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Kaltura and Drupal: Two Great Tastes That Taste Great Together
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Kaltura and Drupal: Two Great Tastes That Taste Great Together


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Creating open source video using Drupal and Kaltura - presentation from DrupalCamp Montreal

Creating open source video using Drupal and Kaltura - presentation from DrupalCamp Montreal

Published in: Technology

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No notes for slide
  • 14 year old digital agency, based in Portland OR with offices in Boston and LA. CMS Myth. Multiplatform digital strategy
  • – joint PBS, NPR, CPB effort, using Kaltura for video and Drupal as a CMS
  • C-SPAN site has nice “embed” or “share” control which lets you choose a particular moment on the timeline and play/share/embed only that section of the video.
  • http://d6.localhost/?q=node/add/kaltura-entry
  • http://d6.localhost/?q=admin/build/views
  • Transcript

    • 1. Kaltura & Drupal: Two Great Tastes that Taste Great Together
      John Eckman
      September 18th, 2011
    • 2. Who am I?
    • 3. Who is ISITE Design?
    • 4. CMS Myth
    • 5. Case Study in Progress
      Undergraduate institute at major college
      Current site built circa 2006
      Event videos difficult to use
      RealMedia Format
      Live stream and archive
      Many needs to address:
      Digital strategy
      New CMS platform
      New Video Formats
    • 6. inspiration
    • 7. Transcripts, speaker bios, and contextual descriptions for the talk
      High quality video with rapid play, scrubber, full screen, subtitles, formats for tablets and mobile devices
      Recommendations based on content metadata / taxonomy
      Multiple opportunities to share, including embed, download, and email
      Calls to action enabling longer term relationship with viewer
      Multiple ways to get involved in the discussion about the topic of the video and continue beyond the event
      Explicit licensing allowing for reuse within acceptable parameters
    • 8. HTML 5 FTW!
    • 9. Forum Network (Drupal, Kaltura)
    • 10. C-Span Archives
      C-Span archive offers a nice control enabling the user to choose a specific section of a clip to be embedded / shared – only that section plays
    • 11. MIT World
    • 12. Drupal & kaltura
    • 13. Why Drupal?
    • 14. Content Management Platform Needs
    • 15. Why Kaltura?
      Platform Requirements
      Live Streaming Support
      HTML 5 / iOS Video
      Share, Embed, Download
      Watermark / Bug
      Basic Editing / Clipping
    • 16. Why Kaltura?
      Key points:
      Open Source
      SaaS or On-Premise
      Integration with popular LMS, CMS, DMS platforms
      Large presence in higher education
      In-browser editing tools
      Share, Embed, Download
    • 17. How it works
    • 18. Kaltura Server / Drupal Module
      Kaltura Server
      Video transcoding
      Live streaming
      SaaS (subscription)
      CDN integration
      Priced based on usage
      Scales as needed
      Community Edition
      Roll your own
      Drupal Module
      Drupal 6
      CCK Content Types
      Kaltura Video Node
      Kaltura Remix Node
      Views, Taxonomy
      Drupal 7
      Fields API based
      Kaltura Media Field
      Views, Taxonomy
      Not a provider for Media module
    • 19. Content Workflow
      Kaltura First
      Batch ingest, direct upload, webcam
      Enter metadata
      (Sync happens through notifications)
      Publish in Drupal
      Drupal First
      Create new content w/ field/CCK type
      Add media asset
      Enter metadata
    • 20. demo
    • 21. Kaltura Management Console
    • 22. Kaltura Options: Flavors
    • 23. Kaltura Options: Players
    • 24. Kaltura: Clip Creation
    • 25. Kaltura: Thumbnail Selection
    • 26. Drupal Module (D6)
    • 27. Drupal Module Upload (D6)
    • 28. Import from Kaltura (D6)
    • 29. Drupal Module w/ Remix (D6)
    • 30. Views (D6)
    • 31. Drupal Module (D7)
    • 32. Drupal Module (D7)
    • 33. Drupal Module (D7)
    • 34. Import from Kaltura (D7)
    • 35. Views (D7)
    • 36. Next steps
    • 37. Next steps
      Integrate with Media module
      Kaltura Provider for Media module
      Improved editing tools in front-end
      D6 module had a “remix” content type, with complex in-browser editing
      D7 module doesn’t provide “remix”
      Simpler editing tools
      Clip generation, timed comments for end users
    • 38. Q & A
      John Eckman