Shipbuilding Project Researchers Orientation


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Shipbuilding Project Researchers Orientation

  2. 2. Development of a strategy which will detail how New Brunswick Aboriginal people can maximize employment and contracting opportunities with Irving Shipbuilding under their National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy contract.
  3. 3.  Irving Shipbuilding Inc. was selected in 2011 to build the combat vessel work package for an approximate $25 Billion over the next 20 – 30 years.  The combat vessel work package includes:  Arctic/Offshore Patrol Ships (6-8)  Canadian Surface Combatants (up to 15 vessels)
  4. 4.  Construction to begin in mid 2015 on Arctic/Offshore Patrol Ships  Construction to begin in 2020-22 on Canadian Surface Combatants  Projected to create approximately 11,500 jobs in Atlantic Canada
  5. 5. Examples Of Some Of The Potential Employment Opportunities  Pipefitters  Engine Fitters  Machinists  Welders  Electricians  Ironworkers  Joiners  Crane Operators  Spray Painters/Blasters  Labourers
  6. 6.  As the largest post 2nd World War navy procurement, and as a national project, Aboriginal People of New Brunswick should and will see some of the benefits.  The development of the databases through your research activities is one of the key components of the overall strategy development.  The following is an outline of how the strategy will be developed.
  7. 7.  Undertake a comprehensive consultation process with Aboriginal people, communities and organizations to solicit input on strategy design.  Develop partnerships with key stakeholders including ASETS, industry, trade unions and government to participate in an Advisory Working Group throughout the strategy development phase.
  8. 8.  Undertake a Province wide research project to develop a comprehensive database of skilled workers and businesses who could potentially become involved in the shipbuilding project.  Development of an online portal for project information and to allow individuals and businesses to register in the database.  Undertake research to establish the demand side requirements at various stages of the shipbuilding project for both skilled workers and contractors.
  9. 9.  Develop the New Brunswick Aboriginal Shipbuilding Strategy, which flows from the various activities described previously.  Present the finalized Strategy at the next JEDI Plenary in late spring and move to implementation in early summer.
  10. 10.  Researchers assigned to collect data for each of the ASETS Agreement Holders client group.  MAWIW Council  New Brunswick Aboriginal Peoples Council  North Shore Mi’kmaq District Council  St. John River Valley District Council  Two databases have been developed for both Aboriginal businesses and workforce  Entering data will be done online and each researcher will be able to access the database through the Internet.
  11. 11.  Suggested Approach  Become familiar with the database and the available online support  Reach out to your contacts and key informants to establish initial listing of candidates.  Develop your specific communications strategy to inform communities and targeted interest groups about the project.  Examples might include newsletters, web sites, Facebook, posters, etc.
  12. 12.  Suggested Approach  Utilize JEDI as a support resource as required.  Provide feedback on successes and challenges in monthly reports to allow us to identify common issues
  13. 13.  Contract signed - mid February.  Database selection and design - early March.  Documentation of skilled workers and businesses - March through May.  Development of Consultation process - March.  Aboriginal people, communities and organizations consulted - April/May. (we will use this as an opportunity to inform the public of the research activities.)  Development of draft New Brunswick Aboriginal Shipbuilding Strategy - May
  14. 14.  Vetting draft Strategy with JEDI and key stakeholders – mid May  Finalizing Strategy based on feedback from vetting process – late May  Presentation of Strategy at next JEDI Plenary – June  Implementation of Strategy – June 2014 and ongoing throughout the period of shipbuilding contract.
  15. 15.  The most comprehensive databases for Aboriginal businesses and skilled workforce ever developed in New Brunswick.  Direct employment and contracting opportunities related to the Irving Shipbuilding project.  Direct employment and contracting opportunities with other major developments.
  16. 16.  Please provide all contact information for each researcher and any associated ASETS individuals directly involved in the project.  Our contact information is: Cecil Cameron (506) 461-6327
  17. 17. QUESTIONS