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5 Marketing Mistakes Even Smart, Bad-Ass, "Woo-Woo" Friendly Coaches Make
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5 Marketing Mistakes Even Smart, Bad-Ass, "Woo-Woo" Friendly Coaches Make


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There are 5 basic marketing mistakes that most coaches make that keep them from finding more clients, increasing their income, and finding freedom in their work. Learn these practical tips to help you …

There are 5 basic marketing mistakes that most coaches make that keep them from finding more clients, increasing their income, and finding freedom in their work. Learn these practical tips to help you build your business even if you're just starting out.

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  • 1. 5 Marketing Mistakes Even Smart, Bad-Ass, “Woo-Woo” Friendly Coaches Make Practical Tips to Help you Build Your Business Even if You’re Just Starting Out by JeeJee Saafir
  • 2. Mistake #1 Wanting to appeal to everyone Having an unclear niche has it’s pitfalls. Niche = Who You Serve, and What You Do People who are clear about who their clients are, really get to understand what their clients want and need even before their client does and they’re able to market directly to them in language they understand.
  • 3. When you’re trying to appeal to everyone, and everyone is a potential client, you dilute your marketing message and no one really hears it. You don’t connect with their hearts and minds because you’re not speaking their language. Your communication is fuzzy and your signal isn’t clear.
  • 4. Would you just date random people all the time hoping one might be the one, or would you date people who have the qualities you’re seeking who could potentially end up being your soulmate? Being clear about the clients you want to work with is no different. Your Soul clients do exist.
  • 5. Mistake #2 Not knowing where you’re going with your marketing. It’s one thing to write up your business or marketing plan but it’s quite another to actually follow through with it! There are a lot of you who are free spirited people. You hate structure… I get that, but… you can’t just throw spaghetti on the wall and hope it’ll stick. Not a good plan.
  • 6. When you’re in business for yourself it’s super dooper easy to forget that this is your baby and to that baby you are EVERYTHING. You’re the marketer, the salesperson, the accountant, the writer, everything!
  • 7. It’s not enough to just be good at what you do. You need a plan, you need some doable goals and you want to be clear on the results you want your marketing to generate. You can’t just have a vague goal of “I need more clients,” because then you’ll get distracted, and you’ll waste money, time and energy possibly marketing to the wrong people, or marketing with the wrong message. So you need a clear marketing plan and you need to follow it!
  • 8. When you have a job, there are tasks and duties you perform each day. There is structure there where you know what must be done and you follow through each day. And someone’s paying you to do it. You’re business is no different, it works well when you have structure, when you know what to do each day, and if you want to be paid for what you do, you have to follow through!
  • 9. Mistake #3 Not having a clear core message We are bombarded everyday with marketing messages in our email inboxes, on social media and everywhere you turn, and often we tune much of it out… except for those of you who have Shiny Object Syndrome who look at everything!! You need to stop it. That’s my bonus tip. Distraction does not move you forward! I’m just sayin…’ You need to be able to stand out.
  • 10. And if you can’t stand out because your message is unclear, or not compelling, people who could be your clients are going to tune out your marketing too. You have to learn how to tap into the heads & hearts of your ideal clients, so that you can grab their attention and hold it long enough for them to do something about it – whether that’s pick up the phone to find out more about how to work with you or join one of your programs.
  • 11. Mistake #4 Letting leads (potential peeps) get cold A lot of professionals think that clients will sign up to work with them “when they’re ready” (that day often never comes) or that their existing clients will automatically come back to them if they want more (cause you’re just that damn good), right? However…
  • 12. If you don’t follow up with them, either they’ll find someone else to help them or they’ll think you don’t want them as a client anymore and guess what… they’ll find someone else to help them.
  • 13. Connecting with potential clients via phone or through email to see if you can serve them isn’t cold calling, it’s service. It’s politeness, it’s you sharing your gifts with those who may need them.
  • 14. And just because someone has finished their course of coaching on one issue doesn’t mean they won’t ever need coaching again. Believe me if they got value from your work together their will be other issues they need help with. Maybe you helped someone a year ago with their dating skills and now they’ve met this awesome partner and they need help navigating this relationship. Not a bad issue to have, but they may need your help. Even past successes lead to new issues that people need solutions to.
  • 15. So, think about ways that you can continue your relationship with them. Whether it’s a quarterly call, a newsletter, a postcard, a birthday card… Find a way to keep in touch because you never know when their circumstances will change.
  • 16. Mistake #5 The Head Honcho of Mistakes Sabotaging your own success Sad but true is the fact that there are people who unconsciously DON’T want to be successful. They’ve got negative energy around success. ~~Negative Vibes~~
  • 17. Whether it’s because you’re carrying around memories of when someone told you that you’d never succeed… Or somehow you don’t feel worthy or like you deserve it. Or you’re afraid of failure… Or even if you do become wealthy maybe it will make you a bad person. These are all thoughts that kill success…
  • 18. What’s #1 Cause of Negative Vibrations? Past Failures They dictate almost all other problems! What are we unconsciously trying to avoid? P.A.I.N. (Perceptions And Incorrect Notions)
  • 19. We Want to Avoid • Not failing again • Not wanting to let someone else down • Not wanting to look stupid again • Not wanting to prove them right To avoid these pains, we shortchange our dreams and the little voice (gremlins) convinces us success is not necessary. We retreat to what feels comfortable.
  • 20. You emanate this vibration over the phone, in your writing, and in person. Doesn’t matter how smart you are or what tips and tricks you have, it’s your vibration. It’s your energy.
  • 21. How Does This Show Up? Maybe as you’re unconsciously thinking that no one would ever pay to be coached by you, you’re giving away free session after free session or deeply discounting your fees because you’re afraid or embarrassed to ask for money. ~~Negative Vibes~~
  • 22. Building a successful mindset, cultivating your own self confidence, knowing and valuing who you are and what you’re here to share with others is over 90% of the determining factor of your success. Limiting beliefs can get in the way. How you feel about you, and knowing how to navigate the stress, overwhelm, worry, doubt and fear that comes with being an entrepreneur is UBER important! UBER!!
  • 23. Your Next Step Avoid these mistakes and take the fast road to creating an income breakthrough in your business with Marketing Power Hour Sessions The Marketing Hour of Power is a 1:1 power hour designed to help you get clarity, eliminate distractions, get control of your day-to-day marketing and income creating activities AND start taking INSPIRED action on the 30 day Marketing Power Plan we'll create together! Click here for more details and to claim your spot!
  • 24. Enjoyed this? Like & Share with friends and colleagues so they may benefit as well. We need thriving coaches like you. You thriving means you’re helping a lot more people. You rock! Visit me again at