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he objective of this discipline is to train the manpower required to pursue research in specialized areas and meet the industry needs. The programme includes courses covering the core of Computer Science and Engineering discipline and several electives in areas of Intelligent Systems and Knowledge Engineering, Human Computer Interaction, Theoretical Computer Science, Networks and Distributed Systems and Hardware Systems

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M.Tech computer-science-and-software-engineering

  1. 1. JECRC University OffersMaster of Technology Computer Science & Engineering Software Engineering
  2. 2. JECRC FoundationThe Foundation is a leading education group with institutes forengineering, management and pure & applied sciences. These are: Jaipur Engineering College & Research Centre (JECRC) JECRC UDML College of Engineering (JECRC UDML) JECRC Business School Mahatma G dhi I i M h Gandhi Institute of A li d Sciences (MGIaS) f Applied S i (MGI S) JECRC University
  3. 3. R&D at JECRC Foundation Research activities have always been at the core of JECRC Foundations gy p ideology & practices. Government has so far funded R&D projects of Rs.2crore from agencies j t fR 2 f i like AICTE, Central DST, State DST and DRDO.
  4. 4. R&D at JECRC Foundation DST-Rajasthan has sponsored highest number of students’ projects in the state in the field of engineering. The Foundation has a large number of faculty members actively working in research and consultancy.
  5. 5. Placements at JECRC
  6. 6. Highlights of JECRC University Advanced curriculum Outstanding research infrastructure Highly Hi hl qualified and experienced f lt members lifi d d i d faculty b Foreign collaborations Teaching assistantships for meritorious candidates Scholarships based on B Tech percentage B.Tech
  7. 7. Course curriculumM.Tech in Computer Science & EngineeringThis programme is aimed at providing students with a wide variety ofopportunities, both in the industry as well as in R&D field. The curriculumis designed to make the students excel in areas of data mining andwarehousing, artificial intelligence, geographic information system,information system & securities, grid computing, mobile computing, etc.
  8. 8. Course curriculumM.Tech in Software Engineering A two-year full time software engineering programme has been developed to bridge the industry-academic gap by providing software engineering specific knowledge with the focus on advanced technical and personal skills development. The course material has been designed by industry experts with decades of experience behind them.
  9. 9. Course curriculumM.Tech in Software Engineering The curriculum is designed to make the students excel in areas of artificial intelligence & expert systems, information system securities, neural networks, web development, virtualisation, quality assurance, semantic web, etc.
  10. 10. Aim & ScopeM.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering This M.Tech course in computer science and engineering aims at in depth study of advances in areas like computer architecture, operating systems, object oriented systems, , p g y , j y , algorithms, virtualisation, data mining, neural networks, etc. The Th course intends to provide an opportunity to study i t d t id t it t t d computer science in detail and open different areas for research.
  11. 11. Aim & ScopeM.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering Students shall be able to analyse, architect, design, plan, develop, and deploy complex software systems; applying modern approaches to software engineering. pp g g They shall also be able to apply diverse software engineering methodologies and make principled decisions i i th d l i d k i i l dd i i about an appropriate balance of agile and plan-driven techniques.
  12. 12. Infrastructure State-of-the-art laboratories First nodal centre of Mission10X Technology Learning Centre (Wipro) in North India to enhance the employability of students Centre of excellence for IBM Software, Microsoft Innovation Academy at JECRC
  13. 13. Infrastructure Research groups for basic and applied research in artificial intelligence, embedded systems, robotics, natural language p processing and information retrieval g Rich departmental library Collaboration with EMC for learning in the field of information storage management systems IEEE, CSI chapters
  14. 14. Career and Employability IT sector has increased its contribution to Indias I di GDP from 1.2% in FY1998 to 8% in f 1 2% i i FY2012. The Th current IT sector in India aggregated t t i I di t d revenues are US$100 billion. There is a huge demand of R&D engineers in industry, industry education and research organisations. Today IT sector is the highest employment industry. Overall employment increased by 979,000, with highest increase of 665,000 in information technology.
  15. 15. Career and EmployabilityAerospace & defense, airlines, automotive, communicationservices, consumer packaged goods, education, energy,financial services, healthcare, high-tech, hospitality and leisure, , , g , p y ,industrial manufacturing, insurance, life sciences, logistics anddistribution,distribution media & entertainment, publishing, resources entertainment publishingindustries, retail, utilities, etc
  16. 16. CollaborationsMoU signed between JECRC University and University ofAlabama for Exchange of faculty and staff Collaborative research work Joint conferences, workshops and meetings Twinning programmes
  17. 17. Admission process Entry requirement: Minimum 55% in related discipline (Direct/valid GATE score) Apply Online or Download Application Form pp y pp Application fee: Rs.1200 (Credit/Debit card or Demand draft in favor of ‘JECRC University payable at Jaipur) JECRC University’ Issue of admission offer letter: 4 days from application date Fee deposition: As per admission offer letter Tuition fee: Rs.1,00,000 per annum p y p payable in two installments
  18. 18. Scholarship Scholarship based on B.Tech percentage - 65% and above: 40% of tuition fee - 75% and above: 60% of tuition fee d bove: o u o ee - 85% and above: 80% of tuition fee - 90% and above: 100% of t iti fee d b f tuition f Teaching assistantship available for meritorious candidates (subject to performance in interview)
  19. 19. Contact Mukesh Agarwal +91 92140 44474, +91 99826 82903 mukesh.a@jecrcuniversity.edu.in k h @j i it d i