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The map is not the territory


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Explaining the clash between operations and project using the 7 personal levels

Explaining the clash between operations and project using the 7 personal levels

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  • 1. “The map is not the territory” clashes within the IT Enterprise BARCAMP 2007 - December 1 - Great Minds Sync Alike
  • 2. Introduction • • Independent Consultant • Projects & operations • Technical & Human Factor • Try to get the FUN back in working
  • 3. But now for something completely different
  • 4. But now for something completely different
  • 5. Does this look like an ordinary day at work?
  • 6. Is Operations blocking your project?
  • 7. Have you tried different tactics?
  • 8. Your ‘battle’ never seems too stop?
  • 9. Sometimes it works
  • 10. But you keep having major problems
  • 11. It’s just a matter of time!
  • 12. Your Developers
  • 13. Your Operations
  • 14. But now for something completely different
  • 15. But now for something completely different
  • 16. Experiment 1 • I need 3 volunteers to leave the room
  • 17. Mission • Project: Sort my backpack • Deadline: 1 minute • No questions asked
  • 18. Results • Same Mission • Different results
  • 19. Example 2 • What do you see: • Old or young Lady?
  • 20. Example 3 Project Company (Local) (Global)
  • 21. Example 3 Project Company (Local) (Global)
  • 22. How does this relate to YOUR organization?
  • 23. Map versus Territory • Alfred Korzybski • Every person has its own view/map on reality • Every person = • Developers • Operations • Managers • Even Collegues
  • 24. We Belgians are experts
  • 25. What do we do now?
  • 26. Neurological Levels • Robert Dilts • Neuro-Linguistic Programming • A model for behavior, learning and communication
  • 27. Neuro-Logical Levels ✓What is my Intention? Vision ✓Who am I to be? Identity ✓What are my values? Values ✓What are my beliefs? Beliefs ✓What am I capable of? Skills ✓What am I able to do? Behavior ✓Where does it happen? Context
  • 28. Corporate: Context Vision Identity “It’s not MY fault” Values •We need a new server Beliefs •My boss is stupid Skills •This place is a mess Behavior Context
  • 29. Corporate: Behavior “I do something, but I don’t Vision know why” Identity •We always do it like this Values •Usually when I do this, it Beliefs works Skills •I just use it, i don’t know Behavior any details Context
  • 30. Corporate: Skills Vision Identity “If I learn to do this Values better I will succeed” •certifications Beliefs •trainings Skills •people vs. technical Behavior Context
  • 31. Corporate: Beliefs “I strongly believe that” •project success=on time •project success=on budget Vision •project success=no bugs Identity •other people are stupid Values •they will never change Beliefs •it will never happen Skills •there is nothing I can do Behavior Context
  • 32. Corporate: Values “What do I value most” Vision •functionality Identity •stability Values •user friendly Beliefs •technological coolness Skills Behavior Context
  • 33. Corporate: Identity We have multiple identities •family member Vision •employee Identity •coporate role Values Beliefs Skills Different per identity •As a father I value ... Behavior •As a manager I value ... Context
  • 34. Solving problems ✓Solve problems at a higher level ✓Align actions at all levels Vision Identity ✓For technical people Values skills != identity Beliefs Skills ✓Good candidate != ∑ skill Behavior Context
  • 35. So now you know
  • 36. Enterprise Version The Game of the Enterprise 2.0 Features Managers Developers Operations So play a different game now.
  • 37. Who will rule the company? Enterprise Version Battle with Operations Sink new Projects Remember! “The Map is not the territory”
  • 38. Any Questions?
  • 39. References • • • • •
  • 40. Thank YOU!