Gothic Architecture


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Gothic Architecture

  1. 1. GOTHICARCHITECTUREMedieval Architecture (12th century Europe)
  2. 2. Gothic ArchitectureAuthentic Gothic revival during the mid-18thcentury brought to the forefront many Europeanecclesiastical and university structures.The style displays overtones of spiral work andsteeples, columns and extravagant ceilings andpointed roof designs.Gothic architecture is common to most survivingcathedrals, churches and abbeys of Europe.
  3. 3. Elements of the Gothic Architecture Stained Pointed Gothic Gothic Flying Gargoyles GlassPinnacles Arch Vault Buttresses Windows
  4. 4. Pointed Pinnacles Enables Add strength buildings to and stability to reach new the structure heights To make it look light
  5. 5. Pointed PinnaclesCathedrale Saint-Etienne de Bourges; France, Bourges
  6. 6. Pointed PinnaclesCathedral, Chartres; France, Chartres
  7. 7. Pointed Pinnacles >>>Duomo, Milano; Italy, Milano
  8. 8. Gargoyles Gargoyles came into gothic architecture in the early 13th The origins of the word century and are defined as "a gargoyle are derived from the waterspout, projecting from an old French word gargouille upper part of a building to throw meaning throat. water clear of walls or foundations." Gargoyles are frightening and intimidating sculptures - perfect for the likes of great Lords and Kings who built elaborate fortresses and castles in order to crush and intimidate the indigenous population.
  9. 9. GargoylesNotre Dame cathedral in Paris
  10. 10. GargoylesNotre Dame cathedral in Paris
  11. 11. Gargoyles >>>
  12. 12. Stained Glass Windows
  13. 13. Stained Glass WindowCathedrale Saint-Etienne de Bourges; France, Bourges
  14. 14. Stained Glass WindowCathedrale Saint-Etienne de Bourges; France, Bourges
  15. 15. Stained Glass WindowsBasilique Saint-Denis; France
  16. 16. Rose Stained Glass Window >>>Basilique Saint-Denis; France
  17. 17. Gothic Arch The walls of Gothic The Gothic architects andThe Medieval Gothic Arch buildings could be thinner builders discovered thewas a major feature of the because the weight of the amazing strength andarchitecture of the Middle roof was supported by the stability of using pointed Ages. arches rather than the arches. walls. The arch could not only Thinner walls had wider support greater weights window openings whichThe use of the Gothic arch but could also could span encouraged the use of gave the builders greater distances, allowing stained glass and the tremendous flexibility. vaults to be taller and magnificent Gothic Rose wider. Windows.
  18. 18. Gothic ArchSanta Maria del Pi Barcelona
  19. 19. Gothic ArchCathedral, Chartres; France, Chartres
  20. 20. Gothic Arch >>>Grace Cathedral , France
  21. 21. Gothic Vault The reasons thatthe cathedrals had That was really so many of these good because fires Also, it made the vaulted roofs is often spread and inside of the because the there were no fire cathedral have a medieval builders fighters to help finished look. thought that they extinguish the fire.helped reduce the risk of fire.
  22. 22. Gothic Vault
  23. 23. Gothic (Ribbed) VaultGuildford Cathedral: Britain
  24. 24. Romanesque (Barrel) Vault
  25. 25. Barrel Vault
  26. 26. Gothic (Ribbed) Vault
  27. 27. Gothic (Ribbed) VaultExeter Cathedral, England
  28. 28. Gothic (Ribbed) Vault >>>Basilique Saint-Denis; France
  29. 29. Flying Butresses
  30. 30. Flying ButtressesCathedral at Chartres. France
  31. 31. Flying Buttresses
  32. 32. Flying Buttresses >>>Cathedrale Saint-Etienne de Bourges; France, Bourges
  33. 33. THE END.Prepared by: JC de Egurrola (2010)