improve NVC.• Conclusion
  • WHAT IS….??? Act of imparting or interchanging thoughts, opinions or informationwithout the use of spoken words.→ TYPES OF NONVERBAL COMMUNICATION :- Kinesics. Oculesics. Proxemics. Chronemics. Paralinguistics.
  • IMPORTANCE OF NVC IN BUSINESS Communication researcher Mehrabian found that only 7% of amessage’s effect are carried by words ; listeners receive the other93% through non -verbal means.
  • IMPORTANCE OF NVC IN BUSINESSTo provide / gather new information.It is unintentional.It is more honest than verbal communication.To make, or help to make a first impression.To express power and control.
  • EYE CONTACT Good eye contact helps your audiencedevelop trust in you, thereby helping youand your message appear credible. Eye contact provide important social andemotional information. Your gaze at one person should not bemore than 4 - 5 seconds while delivering apresentation.
  •  Gestures include more than just your hands and arms. Gestures include all the body movement that takes place above the waist,including the head, neck, shoulders, and torso movements. Gestures can effectively showcase your enthusiasm, confidence, andauthority. Don’t go overboard with your gesture.GESTURES IN BUSINESSCOMMUNICATION
  • Can you guess?
  • Answer:• Turkey: Right wing political party• Commonly: OK• Japan: Five
  • Can you guess?
  • Answer:• Turkey: You get nothing from me• Commonly: Stop, enough• W.Africa: You have 5 fathers!
  • POSTURES Basic Types of Body Language postures• 1.OPEN / CLOSED :-arms folded, legs crossed and bodies turned away.open hands, fullyfacing you and both feet planted on the ground.• 2.FORWARD/ BACK :-Leaning forward and pointing towards you. leaning back, looking up atthe ceiling, doodling on a pad, cleaning their glasses.
  • PARALANGUAGE How you say - not What you say. Speech behavior Voice quality and pitch. Range and rhythm control. Tempo. Articulation. Glottis control.
  • HABITS & SUBTLE INDICATORS Punctuality. Table Etiquettes. Dressing Style etc.I can never bring you to realize the importance of sleeves, thesuggestiveness of thumbnails, or the great issues that may hang from abootlace. --Sherlock Holmes to Watson ("A Case of Identity") Acute Observation & Attention to Detail Rigorous Practice Storehouse of Information
  • NEGATIVE SIGNS…   × Clenched fists.× Folded arms.× Rolling eyes.× Shrugs and shuffles.× Finger pointing.× Frowning or scowling.× Glaring.× Blankness.× Sneering.
  •  When sending messages Be conscious of nonverbal behavior. Be purposeful in use of nonverbals. Make sure nonverbals are not distracting. Match verbal and nonverbal communication. Adapt to the situation.HOW TO IMPROVECOMMUNICATION IN BUSINESS
  • HOW TO IMPROVECOMMUNICATION IN BUSINESS When receiving messages Don’t automatically assume. Consider gender, culture and individual differences. Pay attention to all aspects of nonverbal communication. Use perception checking.
  • CONCLUSIONS It is the most important form of communication. Employers are much more sensitive and conscious today. Our body language represents the best weapon. Doesn’t body language help you to realize your parents’ orfriend’s frame of mind?
  • REFERENCES• www.smallbusiness.chron.com/benefit-nonverbal-communication• http://www.accuconference.com/resources/non-verbal-communication.aspx• http://www.inc.com/encyclopedia/nonverbal-communication.html• http://www.ehow.com/way_5765314_effective-non_verbal-communication-business.html• www.wikipedia.com/nonverbalcommunication• www.slideshare.net/SahabzadaFahadAhmed/non-verbal-ppt