How To Get Pregnant


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Alarming recent study discloses link between premature delivery during pregnancy and consumption of diet soda. Specialist exposes truths about how diet drinks and sugar free substances can harm pregnant women.

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How To Get Pregnant

  1. 1. Shocking Truths About Pregnancy & Horrors Of Drinking Diet Drinks Shocking recent study uncovers link between child birth complications and intake of diet drinks. Specialist exposes truths about how diet drinks and sugar free substances can harm pregnant women. To find out more about how to get pregnant naturally and quickly, visit:
  2. 2. The usually good humored doctor was angry, very angry. He had the disposition of a warrior fighting against a lost cause and he suspected his enemy is just too big for him. "It irritates me beyond anything you know, when I see all these women either pregnant or questioning how to get pregnant drinking this liquid poison. So much damage for years to come will be triggered and there is almost nothing we can do about it." Dr Zan Teichmann is an internationally known expert on nutrition and holistic pregnancy solutions. We were sitting in his old English home interviewing him on a study that was published late last month (June 2010) from The Americal Journal of Clinical Nutrition. "Its been about 8 years now that I have been fighting against aspartame but the situation is getting worse by the day. This substance was an accidental discovery and should't have been in the market at all, yet now its consumed by millions of people every single day." He was of course talking about the infamous sugar substitute that is now used in almost all diet drinks like Coke Lite and Diet Pepsi, sugar free candies and most other sugar free food or drinks. The most complained product in FDA history Aspartame is being introduced all around the world in hundreds of different ways every day. Aspartame is the technical name for the chemical otherwise known as Equal, Spoonful NutraSweet, and other sugar alternatives. Aspartame was discovered by accident by a chemist in the G.D Searle company in USA in the 1960's. "There are quite a few studies on aspartame that came out both from Europe and America which clearly demonstrates how it is responsible for many dreadful diseases. Some of the more known diseases it has been reported to either induce or worsen is Alzeimer's, Parkinson's, brain tumors, multiple sclerosis, depression, the big surprise chronic To find out more about how to get pregnant naturally and quickly, visit:
  3. 3. weight gain and now you can see... premature deliveries and birth defects." The doctor was talking about the study just released which we came to interview him on, The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reports a study conducted on about 60,000 Danish women which shows clear links between the consumption of diet soda and premature delivery in childbirth. In this report, out of the 60,000 women surveyed, only 5 percent experienced premature childbirth. The number jumped to 38 percent among the women who drank at least 1 diet drink daily. Still the true nightmare comes into picture for those women who drank 4 or more diet sodas daily. An astounding 80% of these avid guzzlers experienced premature childbirth! "This is quite expected really! At least it is to me. That aspartame causes complications during pregnancy has been understood since 2004 when a study in the Journal of Neurotoxicology and Teratology clearly showed that aspartame consumption "significantly decreased" gestation periods in primates. So as you can see this information about the harmful effects of aspartame is not really something new. Its been around for a while now. And people are barely yet paying any attention." Yet around the world multi-million dollar marketing campaigns are being launched every month featuring models and movie stars who tell their followers their secret of such a great body is their favorite diet soda. "These are sad times we are living in you see. Never before we experienced such criminal activities in such a global scale. These marketing companies and pharmaceuticals are killing millions around the world for a little profit. Think about all the children who will be born with birth defects and live their lives paying the price for it. Imagine all the women To find out more about how to get pregnant naturally and quickly, visit:
  4. 4. who are wondering how to get pregnant everyday, when the only thing that’s stopping them is quite likely their innocent diet drink. Think about all the people who are dying from cancers like leukemia and lymphoma, the terrible pain they and their families endure. Yet the moment we make some progress making the public a bit more aware, is the moment they (the multinational companies) launch yet another brainwashing campaign showing how glamorous it is to drink this poison." Previously in another study published in the European Journal of Oncology by Morando Soffritti and co-workers revealed that "the formaldehyde breakdown product of aspartame damaged DNA and this damage is accumulative... This means that drinking a single diet cola sweetened with aspartame every day could increase one's risk of developing a lymphoma or leukemia." When asked what would be the best course of action for women who want to become pregnant but having trouble conceiving, the doctor cheered up again to his usual self. "What they need to realize is that pregnancy is a extremely complicated affair and the body has its innate knowledge of when it is ready to host a baby. They need to trust this bodily intelligence and make it easy for the body with proper nutrition and a healthy life style. The very first thing that women should steer clear from is all these toxic chemical containing products like diet soda and junk food. The next thing to keep in mind is that getting pregnant may take a while for anybody. Just because you are healthy does not mean you can get pregnant anytime you want and also just because you are not getting pregnant does not mean you are infertile. Stay away from pills, drugs and other medical interventions unless you unquestionably need it. Try to go for natural, herbal and holistic solutions. Believe it or not, there is a world of options out there. Do your research." To find out more about how to get pregnant naturally and quickly, visit:
  5. 5. So what did I learn from this interview with Dr Teichmann? I need to read my labels before I put something in my mouth, even if its some product that comes from a big shot company. I guess that will apply to you too reader... Especially if you are trying to get pregnant. To find out more about how to get pregnant naturally and quickly, visit: