Opening sequence pitch


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Opening sequence pitch

  1. 1. The Brief “Produce the titles and opening of a new fiction film, to last a maximum of two/three minutes”I will be working individually on the project
  2. 2. Genre I have chosen to produce an action/psychological thriller. The reason behind this is that during my market research 60% of those asked stated that their favourite genre was action. I also decided to add in a psychological side because I think that movies that make an audience think and interpret the events in the movie is very effective.
  3. 3. Certificate The certificate for my film would be a 15. The reason being that I want the psychological side of the film to be more intense and there would be some violence during the action scenes I could have made the film a 12a certificate but I would not be able to include the above things
  4. 4. Target Audience In relation to the genre and certificate, the target audience that my sequence is aimed at is mature young adults and middle aged adults due to the fact that the certificate is a 15 and that the film will focus heavily on action and psychological elements which are more mature themes. Also through my market research I found out that a majority of peoples favourite genre of movie is action, and that peoples favourite movies within the genre have certificates of 15 or above.
  5. 5. The Title Of My Film I have chosen to name my film: CITIZEN ERASED I decided on this name based around the story for my film in that the characters identity is removed from society and is therefore erased. I also took some inspiration from a song by the band Muse which title is the same name whose lyrics revolve around a person losing touch with themselves and how it affects those around them. I thought this was relevant and liked the title of the song so decided to use it.
  6. 6. Film synopsis In the year 2020 a man awakes in the confines of the H.O.O.D.O.O group with no recollection of who he is or what has happened to him. The head of H.O.O.D.O.O simply refereed to as „the man‟ explains to him that his identity no longer exists and that the world has forgotten him. He is given a name „patient 84‟ and is kept within the facility for experiments for an unknown purpose. Patient 84 must escape from the facility and discover the truth behind himself and the events that have unfolded. Patient 84 discovers a dark and mysterious plot that hoodoo intend to launch on the world and it is up to him to expose the truth and save the world along with himself before its too late and he is erased from society for ever……..
  7. 7. Cast• „Patient 84‟ is being played by HarveyBrown. He is the main character whoseidentity has been erased and has lost allrecollection of his past and of what hashappened to him. His lost memories haunthim as he uncovers the bigger picture behindwhat has happened• „The Man‟ is being played by Jake Bullman.He is the head of the company H.O.O.D.O.O.and is charge of patient 84 processingthrough the companies experimentation. Heis extremely malicious and will stop at nothingto achieve the vision of the company.
  8. 8. LocationsMy opening sequence will take place in two separate locations, one being the inside of the corporation inan interrogation room or possibly a warehouse. I have chosen to shoot this scene in my cousins garagebecause, it has good atmospheric lighting and looks slightly dark and gritty, which is what I want for thescene.(When I film I will clear out the mess so that it does not look like a garage)
  9. 9. The second scene in my opening sequence takes place within a house, moremore specifically the bathroom of said house as the main character stares athimself in the mirror and questions his own identity. The rest of scene involves themain character preparing to leave and enter the world that no longer knows he exists.I decide upon using the bathroom and its mirror because it represents how thecharacter sees nothing but a reflection, nothing that he recognises in himself. Thescene also cross cuts with the one in the facility and the modern, clean look of thebathroom contrasts the look of the garage.
  10. 10. Title integrationI have two ideas for the integration of the titles into my opening sequence. My firstidea involves the credits appearing physically in shot. Part of the sequenceinvolves „the man‟ looking through 84‟s file which has been/is being crossed outand deleted. So I would place the credits in the file as if they are part of it andhave them crossed out along with the actual parts of the file.The second idea involves having the titles appear throughout the beginning of thescene in the conventional manner (having been edited in) but they are typed as ifon a computer or typewriter and then are deleted.I have also come up with some distributor titles:• Uprising pictures• Identity parade pictures• Mind game studios• Shadowplay entertainment• Mind blow studios
  11. 11. Key shotsOpening shot - The opening shot will either be a close-up of the main characterseyes staring into the mirror or it will be a close-up shot of the barcode mark on themain characters arm during the scene in the garage. Both of these shots would besignificant as they represent identity, something which the character does nothave.Closing shot - The closing shot for my sequence will be of the main characterstanding in front of the garage door as it opens to reveal the world, this shot issignificant as it represents how he is stepping into a new world that does not knowhim.Other important shots - the shot of the file being placed on the table bearing astamp saying „erased‟, mid shot of main character looking into mirror askinghimself questions, first cross cut between two scenes, shot of 84 sitting at his desk(high angle medium shot)