Jumpstart the Heart of Your Biz Free Training for Relationship & Sexuality Educators, Mentors and Coaches
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Jumpstart the Heart of Your Biz Free Training for Relationship & Sexuality Educators, Mentors and Coaches



Learn Strategies to Jumpstart or Reboot Your Success, ...

Learn Strategies to Jumpstart or Reboot Your Success,
Increase Your Income and Help You
Take Action from a Place of Confidence!


*Simple steps to move you through the stress, overwhelm and worry of “how do I get more clients, and make more money??”

*The #1 mistake many coaches and entrepreneurs make in their marketing (that cost them generous amounts of lost income and wasted time)

*How to effectively market your business – in less time – and the simple steps you can take in as little as 30 minutes a day (yes 30 minutes!) to generate a boost of clients and cash

*Secrets for having people stepping up to say “yes” to investing in themselves through you without being pushy or annoying (and why, if you’re not doing these things you’re losing many paying clients)

*The mindset that will put you back in control and have you thinking like the intuitive, successful coach you want to be

And so much more...



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    Jumpstart the Heart of Your Biz Free Training for Relationship & Sexuality Educators, Mentors and Coaches Jumpstart the Heart of Your Biz Free Training for Relationship & Sexuality Educators, Mentors and Coaches Presentation Transcript

    • Jumpstart the Heart of Your Biz Blueprint Strategies to Jumpstart or Reboot Your Success, Increase Your Income and Take Action from a Place of Confidence! JeeJeeSaafir.com
    • Question What do you think of your business in the morning? Most relationship & sexuality professionals don’t jump out of bed thinking “yay I get to market today!” They’re often thinking…
    • “I’m scared” “What if someone says no?” “I don’t know what to write in my newsletter” “I don’t like talking about money” This is your monkey mind in action and it leads you down the road to entrepreneurial sabotage.
    • You do things you THINK will help you get back in control. What does that usually look like? You get on Google researching tips and resources, you waste time on Facebook and Twitter, you get caught up with emails…
    • It’s not about wasting your time anymore. It’s common for you to create distractions for yourself often unconsciously because you feel out of control in your business & you’re not feeling like you know exactly what to do and it leaves you feeling disempowered.
    • You want to know what to start to do so you stay focused, on track and happy about how you’re investing your time.
    • My free gift to you… We’ll cover: • Simple steps to move you through stress and overwhelm • The #1 mistake relationship & sexuality professionals are making in their marketing • How to effectively market your business in as little as 30 minutes a day
    • • Secrets for having people stepping up to say “yes” to investing in themselves through you • Cultivating the mindset that will put you back in control
    • Learning the basic steps This dance may “seem to” consist of some heavy things at first. When you’re learning a new dance you may stumble a little… It’s not about being perfect
    • What’s it going to take? You have to grow your inner resources. Life is lived from the inside out. Circumstances don’t dictate life. YOU dictate circumstances. F.E.A.R. is only False Evidence Appearing Real
    • It also requires… Your willingness to get out there & connect with others It’s about increasing your confidence by stepping towards things that may seem uncomfortable only to realize there was never anything to fear in the first frickin’ place. You’ve got to change your inner world and then take the actions.
    • The athletes of this world who break records & reach monumental feats don’t just practice everyday & never cultivate their minds, they realize that powerful mental training is most of the game. Over 90% of your success is due to your mindset.
    • Here’s how to tank your business A. Live only in your inner world exclusively, just visualizing, doing affirmations, meditating, and hoping and you won’t have enough clients and will be wondering what you did wrong B. Live your life only taking action to try to compensate for a lagging business and you’ll end up overwhelmed and burned out.
    • I tried both ways until finally I couldn’t stand myself. I couldn’t do it anymore.
    • How I got here My journey… In college I studied psychology, I was a relationship researcher, research assistant, over achiever, and burnt out mom.
    • I graduated college with no job and no means to support my son except the last vestiges of grants and scholarship money I had acquired. Discovered coaching and took a course. UBER loved it. Realized love wasn’t going to make me any money so I got a JOB. I was very successful but wanted freedom, so I got into the direct sales industry as an adult party planner.
    • Burned myself out. Busted my butt throwing party after party (taking massive action) with no mindset to back it up. Discounting my prices and bending over backwards to please people who often weren’t my ideal clients. Made money to the detriment of my sanity and my son’s grades.
    • Quit and took another J.O.B. Was successful again, but coaching was calling me. Got trained as a Spiritual Coach Learned life & business coaching skills from my mentor and the top peeps in the industry
    • Put out my Relationship Coaching Shingle All Hell Broke Loose! Believing that all my consistent success and income at my J.O.B. would easily translate to success in my own business, I got a rude awakening.
    • At the time I knew with all my heart that coaching spiritual singles on relationships and sex was my calling. And through my work in the corporate world, and my studies of law of attraction I already had the mindset. All I had to do was keep the mindset, right?
    • WRONG! My income tanked! Starting my own business brought up every gremlin who was hiding out inside me. I had “who am I syndrome,” I thought “I don’t know enough,” “I’m not good enough,” “who’s going to pay me for this work.”
    • How Did That Show Up For Me? I spent a lot of time, messing around with my website, gathering buttloads of information, looking around at what everyone else in the coaching industry was doing, following SHINY object after shiny object, attending webinars, seminars, classes, you name it. And it wasn’t that I hadn’t receive all the information I needed.
    • I was trained as a life and business coach. And that training taught me much of what I needed to be successful but my mind was only on how to be a great coach and how to make money from doing it, fast. And so I skipped right over how to sell my services, how to create a plan, and what high impact income creating activities I was actually supposed to focus on.
    • Why did I ignore those things? I skipped over those things out of FEAR. I thought they were uncomfortable and that I shouldn’t have to do them. I should just be able to manifest everything I want without those things. My perception of those “things” was completely out of whack. There was no evil in those things. The enemy was ME.
    • What I realized I was very successful when I worked for other people. I excelled when I had a J.O.B. but there was something that a JOB gave me that wasn’t there when I was running my own business and that was STRUCTURE. I knew what to do each day, I took action because someone was paying me to do it, and I had a successful mindset. I created success for myself as an employee quickly and it wasn’t until I put two and two together that I realized that I was missing that structure in my business.
    • What I needed I left the relationship coaching business and it took me a whole year before I recognized what I needed. I needed more than just a successful mindset. I needed structure. I needed a plan and I needed to uplevel who I was BEing. I said it all the time that FEAR was only False Evidence Appearing Real, but I let that fear hold me back anyway. I had one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake all the time.
    • My painful realization The day finally came when I just couldn’t do it anymore… I felt like I was slowly killing myself over this struggle. My body was breaking down with muscle spasms, headaches, and low energy. My relationship was in an upheaval, I was arguing with my man and snapping at the children, (if I had a dog I probably would’ve kicked em’), I was losing sleep and I could barely focus with the intent of service on the clients I did have.
    • What did I do? I was really in fear that I was killing myself and that I was going to end up in the hospital with an aneurism or something if I didn’t give this bull$ %^ up! I gave myself a spiritual inner kick in the ass!!!!
    • Letting Go I began letting go of the illusions of things going wrong and I began to ask myself “What else was possible” I began to affirm my power everyday. And each day I was energetically lined up with resources, ideas, actions to take, people, everything. And this marketing process that I’ll teach you was revealed to me. It came to me and when it came, I took action.
    • The Reward My productivity was energized, I fell in love with coaching entrepreneurs, and I was no longer in the mode of “I gotta get clients” and “where are my clients.” Those were the thoughts and energies that kept them away. I learned that you can’t expect to reach your dreams in your business if the majority of your energy is invested in limiting thoughts, beliefs and actions.
    • Without mindset & marketing your stuck I could give you the plan, the techniques and the whole nine, but if you keep telling yourself the same old stories, and not managing your emotional energy you will hold yourself back, stay stuck and sabotage your success. There is no plan that will make a difference.
    • And what’s worse is that your sabotaging actions have become automatic and just happen unconsciously and you miss them on a daily basis. And that shows up as you giving yourself the RED light even when you’ve convinced yourself that you want to move forward. And just as I did, you’ve got your foot and the gas and the brake at the same time
    • Get it in your SOUL I want you get the nuts and bolts of marketing yourself confidently, growing your business and making more money, but I really want you to take to heart the parts of this that aren’t as nuts & bolts. If you don’t uplevel your inner A game, nothing I share is really going to take you far. You’ll just run into your fears, and doubts an old habits again. One foot on the brake, and one foot on the gas…
    • I really get it I know that place of not knowing where to start or what to do next to breakthrough to that next level. I know about coming up with every reason you can think of to not market yourself because of your fears I know about trying to create a marketing plan and then overanalyzing every frickin’ detail
    • I know that some of you know about law of attraction and spiritual principles but you tell yourself “I got reality to deal with” I know that you want to make more money but somewhere inside you don’t think you deserve it I know that your letting your past failures haunt you and you don’t want to fail again, or let someone down, or look stupid, or prove someone right
    • I know some of you don’t follow up with potential clients You don’t invest in yourself because you’re afraid of “losing money” You know you could be helping more clients but you don’t tell them what to do to work with you because you don’t want to feel pushy or salesy.
    • You trust in the Universe (God, Spirit, Source, whatever you believe) but you don’t trust when it comes to money You downplay your gifts and talents because you don’t understand the true value of what you bring to others
    • You let outside forces dictate your beliefs and actions i.e., the media, your family, friends, the government, the economy, what you THINK other people think of you You take action to do everything at once and you overwhelm yourself! You’ve got one foot on the gas and one on the break which leads to…
    • Self Sabotage It all plays out in a big way in your business, and ultimately sabotages how you spend your time. You’ve got to:
    • Tell-tale signs of Entrepreneurial Sabotage You can create the right amount of time to be focused on what to do with that time. But first it’s important to recognize if you have entrepreneurial distractions going on.
    • Anything Resonate? • Your desk is a mess • You’ve got too much paperwork everywhere, files everywhere • You’re backlogged with emails • You’ve got things you’re supposed to do that aren’t getting done • You’ve got 3 or more incomplete projects • You’ve got 1 project that’s taking forever
    • Another distraction Letting other people’s priorities (friends, family, etc) become your priority. You make excuses… “I can’t do this in my business right now because…
    • The Solution Have a framework for your day. Starting with just 30 minutes of focused time. Energy flows where focus goes.
    • Time Techniques & Biz Building Basics You need to know: • Who you want to help (ideal clients) • How you’re going to find them • How you’re going to get their attention • How to have these potential clients become paying clients • How to build trust with them
    • Building a business is about Building Relationships • Getting the “Right” clients in the door • What to do once their there • What to do next to have them say “yes” to your programs
    • No framework leads to… *Unproductivity *Stress *Anxiety *Not making money
    • Stop Blaming Yourself You have potential in you and you want to express it to the world Feeling guilty about not living up to your potential will not move you forward.
    • Setting Goals Example: following up on client emails or potential client emails • Set a timer for 30 minutes • Line up your energy • When timer goes off… STOP • Create time chunks for a particular task
    • The Key Have the times in your calendar start to become consistent so you can achieve more in less time. Set a goal: doing a newsletter, doing email responses, connecting with referral partners, etc. You’ll feel on track with your goals because you have focused energy and time in your calendar.
    • Bonus step for liberation Getting rid of your to-do list To-do lists make you feel anxious and overwhelmed and it zaps your energy The key is… Put your tasks into your calendar organized in chunks of time
    • Jumpstart Training Jumpstart the Heart of Your Biz 90 Day Program Click Here
    • Your Half Hour of Marketing Power Sporadic marketing creates sporadic results 30 minutes a day will show a dramatic increase in your business. Incremental, building momentum and then it becomes exponential.
    • Your first assignment Schedule 30 minutes a day Monday thru Friday for the next month. Preferably at the same time of day. Don’t skip your 30 minutes. Do it as early in the day as possible. Put yourself first.
    • What will you be doing? • Doing your newsletter • Making calls • Setting up speaking engagements • Reaching out to referral partners • Writing your articles • Setting up your goals • Tracking your progress • Following up with perspective clients
    • Being Consistent You’re setting aside consistent time for your business and you’re not using that 30 minutes to figure out what to do. You’re going in with a plan. No plan = being thrown off track
    • Assignment # 2 Ask yourself: • How many clients do you think you’d attract into your business in one month being consistent for 30 days • Calculate how much you think each of those clients represents to you in potential new income.
    • Example • You created a 6 month private program based on your expertise for $4000 - $5000. Don’t let the amount scare you. • Combine that with a 6 month group program and those people invest $2000- $3000 each.
    • All you need every six months is 6 to 8 private clients and 6-8 group clients and you’re making a significant yearly income. You’re hovering around six figures, right? And you’re not working that much because you’re not overwhelmed with clients
    • The additional impact The more money you make: • The more of a difference you’re making through your work • The more of a contribution you have to your clients • People are getting better through your expertise • The worlds becoming a better place
    • Bonus Tip: Don’t discount your work Own and value who you are and what you do
    • First create steady income The shortest path to creating more income is to create steady streams of new income Then add Leveraged Income and Passive Income
    • 3 Ways to Generate Income Quickly • VIP Days – One Day Intensives • Private High End Programs • Group Programs
    • Mindset • Start making decisions from where you WANT to be, not from where you are • Start to think like the coach/entrepreneur you want to become • Start speaking as the wealthy person you want to be Ask… “What would million dollar “me” do?”
    • “How would million dollar me handle my emails today?” “What would she do in this marketing campaign?” “What would she charge for this program?” “What changes would she make in how she runs her business?”
    • Successful business owners focus on High Impact Activities • Use systems for their programs • Focus on generating high end clients • Speaking engagements, etc.
    • A high impact entrepreneur says “I have x amount of time today, what are the most business jumpstarting activities I can do in my power time today?” “What are the things I can do to boost my business in this time?”
    • Know who your ideal client is When you know who they are and you’re using those 30 minutes of marketing time each day to connect with them through your workshop planning, or your newsletters, or your referral partnerships, it makes your work a lot more enjoyable and you’re going to love working with them.
    • The #1 marketing mistake entrepreneurs make You’re not giving your clients what they’re looking for You have to see your offerings through the eyes of your ideal clients You must get to know your niche
    • Get crystal clear on what you’re clients are REALLY looking for Ask… “Am I communicating in a way that has people seeing me as a solution?” “Am I speaking to the problems they have that keep them up at night?”
    • How to have people say “yes” Building your business is all about “giving” and being of service and not “taking” It’s not about “how can I get this client so I can pay my bills.” That’s a sleazy, desperate energy. It’s about “how can I serve and give value to this person.”
    • Set goals and achieve them in less time Set small goals in addition to your bigger goal for the year Every goal should have: • A Dollar Sign • A Number Sign • A Time Frame
    • Example Goal: Speak each month Decide: • How many speaking engagements • How much you want to generate • How many people you want to turn into potential clients Time Frame: maybe 30 days
    • Goal includes x = number of speaking engagements $ = income you want to generate # = number of clients you want to serve And in what time frame
    • Imagine that the frustration, overwhelm and confusion of marketing disappears. Not knowing what to do disappears. You add more clients, money and freedom to your life
    • Jumpstart Training • Marketing Plan System • Done-for-You, day-by-day Plan • Day-to-day Checklists Click Here
    • This is for you if… • Struggle to create consistent income • You’re ready to take your business in a new direction • If you want to add something new to your business • You’re ready to sign on new clients • Want someone to show you exactly what to do
    • Also for you if… You want to let go of the fear, worry and guilt that comes along with struggling to build your business and you want to feel a lot more confident in the process.
    • Jumpstart Your Biz for MORE Clients Learn: • The most important mindset shift to attract your ideal clients • How to create marketing messages that are juicy, compelling and capture the attention of your ideal clients • The best places to find your Mr. or Ms. Right Clients
    • • How to identify potential clients that you already have easy access to • Tools to increase your self-confidence, self-esteem and self worth • How to create your daily plan • Know which boundaries to maintain • The exact steps to take in your “power half hour” of marketing
    • Done-For-You Bonuses • Day-by-day marketing plan that shows you exactly what to do • Detailed checklist of where to find your ideal client, referral partners & more
    • Jumpstart Your Biz for MORE Income • Set goals that empower you to attract more income • Stop worrying about how you’ll find perspective clients (hint: it’s all about having other people help you) • Tools to release your old stories that are keeping you stuck
    • • Shift your perception of money, know what it means and why generating more money is part of your path! • Steps to let go of judgments of yourself and others • Step-by-step on how to create offers that your clients want to invest in • My “money mindset” tool to help you attract more income
    • • How to authentically sign up a new client • Cultivate your money confidence (finally understand that your thoughts about money & self worth are controlling EVERYTHING in your business, so you can solve this now!)
    • Done-For-You Bonuses • Step-by-step checklist of how to create your fabulous program offers • Word-for-word script on what to do when you’re giving a presentation or workshop that adds new contacts to your list • Bonus handouts so you have done-for-you forms & checklists!
    • Imagine what it would feel like to… • Leave behind all the confusion, overwhelm and monkey mind chatter that goes with it • Have eliminated self sabotage and instead you’re consistently in action that is easy to take because it feels good to you • Have a system that you can use over and over to keep upleveling yourself and your business beyond what has held you back in the past
    • Your Next Step • Apply for a Free Strategy Session to see if the Jumpstart the Heart of Your Biz is right for you. http://JeeJeeSaafir.com