JECRC iWeekend Cloud Day
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JECRC iWeekend Cloud Day

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A workshop on cloud computing was held at JECRC Foundation, Jaipur on 17th December, 2011 by Eucalyptus under the banner of JECRC iWeekend, a 3-day techno fest of JECRC Foundation.

A workshop on cloud computing was held at JECRC Foundation, Jaipur on 17th December, 2011 by Eucalyptus under the banner of JECRC iWeekend, a 3-day techno fest of JECRC Foundation.

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  • 1. whoamiOpen source enthusiast and a Linux user since2002Co-founder Linux User Group, JaipurAssociated with Fedora Project since 2008Eucalyptus Community Member since 2009Known as @jeevanullas on the internet
  • 2. AgendaCloud ComputingAmazon Web Services (AWS)Cloud APIsBuilding our own AWS using EucalyptusCloud Security
  • 3. Cloud ?“Cloud computing is a model for enabling convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurablecomputing resources(e.g., networks, servers, storage, applications, and services)that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimalmanagement effort or service provider interaction. Thiscloud model promotes availability and is composed of fiveessential characteristics, three service models, and fourdeployment models”Definition according to NIST
  • 4. Essential Characteristics On-demand self service Broad network access Resource pooling Rapid elasticity Measured service
  • 5. Service Models Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • 6. Deployment Models Private Cloud Community Cloud Public Cloud Hybrid Cloud
  • 7. Amazon Web Services Biggest public cloud Provider (IaaS) Set of web services – accessible via API Compute – EC2 Storage – S3, EBS Database - RDS Messaging - SQS
  • 8. AWS is Huge ! Regions ELB Availability zones Cloud Watch AMI Cloud Front Security Groups SNS Key pairs SQS Elastic IP Elastic Beanstalk EBS Cloud Formation S3 Elastic Map Reduce EC2 VPC IAM Route 53 RDS …
  • 9. AWS Security SSH Keypairs SSL Endpoints Protect your Access/Secret keys Protect your X.509 certificates Security Groups Virtual Private Cloud Identity Access Management Encrypting data at rest and data during transit
  • 10. AWS DemoDifferent ways to access AWS • Command Line tools• AWS Management Console • APIs
  • 11. Eucalyptus - Introduction Elastic Utility Computing Architecture for Linking Your Programs To Useful Systems Developed at UC Santa Barbara Eucalyptus interface compatible with AWS More than 25000 cloud deployments Support for multiple hypervisors – XEN, KVM, VMware Packaged for popular Linux distributions – Ubuntu, Centos, Debian
  • 12. Eucalyptus – ArchitecturalComponents Cloud Controller – EC2 Cluster Controller – Build availability zones similar to AWS Storage Controller - EBS Walrus – S3 Node Controller – Runs the virtual machines on Cloud
  • 13. How to get started withEucalyptus Faststart – Quickest available to have your own cloud Eucalyptus Community Cloud Setup your own on your favorite Linux distribution
  • 14. Demo of ECC
  • 15. Image Management -Eucalyptuseuca-bundle-image -i vmlinuz-2.6.28-11-generic --kernel trueeuca-upload-bundle -b jeevan-fed-kernel -m/tmp/<kernel file>.manifest.xmleuca-register jeevan-fedora/<kernelfile>.manifest.xml
  • 16. Image Management -Eucalyptus euca-bundle-image -i initrd.img-2.6.28-11- generic --ramdisk true euca-upload-bundle -b jeevan-fed-initrd -m /tmp/<initrd file>.manifest.xml euca-register jeevan-fed-initrd/<initrd file>.manifest.xml
  • 17. Image Management -Eucalyptus euca-bundle-image -i fedora.10.x86-64.img -- kernel <eki-XXXXXXXX> --ramdisk <eri- XXXXXXXX> euca-upload-bundle -b jeevan-fed-vm -m /tmp/<vm image file>.manifest.xml euca-register jeevan-fed-vm/<vm image file>.manifest.xml
  • 18. Cloud Security Protecting sensitive data on Cloud Regulatory Compliant Cloud Computing (RC3) computing Classifying data Sensitive and Regulated Sensitive and non-Regulated Non Sensitive Data Importance of KeyAppliance
  • 19. Eucalyptus Community #eucalyptus on Regular IRC meetings in #eucalyptus-meeting Meeting Calendar: Mailing list for all (Join Us!) Projects for Everyone