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Is Web Experience Management CMS 2.0, or is it just vendor hype?

This presentation busts the top five myths of WEM and shows you the essence of truth underneath the marketing hype.

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  • http://jboye.com/blogpost/experience-management-is-meaningless-vendor-jargon/
  • Text here is really referring to Richard Nisbett on “The geography of thought”
  • Web -> Digital -> Multichannel Fully Integrated with CRM, ERP
  • The problem is only partially technology – the bigger issues are in understanding the customer and having an offering for the customer that makes sense.
  • “ At ISITE Design, we fundamentally believe that . . . companies that truly focus on experience will win – both with their customers and on their balance sheets.”
  • From “Engage Me: Web Experience Management as the New Business Imperative,” by Mary LaPlante, Bill Trippe, and Leonor Ciarlone of Gilbane Group.
  • This is no isolated issue – lots of people have seen this phenomenon, though I don’t know if that says more about obsessions with sexuality and people worrying about being thought gay than it does about the failure of personalization
  • Responsive – to customer’s needs and express desires- not just platforms True Responsive Design means content strategy and a customer experience-centric vision of the business
  • A truly responsive design MUST take into account the needs of the audience and the content. CMS platforms and site builders are focused on adapting to devices but not to users of those devices.
  • Web experience management myths

    1. 1. Web Experience Management Myths and Realities John Eckman @jeckman#cmsexpo #wemmyths @jeckman
    2. 2. CMS Mythbusting http://www.cmsmyth.com/ “If you center your planning efforts around the CMS selection process,2 your project is probably already off track.” #cmsexpo #wemmyths @jeckman
    3. 3. WEM Myths & Realities • What is WEM? • Top 5 Myths of WEM • WEM Realities • Getting Started3 #cmsexpo #wemmyths @jeckman
    4. 4. http://dilbert.com/strips/comic/1999-12-03/ WHAT IS WEM?4 #cmsexpo #wemmyths @jeckman
    5. 5. What is WEM? “Experience management is really just new marketing talk by proprietary and expensive vendors for a content management system.” http://bit.ly/vendor_jargon (August 9, 2010)5 #cmsexpo #wemmyths @jeckman
    6. 6. What is WEM? “Unambiguous advertising or promotion” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_Experience_Management6 #cmsexpo #wemmyths @jeckman
    7. 7. OASIS WEMI TC “Web Experience Management (WEM) is a redefinition or evolution of Web Content Management (WCM). Where WCM provides the foundation for collaboration by offering users the ability to manage content, WEM emphasizes the importance of the delivery of the aggregated content into a total Web Experience.” http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/wemi/charter.php7 #cmsexpo #wemmyths @jeckman
    8. 8. WEM extends WCM In addition to enabling content to be sourced, edited, reviewed, published, and archived, now we also need to think about how it is received: what impact it has on our customers and therefore our business8 #cmsexpo #wemmyths @jeckman
    9. 9. Reception in Communication “He felt that his job in communication ended with self-expression. Reception is someone else’s problem. Geeks don’t have an exclusive right to this misconception, but it’s particularly embedded in geek culture” p. 359 #cmsexpo #wemmyths @jeckman
    10. 10. Transmitter Orientation “Western communication has . . . a ‘transmitter orientation’ . . . [it’s] the responsibility of the speaker to communicate ideas clearly and unambiguously. . . many Asian countries [are] receiver oriented. It is up to the listener to make sense of what is being10 said.” – p.216 #cmsexpo #wemmyths @jeckman
    11. 11. WEM, WXM, CEM, CXM, WTF? “Web” or “Customer” •Channel •Scope of Integration Engagement versus Experience •Breadth •Outcome or Goal? •Is “E” or “X” more sexy?11 #cmsexpo #wemmyths @jeckman
    12. 12. What is WEM?12 #cmsexpo #wemmyths @jeckman
    13. 13. MYTHS OF WEB EXPERIENCE MANAGEMENT13 #cmsexpo #wemmyths @jeckman
    14. 14. WEM Myth #5 #5: WEM is a technology problem14 http://thoughtblender.blogspot.com/2011/08/age-of-customer.html #cmsexpo #wemmyths @jeckman
    15. 15. WEM Reality “A customer obsessed company focuses its strategy, its energy, and its budget on processes that enhance knowledge of an engagement with customers, and prioritizes these over maintaining traditional competitive barriers.” - Josh Bernoff, Forrester15 #cmsexpo #wemmyths @jeckman
    16. 16. WEM Myth #4 #4: You need an “all in one” WEM platform http://www.flickr.com/photos/jesse_sneed/2383953694/16 #cmsexpo #wemmyths @jeckman
    17. 17. WEM Reality “Web experience management is a business practice that formalizes an organization’s approach to relating to its audiences . . . enabled by a range of technologies, including web content management, personalization, dynamic content delivery, analytics and optimization, and emerging tools for social computing.” – Gilbane, 2008 http://bit.ly/engage_me_wem17 #cmsexpo #wemmyths @jeckman
    18. 18. Myths of WEM #3: CMS platform makers understand your business18 http://cheezburger.com/2922044416 #cmsexpo #wemmyths @jeckman
    19. 19. WEM Reality http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gnomes_(South_Park)19 #cmsexpo #wemmyths @jeckman
    20. 20. WEM Reality20 #cmsexpo #wemmyths @jeckman
    21. 21. WEM Reality Save up to 70% on top brand Mountain bikes On stock in these locations In Cambridge21 #cmsexpo #wemmyths @jeckman
    22. 22. WEM Myth #2 #2: Site visitors have simple interests easily inferred from a small number of actions22 #cmsexpo #wemmyths @jeckman
    23. 23. WEM Reality http://www.galactanet.com/comic/view.php?strip=59923 #cmsexpo #wemmyths @jeckman
    24. 24. WEM Reality24 #cmsexpo #wemmyths @jeckman
    25. 25. WEM Myth #1 #1: Your business is ready and willing to listen to the voice of the customer http://dilbert.com/strips/comic/2002-09-07/25 #cmsexpo #wemmyths @jeckman
    26. 26. WEM Reality “The corporation does not live in rapport with its customers because the customer doesn’t experience a company through its silos. The customer experiences a company horizontally, across the silos”26 #cmsexpo #wemmyths @jeckman
    27. 27. Customer Centric vs Driven “When I first talked with Doc about  user-driven instead of user-centric, Jim Carrey’s The Truman Show immediately sprang to mind: from birth, Truman is the protagonist in a huge reality show revolving around him… only he doesn’t know it. . . . Clearly the Truman Show is Truman- centric… but it is most definitely not Truman-driven.” - http://blog.joeandrieu.com/2008/07/127 #cmsexpo #wemmyths @jeckman
    28. 28. GETTING STARTED http://www.flickr.com/photos/51035774131@N01/8028209/28 #cmsexpo #wemmyths @jeckman
    29. 29. Getting Started (Features)29 #cmsexpo #wemmyths @jeckman
    30. 30. Getting Started (Plan) • Short-Term (Quick Wins): – Analytics – A/B and Multivariate Testing – Focus on content editors and quick- win opportunities for integration • Long-Term (Planned Goals): – Customer Experience Strategy & Roadmap for Alignment – Content Strategy30 – Integration Plan #cmsexpo #wemmyths @jeckman
    31. 31. Content Targeting • Behavioral Targeting • System surfaces content based on actions • Role based, in page targeting • System presents based on user profile • Editors assign content items to roles Complexity • Cross-referencing • System surfaces content based on metadata • Based on current page / content context • Multiple Pathways • Enabling / surfacing multiple routes • Users choose pathways • Content Targeting / Landing Pages31 • Explicitly directing content at specific users #cmsexpo #wemmyths @jeckman
    32. 32. PARTING THOUGHTS http://www.flickr.com/photos/thomashawk/71755800/32 #cmsexpo #wemmyths @jeckman
    33. 33. Truly Responsive Design “an emergent discipline called ‘responsive architecture’ has begun asking how physical spaces can respond to the presence of people passing through them. . . . rather than creating immutable, unchanging spaces that define a particular experience, they suggest inhabitant and structure can—and should—mutually influence each other”33 http://www.alistapart.com/articles/responsive-web-design/ #cmsexpo #wemmyths @jeckman
    34. 34. The New CMS Strategy The problem is we’ve been focused on the wrong ‘s’ – what most organizations need is not a content management system, but a content management strategy34 #cmsexpo #wemmyths @jeckman
    35. 35. Thank you. John Eckman CMS Myth / ISITE Design jeckman@isitedesign.com @jeckman http://www.cmsmyth.com/35 #cmsexpo #wemmyths @jeckman
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